The top of the food chain in their vast ocean domain, the Tideborn have returned after thousands of years of isolation from the mainland.

Life in the deep under tremendous constant physical pressure has made their bodies lithe, yet remarkably strong, making them perfectly suited for acrobatics and other impressive feats requiring precise body control. The quiet isolation inherent to deep sea survival has also given them plenty of time to practice meditation and focus, allowing them to hone their minds to a near supernatural level. Though the natural form of the Tideborn calls to mind the mermaids and mer-men of legend, they've adopted a bipedal form for their return to the terrestrial world. The Tideborn is a secretive, aquatic race with skills that Perfect World didn't even know existed. They are a race that is deeply integrated with the ocean itself, and have been torn by war and internal conflict for many years. The two Tideborn classes are the Assassin and the Psychic.


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The Tideborn are descendants of an ancient tribe known as the Wavewalkers. After the Sea of Blood Disaster, the Water God Grongon, fearing his children would would be wiped out, endowed them with the ability to live on land or in the sea. This gift allowed them to make their way to Perfect World, but they were lost in the Sea of Reality. After years of wandering, they finally settled on the Barrier Islands and took the name of Tideborn. The vast ocean hides many monsters, though, and the Tideborn found themselves constantly fighting for survival. Their fiercest enemy was the Nightspike tribe. It became harder and harder for them to survive against such formidable foes.

In 1406, the Wraiths launched a massive attack against the Tideborn. Their elders used a forbidden ritual known as the Dimensional Cataclysm to destroy the Wraiths, but it also shifted their islands even further from the Midlands, separating them from the mainland by the Forbidden Sea.


Tideborns in their tidal form.

The tideborn are humanoids, though their appearance is unique compared to the other races. Their ears are larger and fin-like, and their skin color is much different; usually depicted as purple, though it is not unusual to see them with other skin colors such as blue or brown. They also have tribal tattoos on their face and all over their body. Many traditional tideborn hairstyles also feature decorations such as shells or pearls. Their meditation is visually different from other races; they meditate in their tidal form, which is surrounded by a water bubble and many fish.

Their tidal form is mermaid-like, with fins protruding from their back. They are brown-skinned with golden hair that is styled to look as if they have horns. Their ears are also fin-like, however face downwards rather than upwards, and are more detailed. They wear a circlet around their head. Their tails are decorated with patterns similar to their tribal tattoos, and are different colors depending on their gender; males have blue tails, with some yellow on their fins, while females have yellow tails, with some blue on their fins.

City of Raging Tides[]

Aerial view of City of Raging Tides.

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The main town of the Tideborn. Much of this mer-race has made their home in City of Raging Tides, which is in the Southeast portion of the Perfect World map. The once three islands that were inhabitable have now been reduced to two after the war. The Tideborn have few villages on the islands, and instead prefer small camps as they are water folk. Netherspring Camp, Camp Wave Breaker, and Nightfire Alter that overlooks the Cave of Menaces are such places.


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Assassins are skillful melee combatants and daggers are their weapons of choice. In Critical Hit form, they can deal more damage than other classes in most circumstances. With their vital ability to stealth in addition to their damage, Assassins are a terrifying addition to any battlefield. Assassins are a class that specialize in close range high damage melee attacks as well as having great evasion. Having lower HP then the other close range fighters they can easily succumb to heavy damage if not carefully controlling their damage dealing when working with others to bring down major monsters. An assassin's choice of weapon is a dagger, no other is used. An assassin is the best class for one-on-one PvP in the game. They also tie with the archer for the fastest in speed.


The assassin class was born from war. An ancient conflict between the Tideborn and Nightspikes spawned this new breed of solider, one that thrived on stealth and deception. Primarily focusing on close quarter, physical damage, this breed of Tideborn wears light armor, and is more agile than Blademasters and Barbarians. Masters of daggers, their attacks are quick and efficient. Being scholars of anatomy, these soldiers always aim for vital points, focusing on inflicting critical damage.


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Psychics are masters of mental magic and are capable of casting both strong offensive and defensive spells. They no longer pursue mastery of the elements, but instead manipulate the essence of the instinct of creatures. They manifest their will through Soulforce to enhance themselves and their allies while harming their enemies. They have at least three buffs to their use, with at least one being useable on any other class. With a soulsphere weapon at their disposal, they deal water and earth damage, leaving the fire and other water element targets easy prey to their abilities. Also, like the wizard, a psychic's strength in a squad is to stay in the background and dealing heavy AoE damage. Although also, like any massive DD class, can draw attention to themselves and risk death.


The majority of magic in Perfect World is governed by the five elements. Psychics manipulate and guide the most primitive power, one that is not bound by any element, the power of souls. Psychics wear magical robes, and use soul spheres as their weapons. It is said that soul spheres are formed by absorbing energy from defeated spirits.