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The capital of the Light Empire, Neverfall.

The Western Steppes, aka the Western Continent, are a region introduced in the PWI Neverfall expansion. It is available for players who have gone through their second Reawakening and have reached the Boundary of Mirage Sky I. The Western Steppes are the home of the Light Empire, where Emperor Alexander and Empress Althea originate from; Alexander and Althea are two characters players originally meet through the Primal World story.

This region is tied to the Glyph System and the expanded Spiritual Cultivation of Chaotic Soul and Celestial Saint. The Western Steppes are considered to be an extension of the world map, but are not actually part of the open world.

Story[ | ]


Art of the city of Neverfall.

For many years, a magical force kept the Midlands isolated from the rest of the world. One day, the Western Steppes appear on the map once more, but the citizens are unaware of what had happened and Empress Althea believes something is off. Upon arriving to the lands of the Western Steppes, players get accused of murder. They begin their own investigation which leads them to the glorious city of Neverfall.

In Neverfall players get to study at the Arcane Academy, discover Neverfall's history, and help the people of the Western Steppes. Everything goes well until they learn of the Future of Mankind Initiative (FMI), their exploits and their inhumane experiments. To stop them, players join Neverfall's elite soldiers; the Rose Cavalry. Their adventures eventually lead them to the heart of FMI's Dawnlight Halls only to discover the truth behind Neverfall and the existence of the Changelings.

Players begin seeking allies in the Western Steppes. The Light Elves and the Dark Elves they once saved, along with General Summer from the Midlands, come to their aid. The Changelings attempt to assassinate Empress Althea and assault General Summer's army. Two unlikely allies and the visions from the Observer's Crystal help them counter the Changelings. Through these battles, players come to learn more about these creatures and understand there are good and evil Changelings.

The war is taken to the Tretais Caverns, the home of the Changelings, where players collect the Changeling Essences for the race's future and kill the corrupted and evil Changelings. The war ends once the leader of the Changelings is defeated and Empress Althea vows to make Neverfall glorious once again; a place for both humans and good Changelings.

Is the Changeling threat truly gone though?

Maps[ | ]

Accessing the Western Steppes[ | ]

When players meet the requirements of Reawakening 2 level 100 and a boundary level of Mirage Sky I or higher, they will receive the first quest "The Light Returns" of the Map to Neverfall quest chain. If the quest does not appear, it is recommended for players to try visiting the Elder of the Streams in the City of a Thousand Streams to see if he has the quest.

The quest will send them to gather three keys that will allow them to find the long lost map of the Western Steppes. Once they have acquired the map, players will have to visit the Dreamweaver Port. Players should follow the questline until receive a Neverfall Ship Ticket; ship to the Western Steppes will arrive every five minutes at Dreamweaver's port. Double click on the ship, choose a role and hit enter. When the ship is filled or five minutes have passed, the ship will sail to the Western Steppes. When players arrive at the new area, talk to the NPCs around the port of Datun Docks to continue the quest.

After using the ship one time, players can visit the Western Steppes by talking to Messenger of Time Woyo, who is located in every major city.

Quests[ | ]

Main Quest Line[ | ]

Main article: Neverfall Quest Chain

Scula guards the entrance to Dawnlight Halls and must be defeated during the main quest line.

The main quest line of the Western Steppes begins at the Datun Docks near Niore village and it appears in pink text. Pick up the quest from the Harbor Guard Pierre in the port. The quest line awards players with a lot of Vitae so using an Ancient Gift is recommended. Through the quest line, players will discover the story of the Battle of the Grape Valley, Emperor Alexander's rise to power and the establishment of Neverfall city.

Once players receive a Neverfall Royal Badge, a gem of the player's choice and the book of Perfect Chronicles, they will gain access to the Chaotic Soul Cultivation quest if they are Shifting Sky X or higher. Players can continue the quest line without having completed the Chaotic Soul Cultivation; if players are unable to continue the quest line at any point, it means that their boundary level is too low. Players need to be Astral Sky X to do the second part of the main quest line, Shifting Sky X to do the third part and Twilight Sky VI to do the last part.

Royal Sky Quest Line[ | ]

Main article: Royal Sky Quest Chain

The sixth boundary quest line begins at north Neverfall. Upon entering the Western Steppes at Twilight Sky X the player will receive a popup quest to pursue this quest line. It awards them with a lot of Vitae so using an Ancient Gift is recommended. It also awards items such as Mirage Charts which are required for refining Tomes. The story of the quest line is a continuation of the main quest line and focuses on Goodhill, who had previously been sent by Light Emperor Alexander to investigate the Changelings but his whereabouts soon became unknown. The player does not need to complete the main quest line before doing the Royal Sky Quest Chain.

Side Quests[ | ]

Neverfall has several side quests that award Vitae and Neverfall Squire's Badges. They are available after certain parts of the Neverfall Quest Chain have been completed. They can be found in the Quest Log under the Find Quest tab in the "Side Quests" section, and are the only quests in that section that award Vitae.

