About Scholarly Challenge[]

The Scholarly Challenge is one of the so-called 'Friday evening events', of which there are 4 different types. Each week they rotate. In practical terms, this means that the Scholarly Challenge occurs roughly once a month. Enter at the Scholarly Challenge NPC (located at 546,668 near the North Archosaur teleport) between 8:30 and 9:00pm server time to enter the Scholarly Challenge instance (a big, empty room). At 9:00pm, the entrance to this event is closed, so don't be late. When the event starts, random, multiple-choice questions will appear on your screen. You have 30 seconds to answer a question. Each question offers 4 potential answers: A, B, C, or D. In the four corners of the room are triangle-shaped areas, each of which has a large letter floating above it: either A, B, C, or D. To answer a question, run into one of these triangle-shaped areas and stay there until the timer counts down to 0. After this, your character will be teleported back to the middle of the room. If you got the question correct, your screen shows a green box with a checkmark, and you get a 'Chest of Academic Knowledge' which can contain either 1 Perfect Silver Note (87.5% chance) , or 1 Perfect Gold Note (12.5% chance); if you got the question wrong, the screen shows a red box with an X, and you get no reward chest. In total, 20 questions will be asked before the event concludes, so a maximum of 20 chests could be obtained if you answer all 20 questions correctly.

A lot of the questions that the event asks are pretty obscure, and there is a good chance that you will not know the correct answer to many of the questions. To avoid missing out on rewards, you can use the list of questions and correct answers below to help.

Questions and Answers[]

Do not change how questions or answers are worded even if there are typos. This is how they appear in the game.

To find a question/answer, press Ctrl+F and start typing in your question.

Which PWI expansion introduced the Primal World?
B: New Horizons

Which NPC grants entrance to Dawnlight Halls?
C: Lieutenant Bennett

What is the highest level of Glyph?
D: 10

How many Lv1 Glyphs are required to create a Lv2 Glyph with a 100% success chance?
A: 3

The six Glyph Stones are Merciful, Modest, Loyal, Honorable, Courageous, and...?
B: Sincere

How many War Avatars are required to earn the War Avatar Expert title?
C: 160

How many Placement Matches are required by a Colosseum Squad to apperar in the Rankings?
C: 10

What special reward can be looted in Dawnlight Halls: Judgment Mode?
B: Ether Jade

Which of the following is not required to enter Dawnlight Halls?
C: Rank 8

Which of the following is not a boss in the Palace of Nirvana?
B: Skyscreamer

What is the fifth Wraith Legion in the Valley of Reciprocity: Delta?
A: Adalwolf Legion

Which of the following does not belong to the new Couple Quests in Rediscovery?
C: Sapna's Dreaming

In what town can you find Suspicious Vampires?
A: Magnier

How many Arigora Coins are required to purchase a Star's Culmination Ring from the Arigora Agent?
B: 100

Which of the following materials can be exchanged for a Level 17 Robe at the Arigora Agent?
C: Ringstar Weave: Song

Who is the leader of the FMI in Dawnlight Halls?
B: Natya Veda

Who is the Master of Neverfall's Arcane Academy?
B: Khafasha

Who is the leader of the Changelings?
C: Khafasha

What did Dynia of the Rose Cavalry die for?
C: Her love for Candersis

How do players first arrive in the Western Continent?
A: Boat

In what city is the sky blood red and filled with ravens?
A: Molidori

Which FMI priestess aids General Summer's forces at the Shattered Hub?
B: Frederica

Which NPC is not present at Lantis Tavern?
A: Goodhill

In which dungeon can you obtain Glyphs?
C: Dawnlight Halls

How many Glyph slots are there?
B: 6

How many different Glyph types are there?
B: 5

How many Arigora Coins are required to purchase a Ringstar Weave: Song (Bound)?
B: 2

In what city does Veteran Roberts live?
B: Magnier

Which expansion introduced the Dawnlight Halls dungeon?
B: Neverfall

How many difficulty modes does Dawnlight Halls have?
B: 3

Which of the following cannot be obtained from Dawnlight Halls?
D: Warsong Marshal Badges

Which of the following is not one of the Seven Wraithbeasts?
D: Omnipotent Drake

How many Arcstar Dust: Truth are required to purchase a Starhunter Jade ring?
B: 25

