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Rank and Reputation are both important but very overlooked parts of Perfect World International. Ranks are given out based on the number of reputation points you have and each Rank level requires a specific quantity of accumulated reputation points. Every time you reach a new rank you will be awarded a free attack ring (known as your rank badge) and you will also be allowed to purchase rank equipment from designated merchants around the world. The equipment that is unlocked is often times very powerful equipment as long as you are within the level range to equip it; however most players will only be able to accumulate the needed rep points at much higher levels than some of the intermediate rank equipment. The Rank equipment may become useless after a certain level. For the higher levels though, the gear available through rank is among some of the best available and many players strive to attain it.


Your first rank badge will be available when you reach level 30 and have acquired 300 reputation. At this point in time, you will be given your first rank ring and will also be able to purchase 3-star equipment with very good stats. After this, every 10 levels you will be able to receive higher rank if you collect enough rep points for it. Most of the time you won't be able to collect the needed rep points by the time your next available rank rolls around so don't worry if you're very behind.

Rank Requisite Level Requisite Reputation Requisite Level(s) for Gear
I 30 300 30
II 40 1,000 60
III 50 2,500 60
IV 60 5,000 60 and 90
V 70 10,000 90
VI 80 35,000 90 and 99
VII 90 100,000 99
VIII 100 200,000 100
IX 101 300,000 101

Once you reach level 30 and have at least 300 rep points (shouldn't be a problem at level 30 if you completed all your quests) you will be given a quest to talk to Commander-in-chief in Archosaur.

He will give you your first rank badge (i.e. your attack ring). These rings at the level range they are meant for are some of the best available. Once you have your ring you will also be able to accept quests from designated NPCs to obtain your rank equipment. Once your rank ring runs out of its usefulness and you can replace it with better gear simply store it in your bank. You will need to have your ring in your inventory (bag) when you speak to the Commander-in-chief to upgrade your rank since he will exchange your current rank badge with the new one.

To upgrade your rank after rank I you can talk to any of the following Commander-in-chief NPCs in the world. Make sure to have your rank badge in your inventory when you go to speak to them otherwise the upgrade quest will not be available.

Location Coordinates
Archosaur (South District) (522, 626)
King's Feast (472, 429)
Dreamweaver Port (665, 362)
Thousand Streams (129, 855)

Rank equipment are grouped together by rank level and are sold at designate NPCs in the 3 largest cities in Perfect World. These NPCs are located beside the Commander-in-chief and you can only buy rank equipment from them once a day. The equipment you get can have variable additional stats and sockets so if you want to try to get more stats or sockets you will need to wait until the next day to try again. Don't forget though that you will need to pay for each time you get the items and higher level rank equipment get very expensive.

Rank Equipment Range City General Location
I Archosaur (South District) (522, 626)
II - IV Dreamweaver Port (665, 362)
V - VIII Thousand Streams (129, 855)

Rank Badges[]

With every new rank level with the exception of rank IX; you get a free rank badge which signifies your rank. Below you can find a listing of all of the rank badges and their stats. Please note that you can not refine these rings nor can they be dropped, traded or sold.

Rank 1 Ring Icon.png ☆ Recruit's Badge Rank I
  • Physical Attack +20
  • Magic Attack +20
Requisite Level 30
Rank 2 Ring Icon.png ☆☆ Private's Badge Rank II
  • Physical Attack +30
  • Magic Attack +30
  • Critical Hit Rate +1%
Requisite Level 40
Rank 2 Ring Icon.png ☆☆ Captain's Badge Rank III
  • Physical Attack +42
  • Magic Attack +42
  • Critical Hit Rate +1%
  • HP +50
Requisite Level 50
Rank 2 Ring Icon.png ☆☆☆ Lieutenant's Badge Rank IV
  • Physical Attack +55
  • Magic Attack +55
  • Critical Hit Rate +1%
  • HP +70
Requisite Level 60
Rank 5 Ring Icon.png ☆☆☆ Brigadier's Badge Rank V
  • Physical Attack +70
  • Magic Attack +70
  • Critical Hit Rate +2%
  • HP +90
Requisite Level 70
Rank 5 Ring Icon.png ★ High Commander's Badge Rank VI
  • Physical Attack +85
  • Magic Attack +85
  • Critical Hit Rate +2%
  • HP +120
  • Channeling -3%
Requisite Level 80
Rank 5 Ring Icon.png ★ Marshal's Badge Rank VII
  • Physical Attack +100
  • Magic Attack +100
  • Critical Hit Rate +3%
  • HP +150
  • Channeling -3%
Requisite Level 90
Rank 8 Ring Icon.png ★★ General's Badge Rank VIII
  • Physical Attack +125
  • Magic Attack +125
  • Critical Hit Rate +4%
  • HP +180
  • Channeling -6%
Requisite Level 100
Rank 9 Ring Icon.png ★★ Ring of Trauma Rank IX
  • Physical Attack +210
  • Magic Attack +210
  • Critical Hit Rate +3%
  • Accuracy +50%
  • Channeling -6%
  • Def. Level +5
Requisite Level 101

Earning Reputation Points[]

Now as you can see from the rank table in the introduction the amount of reputation needed to gain ranks is incredibly high and thus following the quest line will not be near enough. The good news though, is that there are many things you can do to increase your reputation and speed up the rank process.


