Star Rewards is a system that rewards players who charge gold, currency bought with real-life money. Players can charge gold to gain Star Levels, which will unlock benefits such as special features and exclusive items.

The Star Rewards system can be viewed by opening the Boutique with the O key or by clicking the Gold Icon.png icon on the navigational map to the top-right corner of the window. To the bottom-left of the window will be a progress bar. Clicking on the Star button will open up the Star Rewards interface.

Star Levels[]

Star Levels are gained with Star Points, which are earned by charging gold and transferring it to PWI. 3 Star Points are gained for each gold you charge. Redeeming gold via Arc Quests also count towards Star Points. Star Levels and Points are also shared among all characters on the same account.

There are a total of 6 levels. Once you reach a certain Star Level, your Star Points will start to drain, depending on the Star Level you have. You will continue to keep all benefits of all Star Levels you have reached until your Star Points reach zero, after which your Star Level will be set back down to 0. By default, you will have 30 days to keep your Star Level unless you continue to charge gold to prevent your points from reaching 0.

Star Level Points Required Charge Points Deduced Daily
1 60 20 Gold 2
2 150 50 Gold 5
3 300 100 Gold 10
4 750 250 Gold 25
5 1800 600 Gold 60
6 4500 1500 Gold 150

Special Features[]

Each Star Level unlocks bonus features. They can be seen as a "premium" version of certain features already in the game. For each Star Level, you will receive the bonus features for that particular level plus the features from the previous Star Levels, meaning that if you were to reach Star Level 3, then you would receive the bonus features from Star Level 1, 2, and 3.

Most features have levels as well, where the higher the level, the better the feature.

Fast Repair[]

Fast Repair is available from Star Level 1 and up. It allows the player to repair their equipment without interacting with NPCs, however costs more money to do. To do this, press B to open your inventory and click on the anvil button at the bottom of the screen. A confirmation screen will appear before your equipment is repaired. Note that this will only repair equipment that is equipped. The higher the level, the less money that needs to be spent.

Star Level Fast Repair Level Cost to Repair
1 1 3x of the normal repair fee.
2 2 2.8x of the normal repair fee.
3 3 2.6x of the normal repair fee.
4 4 2.4x of the normal repair fee.
5 5 2.2x of the normal repair fee.
6 6 2x of the normal repair fee.

Open Reflection[]

Open Reflection is available from Star Level 2 and up. It allows players level 30 and higher to use Reflection anywhere, not just inside the Realm of Reflection. The maximum reflection time is higher than the standard reflection time, and increases with each level of Open Reflection.

Star Level Open Reflection Level Maximum Reflection Time
2 1 14 hours
3 2 16 hours
4 3 18 hours
5 4 21 hours
6 5 24 hours

Pick Up All[]

Pick Up All is available from Star Level 3 and up. It allows players to pick up all items in a certain radius, instead of picking them up one by one. Unlike other features, Pick Up All only has one level.

Quick Teleport[]

Quick Teleport is available from Star Level 4 and up. Players can mark a certain amount of known locations and then instantly teleport to them at any time. It can only be used out of combat, has a 1 minute cooldown, and costs 1 Sky Energy. In order to get Sky Energy, the player must purchase and use an Aeroshock Order available from the Star Shop in the Boutique under the Star > Star 4 tab. The higher the level of Quick Teleport, the more locations the player can mark.

Star Level Quick Teleport Level Amount of Marked Locations
4 1 3
5 2 6
6 3 10


Auto-Res is available from Star Level 5 and up. It allows players to revive from death immediately, however it costs gold to use. It also fully restores the player's Health and Mana and grants temporary invincibility. It is unavailable in some locations. The skill has a cooldown which decreases with higher level.

Star Level Auto-Res Level Skill Cooldown Reduction
5 1 None
6 2 20%

Foe System[]

The Foe System is available at Star Level 6. It allows players to mark their foes, which can be done in the Foes tab of the Friend List window (default: F). Players can use a Nemesis Tracker, purchased from the Star Shop in the Boutique under the Star > Star 6 tab, to check a foe's location. After checking the foe's location the Nemesis Tracker will be consumed. The skill has a 1 minute cooldown. Because Star Level 6 is the maximum level, the Foe System only has 1 level.

Star Shop[]

Upon reaching certain Star Levels, players will have access to exclusive items from the Boutique. They will still cost gold, however many items are exclusive to the Star Shop. Extra items are sometimes listed in the Star Shop for a limited time. The Star Shop can be accessed in the Boutique (default: O) under the Star tab.

There are limits on some items per week or month.

Available Items[]

Note: Only exclusive items are currently listed here.

Star Level 1
Item Cost Limit
Heart of Inception 2 Gold 1 per month
Star Level 2
Item Cost Limit
Spirit of Havoc 2 Gold 1 per month
War Avatar Pouch 10 Gold None
Star Level 3
Item Cost Limit
Eye of Atrocity 2 Gold 1 per month
Lesser War Avatar Plate 18 Gold None
Star Level 4
Item Cost Limit
Ocean of Blood 2 Gold 1 per month
Aeroshock Order 1 Gold 50 Silver None
Special Aeroshock Order 7 Gold None
Swift Aeroshock Order 13 Gold None
Minor War Avatar Plate 35 Gold None
Star Level 5
Item Cost Limit
Flame of Abyss 2 Gold 1 per month
Major War Avatar Plate 50 Gold None
Star Level 6
Item Cost Limit
Stare of Doom 2 Gold 1 per month
Nemesis Tracker 1 Gold None
Greater War Avatar Plate 75 Gold None

Star Point Shop[]

Unlike the Star Shop, the Star Point Shop offers items in exchange for Star Points. The Star Point Shop can be accessed in the Boutique (default: O) under the Point tab. Note that if you spend all of your Star Points in this shop, your Star Level will be set to 0.

Item VIP Points Required Star Points Required Limit
Iceshard Coin 6 VIP Points ? None
War Avatar Essence S 2800 VIP Points ? 1 per month

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