Which of the following cannot be acquired with a Colosseum score between 1800 and 2000?
A: Title: Colosseum Spirit

Which is the minimum character level for the Arigora Colosseum?
C: Level 100

What Colosseum score is required for the Ultimate Fighting Spirit title?
D: 2200

How many battles must you take part in to get rewards from the Colosseum Battle weekly quest?
C: 15

Which of the following is floating above the city of Neverfall?
B: A sword

Which of the following can NOT be purchased from Royal Knight Hector in Neverfall?
D: Incomparable Amethyst Shard

Where is the Ferocious Thunder Beast found in the Western Steppes?
A: Darkgold Mountains

What is the maximum number of members for a 3v3 Colosseum Squad?
C: 5

Which badge can't be obtained in Western Continent?
D: Neverfall Commander Badge

Which foe did the Thirty-Six Warlords face in the Battle of Grape Valley?
C: Savagians

Which NPC does not sell Holy Pills?
B: Veteran Roberts

Where are the time and weather displayed in the UI?
A: Top right corner

Which item is required to speak in World Chat?
B: Teleacoustic

Which item is used to increase a Star Chart's Aptitude?
D: Astrospira Pearl

Where can you upgrade Matchless Wings to Wings of Ascension?
B: Advanced Endless Universe

Where is the Endless Universe entrance?
D: Morai

Which item is required to enter Endless Universe?
B: Tuc Su Toxin

How many Primordial Bloods are required to purchase Sacred Codex: Purity of Essence?
C: 20

Which of the following is not included in the Treasures?
B: Wings of Ascension

How do Tienkang Stones affect refining?
A: Refine rate goes up

How much Mana does the Platinum Spirit Charm restore?
D: 1800000

Who is the first boss in Uncharted Paradise?
A: Pathkeeper Bajan

Which item is used to change a character's name?
B: Identity Stone

Which NPC allows you to switch between Sage and Demon cultivation?
B: Conversion Executor

What is the default hotkey to get hints from Sheomay?
D: I

At which level can you learn Genesis Skill after Sage?
C: 100

What is the name of the Warsoul bow?
A: Flowing Stardust

What is the minimum level to enter Heavenfall Temple?
A: 89

How many Fatestars are there in a Star Chart?
D: 10

What level is required to start your Homestead?
B: 90

What item is required to open a Commission Shop?
B: Dragon Oath

What item unlocks all Teleportation points?
C: Geographic Map

What does Ironguard Powder do?
B: Grants 12 seconds of invulnerablity and immobilizes you.

Which class can peek into another player's inventory?
A: Assassin

Which weapon cannot be used for Blademaster skills?
D: Bow

What item can be exchanged for Badge of the Cube·Vain at the PW Boutique Agent?
B: Cube of Fate Stamp

What item can be exchanged for Warsong Locks at the PW Boutique Agent?
C: Warsong Marshal Badge

In which dungeon can you upgrade and combine Warsong Waistbands?
C: Warsong City

Which item is used to craft Rank 8 Reborn helmets?
A: Dustfall Artifact

Which Passive Skill only functions in the Primal World?
D: Gift of the Riptide

Which NPC handles Genie functions?
B: Watcher of the Earth

Which item temporarily increases your speed?
C: Charger Orb

Which item can revive a character at the place where they died?
B: Resurrection Scroll

Which of the following is used to purchase items the PW Boutique Agent?
B: Token of Best Luck

Which of the following cannot be purchased with Tokens of Luck at the PW Boutique Agent?
D: Resurrection Scroll

At which NPC can you upgrade the Badge of the Cube Necklace?
B: Cube of Fate Patrol

Which Teleport Master is not in Archosaur?
D: Teleport Master Yu

Which city is just off the coast of the Tai Chi Shore?
A: City of Misfortune

On which island is Rotflesh Trench?
A: Shattered Cloud Island

Which town sits above the entrance to the Valley of Disaster?
C: King's Feast

How long does the Ancient Phoenix Seal in Phoenix Valley last?
C: 15 minutes

Which item is used to by General Summer's Tokens?
C: Mysterious Chips

Which item is used to transfer or inherit Refining Levels?
B: Chienkun Stones

Which cass has the longest Attack Range?
C: Archer

What does Master Li's Technique do?
C: +50 Chi

How much does ●Imbued Panda Form increase a Barbarian's speed?
D: 90%

Which is the highest item level of a Tome?
C: 9

Which attribute is granted by Thre Three Scholars?
B: Strength

What item level is the Academy of the East tome?
C: 6

What War Avatar quality is Dark Lords of Morai set?
B: A

What War Avatar quality is the Nuema Portal set?
A: S

How much experience does a rank B War Avatar provide when devoured?
B: 2

Which Nuema increases Magic Defense?
B: Durability

How many forges are found near the Bookmerchant in the City of a Thousand Streams?
C: 6

