Wizards are a ranged magical damage dealer class. Wizards enter the game relatively weak compared to other classes, and as they gain levels and skills, their performance improves dramatically. Wizards control three types of magic, of which they have damage and shields for. The fire path is the AoE (Area of Effect) path that also has a knockback skill and the only physical damage skill wizards have. The water path has buffs and three damage skills that can slow the enemy down. And last there's the earth path which has debuff and stun skills.


  • Highest damage in the game
  • Great AoE skills
  • Very high magic defense
  • The least popular class
  • Have their own heal skill
  • Level up fast


  • Low HP
  • Long channel time on skills
  • Low physical defense
  • Slow movement speed
  • Always needs chi
  • Require a lot of patience
  • Difficult to play at low levels
  • Expensive to play
  • Low priority addition to most squads


Starting Statistics
Health 50
HP Regeneration 1 per second
Mana 70
MP Regeneration 2 per second
Physical Attack 4-4
Magic Attack 6-7
Accuracy 25
Evasion 10
Movement Speed 4.8 m/s
Chi gained per normal attack 3
Main attack damage attribute Magic
Statistic Increases
HP gained per Vitality point 10
HP gained per level 20
MP gained per Magic point 14
MP gained per level 28
Accuracy gained per Dexterity point 5
Evasion gained per Dexterity point 2



Wizards have a selection of four different weapons: Wand, Magic Sword, Glaive, and Pataka. The type of weapon chosen depends on preference, as any of them can be used to cast skills and have similar stat requirements to equip. Wands have standard and reliable damage, while magic swords and glaives offer higher damage. Patakas have the biggest damage gap of all weapons and require a bit more strength to equip.

Weapons are typically sharded with sapphire (magic attack) shards.

Magic Damage Chart: Lower-Low-Medium-High-Higher-Highest

Weapon Type Minimum Damage Maximum Damage
Wand Medium Medium
Magic Sword Medium High
Glaive Medium Higher
Pataka Low Highest

Recommended Weapons[]

  • G16/Third Cast Nirvana Weapons: These weapons are the cheapest option for decent PvE gameplay, but will most likely be insufficient for PvP.
  • Warsoul Weapons: Single Butterfly and Mysto Caster are cheap and effective alternatives to Rank 9 Cast 3 weapons. They can exceed the damage ability of Rank 9 by sacrificing the purify addon.
  • Rank 9 (Third Cast): The purify addon makes this weapon great for PVE, as the purify buff lets you speed run dungeons, as well as countering damage-over-time (DoT) stages such as the final boss in Icebound Underworld. They also add great survivability in PvP as an alternate to Warsoul weapons.
  • Endgame: Endgame wizards can use Dragonbreath Weapons with certain addons, depending on their preferred playstyle. They can be used in conjunction with Warsoul and Rank 9 weapons in PVP. At their fourth and fifth cast, they can exceed both Warsoul and Rank 9 options.


Wizards commonly use arcane armor. They will typically imbue either garnet (physical defense) shards or citrine (health) shards into their armor depending on their preferences, though they do benefit from extra physical defense with their Stone Barrier skill. Endgame wizards will typically opt for Attack Level or Defense Level shards instead depending on whether they want to play an offensive or defensive playstyle. Some wizards may choose to use channeling armor or ornaments due to their naturally slow channeling at the cost of defense. In some rare situations, wizards may choose to use light armor instead for a slightly different gameplay style however it is not a recommended build as most class-restricted equipment (arcane armor) gives better stats.

Recommended Armor[]

A wizard's armor choices can differ between channeling (DPS), nuking (DPH), or survival (light/heavy armor) builds.

  • Channeling Build: The cheapest option for a channeling build is to try to get good stat rolls for Rank 8 (Third Cast) armor. The Rank 9 (Fourth Cast) armor is the more expensive option. Twilight Warsoul Gear (first and second cast) with good Twilight Soul rolls can also be mixed and matched with Rank 8 armor set bonuses utilizing the Warsoul Repository system.
  • Nuking/DPH Builds: While there are some variants of Twilight Warsoul Gear (second cast) that can exceed Rank 9 (Third Cast) armor, it is not cost-efficient; rerolling to get good stats on Twilight Souls is extremely costly for players that are deciding on a build. For many players, it is easier and cheaper to settle for Rank 9 third cast armor. For a more affordable option, G16/Third Cast Nirvana Armor can achieve optimal PvE gameplay without much effort or cost.
  • HA/LA Builds: While wizards can use light armor or heavy armor to improve their survival to last longer in a fight, these builds are mostly obsolete for the majority of gameplay with the advent of advanced casts of Rank 8 and Rank 9 armor. Players can still choose heavy armor builds to be an annoying target to kill or for healing purposes, but the build will lack damage and it has no viability in long-term gameplay.
  • Endgame: Endgame wizards can achieve both channeling and heavy hits using Twilight Warsoul Gear (third cast). Utilizing the upgraded grade 17 necklace and belt set bonus (requiring 6 Jaden Crystals in total) and semi-decent stats on Twilight Souls, wizards using this armor can easily achieve 99% channeling.

Wizards in PvP[]

This is where wizards struggle for most of the game. It's a combination of long channel skills, weak damage, and not enough defense that makes them so bad PvPers early on. The best thing to do is to stand behind a melee class a hit the enemy, or simply sneak up on the enemy. But it's really at the high levels that wizards step into PvP territory and become a force to be reckoned with. This is because their skills are higher level, and because high level armor have much higher '-% channeling' bonuses. It's even possible for wizards to one shot some classes. Unlike archers, the wizard will be killing all the Strength-based classes like barbarians, blademasters, and seekers.

Wizards in PvE[]

Wizards level up quickly because their skills hit hard and leave mobs dead after just three or four hits. In fact only venomancers can say they level up faster then wizards. This is because wizards tend to die a lot more from not having a pet to tank for them, and they have a very hard time killing archer and increased magical resistance mobs. A wizard can be good to have in a squad because they have high damage output and AoE skills.

Wizards in Territory Wars[]

Wizards are a lot more dangerous in Territory Wars than in normal PvP, because the amount of people makes the wizards stand out less. That means the wizard can stand behind the melee classes and fire away without really worrying that they are exposing themselves. The wizard's primary role in Territory Wars is to kill catapult carriers, blademasters, and archers. It's also in Territory Wars that the wizard's AoE skills really show their value. Team the wizard with a Heavy Armor venomancer and you've got a dangerous killing machine.


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