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Trade window.

Player actions menu.

Trading is one of the basic features of Perfect World. You can request a trade from other players. To do this right-click on a player's name or a player's avatar to bring up an actions menu. There you will find a variety of options including the "Trade" button.

The other person will get a notification and can accept or deny your request to trade. If they accept, a new box will open that will have what they are offering on top, and slots for the items you are offering on the bottom. Then all you do is drag and drop. To trade gold coins, you click on the coins icon in the trade window. You cannot trade silver coins.

For selecting stacked items that you want to split up, press the ⎇ Alt key and drag item to either trade slot or an available slot in your inventory.

Some items cannot be traded. This is indicated by the "Unable to be traded" property on an item's tooltip when hovering over it. These items can still be sold to NPCs, as the property indicates that it cannot be traded to other players or sold to other players via the Auction House, Consignment Shops, or Commission Shops. Items that cannot be sold to NPCs will instead have the "Unable to be sold" property, but can still be traded or sold to other players.

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