Which item is used to purchase Celestial Sage and Demon skills in the City of a Thousand Streams?
C: Chrono Pages

Which item is used to purchase skill books from Assistant Wang Tsai?
A: Lucky Coins

What is the maximum total Aptitude for a Star Chart?
C: 20

In the year 334, whom did the Winged Elves go to war with over their desire for energy crystals?
B: The Untamed

In the year 417, which clan did the gods send to the other side of the Sea of Reality?
A: Wavewalker Clan

In the year 687, the slaughter of Unicorn Forest led to a bloody war between which races?
B: Winged Elves and Humans

Where did the Fire Dragon Clan first build their own village?
C: In the desert

What was the name of the spirits Radiance trained to battle the Wraiths?
B: Earthguard

In the year 973, the First Emperor of the Twilight Empire was born. What was his name?
C: Tsang

Which city was founded in the year 1023?
A: City of Raging Tides

In the year 1153, Empress Jane of the Eastern Isles gave birth to a daughter, Mayen. What race was her father, Pon Jay?
D: Human

Who did the Fire Dragon Clan go to war with in the year 1162?
C: The Untamed

During the Second Millennium War, the Winged Elves and Humans spent decades fighting over which location?
A: Heaven's Tear

Which city was founded by the Frostborn warrior Eldros in 1345?
A: Glacier City

In the year 1366, the Thirty-Six Warlords united against an invasion from whom?
C: Dark Empress Mayen

Who was Dark Empress Mayen's Mother?
D: Empress Jane of the Eastern Isles

Which War Avatar is not part of the Four Human Generals set?
C: Yeh Kuhan

Which War Avatar is not part of the Four Winged Elf Lords set?
D: Lo Yu

Which War Avatar is not part of the Dram of Three Generations set?
B: General Feng Hen

In which land is the Celestial Vale located?
A: Realm of Garrow

How did the Dark Lords of Morai increase their power?
B: Devouring other Wraiths

Which city was founded most recently?
B: Durna

Which Boundary comes after Astral Sky?
C: Shifting Sky

What is the name of your personal settlement?
A: Homestead

There are a few resources your can obtain from your buildings. Which one produces Brocade?
C: Fashion Gallery

Who was Nightbloom's love?
C: Vedas

What item is used to rename your Homestead?
b. Bloom Whisper Stone

Where can you take quests from your Homestead?
b. Homestead Expedition Chart

Which item can NOT be found in the Heavenfall Temple?
d. Mirage Celestone

There are four categories in the Homestead Codex. Which one is NOT in it?
d. Antique

How many Masteries are there in the Heavenly Creation Workshop?
a. 4

What resource is produced by the Fragrance Garden?
A: Cerise Gems

Which building can be used to create Trophy designs?
C: Wonder Market

What Homestead level is required to unlock the Charger's Paradise?
B: Level 11

The Collection quests can be refreshed using Cerise Gems. How many times can you refresh them per day?
C: 5

Which of the following resources can be used to increase your Homestead Cleanness?
B: Cerise Gem

From whom can you buy animals to keep at the Charger's Paradise?
D: Vyn Ren

Which type of building is the Fragrance Garden?
B: Farm

What is the maximum number of objects you can place in your Homestead?
A: 1000

How many Collection quests can you take in a day?
d. 1

What item can be exchanged for Homestead Skillbooks?
C: Elysian Seal

What is Vyn Dey's full title?
A: Vyn Dey, the Reforger

What is type of quest gives Flora and Tree designgraphs?
D: Gardening Manual

What item is needed to reset the Mastery for the Heavenly Creation Workshop?
d. Artisan Heart Stone