Below is a list of the side quests that can be found in Neverfall:

Daily Quests[ | ]


Wenham village in the Western Steppes.

Main Article: List of Vitae Dailies

Glyph Quests[ | ]

Main article: Glyph Slots

The Glyph Master NPCs outside Neverfall's City Hall will give players quests for items to unlock their character's six Glyph Slots for the Glyph System. The NPCs can also sell the Glyph Slot stones for 10,000,000 Silver Coins each in case players lose the one awarded from the quests. If players accidentally purchase a Glyph Stone, they can try sending a Support Ticket to Customer Support, however they may not reverse the purchase as it is the player's responsibility to read the quest before taking it.

There are a total of six Glyph-related quests. The first one is available once players have unlocked access to the Western Steppes. The second and third one are available after reaching the Chaotic Soul cultivation, and the last three are available after reaching the Celestial Saint cultivation.

The Glyph Slot quests are as follows:

Weekly Quest[ | ]

General Summer in Nordeville offers the weekly quest 'Soul Purification (Weekly)', which asks players to kill the Changeling Commander Haspon at the Path of Sorrow (453, 476). Changeling Commander Haspon will spawn first at 12:00 on Wednesdays till 00:00 Monday. Upon killing the Changeling Commander Haspon, players will receive a timed item (3 Days) in their inventory and Haspon will respawn an hour after getting killed. They can combine the item with a Yin Yang Twin Stone from 'The Darkness of Magnier' daily quest and then report back to General Summer for rewards.

The rewards include:

  • Glyph Pack Lv2 x6 (100%)
  • Neverfall Squire's Badge x6 (100%)
  • Neverfall Knight's Badge x2 (100%)
  • Silver Mechanical Rhino Egg (0.2%)
  • Potent Recovery Potion x10 (24%)
  • Potent Invincibility Potion x10 (24%)
  • Potent Freedom Potion x10 (24%)
  • Potent Chi Potion x10 (24%)
  • Neverfall Royal Badge x1 (3.8%)

Neverfall Badges[ | ]

There are three types of Neverfall Badges:

Neverfall Squire's Badge Neverfall Squire's Badge
Neverfall Knight's Badge Neverfall Knight's Badge
Neverfall Royal Badge Neverfall Royal Badge

Neverfall Squire's Badges are obtained from the Dawnlight Halls daily quest and quests in the Western Steppes. Neverfall Squire's Badges can be turned into higher level badges at Royal Knight Hector by crafting the items of Promotion: Knight or Promotion: Royal. The items have a chance to turn lower level badges into higher levels ones after the players craft them and right-click them. If the promotion fails, half of the used badges will be returned.

These badges can be redeemed at the Royal Knight Hector in Neverfall (349 593). The rewards include the following:

Reward Exchange
Item Neverfall Squire's Badge Neverfall Knight's Badge Neverfall Royal Badge
Barbaric Blood [Barbaric Blood] 4 0 0
Primordial Blood [Primordial Blood] 1 0 0
Title: Neverfall Squire 40 0 0
Title: Neverfall Knight 0 30 0
Title: Neverfall Lord 0 0 20
Possession: Finch Feather 10 0 0
Possession: Falcon Feather 10 4 0
Possession: Phoenix Feather 10 4 1
Incomparable Garnet Shard 30 6 0
Incomparable Sapphire Shard 30 6 0
Incomparable Citrine Shard 30 6 0
Acoustic Media Acoustic Media 30 5 2
Wanted: Natya Veda (Vitae) 15 1 0
Wanted: Natya Veda (EXP) 15 1 0
Wanted: Natya Veda (Spirit) 15 1 0
Skillbook Exchange
Item Neverfall Squire's Badge Neverfall Knight's Badge Neverfall Royal Badge
Sanctified Tome Sanctified Tome I 5 0 0
Sanctified Tome Sanctified Tome II 5 0 0
Sanctified Tome Sanctified Tome III 5 0 0
Sanctified Tome Sanctified Tome IV 5 0 0
Sanctified Tome Sanctified Tome V 5 0 0
Sanctified Tome Sanctified Tome VI 5 1 0
Sanctified Tome Sanctified Tome VII 5 1 0
Sanctified Tome Sanctified Tome VIII 5 1 0
Sanctified Tome Sanctified Tome IX 5 1 0
Sanctified Tome Sanctified Tome X 5 1 0
Sanctified Tome Sanctified Tome XI 5 0 0
Sanctified Tome Sanctified Tome XII 5 1 0
Sanctified Tome Sanctified Tome XIII 5 1 0
Sanctified Tome Sanctified Tome XIV 5 1 0
Sanctified Tome Sanctified Tome XV 5 1 0

Western Steppes Dungeons[ | ]

Videos[ | ]