Sarokkan the Dragon-Touched

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Sarokkan, the Dragon-Touched
Sarokkan the Dragon-Touched.png
TypeEvent World Boss
LocationIcy Snowfield (429, 604)
(Primal World Story Mode)
Physical Attack28,000 - 30,000
Magic Attack10,000 - 12,000
Physical Defense5,000
Magic DefenseMetal: 5,000
Wood: 5,000
Water: 5,000
Fire: 5,000
Earth: 5,000

Sarokkan, the Dragon-Touched, is a World Boss found at Icy Snowfield (429, 604) in Primal World story mode. He spawns every Saturday at 10pm server time, and will despawn on Sunday at 11pm server time if he is not killed in that time. System messages will be broadcast 15 minutes before he spawns, and continuously before and after he spawns.

Killing Sarokkan yields mainly Ten Million Big Notes, and is one of the few methods to acquiring Gold Coins which is a tradeable type of currency.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Sarokkan begins the fight with a buff on which reduces the damage he takes. He also takes reduced melee damage and should be attacked with skills. Players will only be able to deal a maximum of 1,000,000 damage to Sarokkan per hit.

Throughout the fight, he will AoE players and apply a bleed DoT debuff to them. He will also reduce the maximum health of players and debuff them with Curse, increasing the damage they can take.

On occasion several additional monsters will spawn named Sarokkkan's Guardian which will swarm players. At the same time he will apply a 90 second buff to himself which absorbs damage he takes and heals him over time which will disappear after his minions have all been killed.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Upon death, a treasure chest will spawn where Sarokkan once stood. Players must be in PK Mode to destroy the chest.(verify) It contains 30 Ten Million Big Notes, equaling 300,000,000 Gold Coins.

At the same time, 6 more treasure chests will appear around the Primal World. These chests can only be destroyed by players in PK Mode. One chest at random will appear as Sarokkan Legendary Collection and contains 30 Ten Million Big Notes, equaling 300,000,000 Gold Coins. When this chest is destroyed a system message will be broadcast.

The remaining five chests will appear as Sarokkan Rare Treasure and will drop a total of 30 items. The drop chance is as follows:

  • Mirage Celestone: 80%
  • Ten Million Big Note: 20%

The locations for all 6 chests are as follows, and can be located during the fight with Sarokkan as they are marked with his various guards which emit a large golden light. Once Sarokkan dies, the guards will flee and drop the chests.

  1. Primal World (Story Mode): Icy Snowfield (439, 612)
  2. Primal World (Story Mode): Northern Luneskan Frontier (451, 609)
  3. Primal World (Story Mode): Northern Luneskan Frontier (462, 607)
  4. Primal World (Story Mode): Glacial Prison (438, 586)
  5. Primal World (Story Mode): Glacial Prison (421, 585)
  6. Primal World (Story Mode): Glacial Prison (444, 598)