What is influenced by a Star Chart's Aptitude?
B: Attributes

What item is used to level up Star Charts?
A: Astrobana Pearl

What is Starseeker Powder used for?
B: Randomly resets the location of a Star Chart's attributes

If the Star Chart has 10 attributes, how many Fatestars will be activated?
D: 5

How many Spirit Attributes can a Star Chart gain?
B: 2

If a Star Chart has 9 attributes, what is the color of the selection flare?
D: Black

How much Astral Energy EXP is needed to advance a Star Chart from Astral Energy 3 to Astral Energy 4?
C: 800

How can you level up a Star Chart?
B: Devour other Star Charts

Which of the following acitvities will NOT give you an item to increase Star Chart Aptitude?
C: Treasure Hunt Quests

If a Star Chart's Aptitude is 20, what is its highest Fatestar Aptitude?
D: 10

How many trials must you pass to complete Uncharted Paradise?
B: 3

Which Uncharted Paradise boss turns players into animals?
B: Seclusive Painter Yolan

How many NPCs do you have to interact with in the quest This War o' Mine?
C: 5

Which NPC displays Heavenfall Temple rankings?
B: Master of Solitude

In which section of Heavenfall Temple is Level 63?
C: Fourth Celestial Ascension

How many points are needed to increase your Attack Level once in Heavenfall Temple?
B: 100

Which Blessing you can NOT get from Heavenfall Temple?
C: Dauntless Blessing

Where is the entrance to Heavenfall Temple?
C: Lothranis

Which trick can help you defeat the Lord of Paradise?
A: Accurate positioning

Which one of the following locations is not a Faction Battle Declaration option?
D: Wolf Totem Valley

What level must a player have reached to open the Active Points System?
C: 100

Which of the following Boss monsters is not required to be killed during the Master Bounty Hunter quest phase 1?
A: Emperor Aurogon

What is current highest tier of Nuema?
C: Tier 7

What are the requirements to enter the Undercurrent Hall?
B: Reawakening LV100, Arcane Sky I

How many Warsong Emblems are required to craft a Wraith Officer's Badge?
B: 2

How much does a War Avatar cost in the CN version of PWI?
A: Free

Which of the following is the required level range for season quests?
B: 80 to 99

How many territories are there in Perfect World now?
C: 52

Which of the seven Sacred Beasts in Celestial Vale is the first to appear?
C: The Flameflow Butterfly

Which one of the seven Sacred Beasts in Celestial Vale lives in Lightsail Cave?
B: Snowgrind Fox

Who amongst the following is not a member of The Twelve?
A: Ice Cold

Who was it that came up with the task of capturing the seven sacred beasts?
D: Celestial Lady

What is the original name of the island on which the Nightshade live?
B: Realm of Garrow

Which one of the following is the race that killed Yu-qing when the Divine Child was going through the Calamity?
B: Nightmare

Which two races are the ancestors of the Nightshade?
C: Human and God of Death

How many ships are there in the fleet of Dawnglory?
B: 5

Which race do the monsters in Quicksand Maze (Low Level) and Quicksand Maze (High Level) belong to?
D: Nightmare

Where do the Celestial Ladies of Celestial Vale hide?
D: The Sigil Palace

Which of the following places in the game is the background of the Create Character Interface for Perfect World 2?
C: Jadecrumb Waterfall

Where is the entrance to Lightsail Cave in Celestial Vale?
A: Konton

There are 3 wandering NPC in Celestial Vale whom the players can get surprise rewards from. Which one of the following is not one of the 3 NPC?
D: Celestial Lady

When players reached level 46, where can they accept the quest "Crazy Stone"?
C: Hou Jenhsi

From which NPC do you enter the Cube of Fate?
A: Khatru Pup

Winged Elf Tien in Archosaur used to be enamored with a Winged Elf female, what is her name now?
C: Yi Wangjan

What is the level requirement for entering the Phoenix Valley?
A: Lv 30

If players wish to use the Chapel for their wedding, what item would they use to prepare their invitations?
B: Cards

For Duskblades, how much health do they get for each point in VIT?
D: 13

What's the hotkey for opening the Skill Learning Interface?
A: R

Where on the map is Dawnglory located?
C: North East

What weapon does a Stormbringer use?
A: Scythe

How many points of Reputation are needed for Rank 1 equipment?
B: 300

What is the maximum number of quests you can have after using a Quest Slot Expansion?
C: 30

