The Swamp of the Wraiths.

The Wraiths are the primary enemies players have to fight against in their journey throughout the Midlands and Morai. They are considered to be neither dead nor alive. Wraiths have shown to possess intelligence, based on their many wicked schemes such as the Wraiths' Ploy. They play a major role in the majority of the game's quests and events.


The Wraiths don't have specific characteristics and traits as they come in many forms and shapes. There are different types of Wraiths spread throughout Perfect World, inhabiting all sorts of environments. Wraiths that were once human or belonged to other races might be seen wearing clothes or armor, a leftover of their former selves.

The Origin of the Wraiths[]

The Sea of Blood Disaster had laid waste to the Primal World, spreading destruction even to the doorsteps of the gods. In its wake, the gods decided to depart the Primal World and create a new, Perfect World. They paid no more attention to the fate of Primal World, and ignored the plight of those left behind. The Sea of Blood Disaster had killed thousands of mortals, and without the gods' presence their cursed souls were unable to find their way to the afterlife. These souls became twisted with hatred, not only for the gods but for all life. These evil beings became known as Wraiths.

The Wraiths established their own vile laws and order, preying upon the people of the Primal World until they found a way to cross over into Perfect World. By the time the gods realized what was happening, it was too late to stop the Wraiths entirely. Instead, they sealed them away in the Underworld where they believed they would remain trapped forever.