On which level is the Meridian unlocked?
C: 40

Which of the following can teleport you immediately to the entrance of an instance?
A: Angel of Wishes

Which NPC is responsible for the Transformation and the Replacement of Soulgems on your gear?
B: PW Boutique Agent

How many Teleport Masters are there in Archosaur?
D: 4

Which item below is used in order to refine equipment?
A: Mirage Celestone

Which NPC is responsible for processing Reawakening?
C: Master of Cycles

Which NPC is responsible for the decompositions of Fashion items?
A: Fashionista Wang

In Perfect World, which item can change a character's name upon use?
B: Perfect Stone

Where can you find the PW Event Calendar?
D: In the Encyclopedia, near the mini-map

In Perfect World, what item serves as an auto-potion batch?
A: Auto-Recovery Stones

If players want to acquire Rank VIII, how much Reputation do they need?
D: 200,000

In Perfect World International, what's the best way to obtain a title?
B: Title Events

Which item below can increase a character's Leadership?
A: War Avatar Catalysts

Which NPC below never moves around, like, ever?
A: The Primal World Messenger

Every Saturday, what event is held inside a Morai public dungeon?
D: The Rise of Morai

In Perfect World, when you press F12 to open up the Reflection System, a Hack Report Window will always pop up, unless which item is inside your inventory?
A: Auto-Recovery Stones

Which NPC do you bring a Celestial Schism to in order to engage Sage/Demon Conversion?
C: Conversion Executor

How many Primordial Bloods does "Absolute Virtue," the new Primal World Skill, require?
D: 20

Which item can increase your maximum Active Points?
A: Auto-Recovery Stones

Which statement below is wrong about Active Quests?
A: Players can choose active quests and non-active quests freely

Which statement below is wrong about the Boundary?
D: In order to achieve the Boundry "Astral Sky", your character must have been reawakened at least three times.

What are the conditions required to participate the Nation War?
A: Reached Level 100 while being a Sage/Demon

After the Nation War has ended, where can players go to collect their Supply Tokens?
B: Wargod Gulch mailbox

Which of the following items is required in Dragons' Conquest Declaration?
C: Battle Invitation

Which of the following combinations are not available for the action Adore and Love?
A: A male character and Ginger Tiger

Which cannot be dyed in Perfect World?
D: Weapons

A Spirit Charm will automatically trigger when your Mana reaches below what point?
D: 75%

Which statement below is right about Reawakening?
A: A character must have been awakened first, only then are they allowed to enter The Primal World

Which item is used to upgrade and evolve a Venomancer's Pet?
C: Feral Soul Stars

Where can you get Solider's Pay?
D: Faction Resource War

Which item protects resource carts from damage?
A: Sanctuary Stones

Where will Sarokkan be show up?
C: The Primal World

Which item is required to open your own Commission Shop?
A: Dragonic Contract

Who is the one that saved the Nightshades and led them into Perfect World?
B: Cangyan

Which forge has the ability to further upgrade the Rank 8 Gears?
C: Dustfall Stove

Which forge is used to further upgrade the Advanced Order Gears?
A: Shade's Embrace

In the quest "Paper-clip for Villa," which NPC below does not trade with you?
B: Young Lady Ping

Which quest from The Primal World will reward you with a Vitae Pill?
C: Search for Energy

Which quest below is not required to complete during the Primal World story mode?
A: Something in the Snow

How many Vitae Pills are you allowed to take in one day?
B: 10

How much Vitae can you gain after completing the quest "Escort Provision Convoy"?
B: 100

What is the name of the Stormbringer's grade 16 weapon?
A: Alphawolf Prayer

Which map does not belong to The Primal World story mode?
D: Ice Goblin Camp

What item is obtainable through every quest in the Primal World?
A: Vitae

A weapon has been refined 3 times and is now Rank 9. How much ATK Level does it provide?
C: 70

How many Dragonic Blood Stones does it take to Upgrade Transfer a refined gear to a Rank 8 gear?
C: 500

Which of the following items is not bound to your character?
D: War Avatar Pack: C

How many Shiny Flowsilver Coins do you need to exchange for a War Avatar Pack: B?
C: 8

How many collections of War Avatars does it take to unlock the Title "War Avatar Initiate"?
B: 20

How many Primordial Bloods required to craft a Stone of Love·Recreation?
C: 6

How many Supply Tokens does it take to craft a Dragon Orb (5 Star)?
B: 450

How many Supply Tokens does it take to craft a Sovereign's Seal?
B: 1000

In your Faction Base, what is the minimum level requirement for your Heavenly Vault to exchange for a Creation Stone?
D: 8

Which of the following orders is not available for players to join?
D: Army of the Lord Tyrant

Which of the following is not the event pack in May, 2017?
B: Dreamweaver Treasure Hunt & Fighters of Abominations

What is the set bonus when you equip 4 pieces of Rank 8 gear?
C: ATK Lv +15

What is required to gain Deep Reflection?
D: Radiant Shard

Which of the following Flyers is used to open the seal?
A: Wishful Wing Token

How much total HP does a Platinum Protective Charm recover?
C: 1,200,000

How many times can you use an EXP wall per day per account?
C: 20

Which of the following items is the main material for upgrading the Lv 16 Ring?
A: Reawakening VI Finger Bead

Which of the following items will not make an appearance in the Bidding Hall?
B: Soulgem Ticket

When was the launch of the Live Server Version of Perfect World 2 in China?
C: September 24th, 2014

Which new race was introduced in Perfect World 2?
D: Nightshade

Which is the home city of the Nightshade?
C: Dawnglory

What type of weapon does a Duskblade use?
D: Sabers

What feature is unique to Stormbringers?
D: Able to cast spells while moving

What is the name of the new starting area?
C: Celestial Vale

Where is the entrance to Quicksand Maze (High Level) located?
A: Land of Buried Bones

What are the conditions for opening the quest of Quicksand Maze?
B: Reawakening II Lv 100, Aware of the Myriad or Aware of the Void, Mirage Sky X

How many entrance tickets (Smokewisps) for Quicksand Maze (High Level) can you receive everyday?
B: Two

What are the conditions for getting the quest of Quicksand Maze (Low Level)?
C: Level 50, Cultivation: Aware of Discord

What are the player limits for the Quicksand Maze?
A: 2-6, 7-10

How many bosses do you need to kill before you can complete Quicksand Maze?
C: 4

How many Songflow Ringstones can you receive as the Daily Quest Reward of Quicksand Maze (High Level)?
B: 105

How much Influence does it cost to receive Immolation Orders?
B: 20

How many Materials dropped in Quicksand Maze (Low Level) are needed to craft Punisher Set Weapons?
D: 12

How many Songflow Ringstones are needed to upgrade Rank 8 weapons?
C: 9000

What is the min amount of days that you can be absent every month and still be considered as perfect attendance?
B: 3

How many Illusion Stones are there in Archosaur City?
C: 3

In the situation that you don't have Auto-Recovery Stones, how many Active Points you can use at most?
C: 30

How many Primordial Bloods does it take to craft Cascaded Thunder?
B: 8

How many Shiny Flowsilver Coins can be acquired by completing the Flowsilver Palace in Judgment Mode?
C: 8 or 108

Which boss doesn't drop a Skillbook in Flowsilver Palace?
A: Azoth Drake

How many Event Golds can you receive from a Lv 105 Unique Reward?
C: 300

What is the required level for opening Coming of Age challenges?
C: Level 50

Which Shortcut calls forth the omniscient Sheomay?
B: I


Chest of Academic Knowledge which can contain either 1 Perfect Silver Note (87.5% chance) , or 1 Perfect Gold Note (12.5% chance);

Reward exchange at PW Promotions agent

Perfect Golden Chest[]

3 Golden notes for 1 Perfect Golden Chest

May contain one of the following items:

Dragon Orb Ocean

War Avatar Chest: S

Diamond of Tiger

Diamond of Dragon

Identity Stone

50 Event Gold Ticket

Sovereign's Seal


War Avatar Pack S

Nebula Dust Orb x5

Perfect Silver Chest[]

3 Silver notes for 1 Perfect Silver Chest

May contain one of the following items:

Dragon Orb (7 Star)

War Avatar Chest: A

Astrobana Pearl Lv3

Dragon Orb (5 Star)

Astrospira Pearl Lv3

Nebula Dust Orb

Astrospira Pearl Lv2

2 Event Gold