The most straight forward way to earn reputation points is through simply doing quests. Quests in the main Perfect World quest line that give reputation points as a reward are few and far between. Usually if a quest has reputation as part of the reward it will be denoted by a red dot in the quest log. The quests that usually give reputation points involve a difficult task (sometimes timed) or require you to kill a mob or elite mob. Relying on these quests alone will not get you near enough reputation points but it will help.

Call to Duty[]

Also known as FBs, this is one of the more effective and possibly the quickest ways to get reputation points. Every 10 or so levels you will get an Iron Blood Tablet (sometimes multiple) that can be used in the appropriate instance dungeon to activate the Call to Duty Pillars. When these pillars are activated each member in the squad will receive a quest to kill the boss that these pillars reside near. Upon killing the specific boss the quest from the pillar will be completed and each member that is in the squad will receive a blood item and a predetermined amount of reputation points. The amount of reputation you get increases as the level of dungeon increases. So you would get more reputation from doing an FB59 than you would from an FB19. Note that if you kill the boss without activating the pillar quest first with a tablet (known as "tabbing") you will not get the reputation points.

Friendship Quest[]

This is a daily repeatable quest that requires a friendship crystal to activate. This quest requires some teamwork but it is a simple visiting type quest. A guide on how to complete this quest can be found here: Friendship Quest. If you can manage to do this quest you can easily earn yourself 10 reputation points on a daily basis.

Crusade Orders[]

You may have seen items named Crusade Orders drop from various mobs and bosses. These orders come in two parts and are labeled A and B. Once you have both parts of the Order you can go to combine them to receive the whole Order. To combine them you choose one of 3 options, you pay 3,000 coins, 6,000 coins or 9,000 coins. The more money you spend to combine the two pieces the better your luck will be in getting an Order that has good rewards. Once you get a Crusade Order you can activate a Wanted quest. This quest will require you to kill some mobs and upon completion you will receive spirit, experience, reputation and depending on your luck a random item. The rewards that are given out depend a bit on your luck since some Wanted quests have better rewards than others. The random rewards that you get in addition to the reputation, spirit and experience range from potions to various types of Lucky Packs and even Wraith Soldier's Dog Tags. More in-depth information about Crusade Orders and Wanted quests can be found here: Wanted Quests.

One Man Army[]

One Man Army quests are optional and repeatable quests that a player can choose to do along side the main quest line. One Man Army quests are activated within a 5 level range, so every 5 levels the mobs, starter NPC and the reward changes. Within the 5 level range there are usually a few different mobs that a player can choose to kill. You can only pick up one of these quests at a time and will be rewarded a bit of reputation and a celestone fragment upon competition. There isn't a time limit to these quests so you can take as much time as you want and it is suggest to pick up a One Man Army quest for a mob that you will be killing for a quest from the main quest line. The starter NPCs, level range and rewards can be found in the table below, please note that there are also One Many Army quests available before level 20 and the NPCs can be found in each of the starter cities.

Level Range Starter NPC NPC Coordinates Number of Mobs to Kill Reward
21 - 25 Archosaur City Guides at each entrance to any district of Archosaur 20
  • 1 Reputation Point
  • 1 Celestone Fragment
25 - 30 Archosaur City Guides at each entrance to any district of Archosaur 20
  • 1 Reputation Point
  • 1 Celestone Fragment
31 - 35 Guard Chi (473, 567) 20
  • 1 Reputation
  • 1 Celestone Fragment
36 - 40 Guard Lu Zhang (620, 723) 20
  • 1 Reputation
  • 1 Celestone Fragment
41 - 45 Guard Latu (331, 824) 40
  • 2 Reputation
  • 1 Celestone Fragment
46 - 50 Guard Hu Hsiao (124, 591) 40
  • 2 Reputation
  • 1 Celestone Fragment
51 - 55 Arrowhead Manor Host (428, 458) 40
  • 2 Reputation
  • 1 Celestone Fragment
56 - 60 Blacksmith Mo (468, 319) 40
  • 2 Reputation
  • 1 Celestone Fragment
61 - 65 Tough Man Tiehi (547, 373) 40
  • 2 Reputation
  • 1 Celestone Fragment
66 - 70 Wraith Hunter (536, 415) 40
  • 2 Reputation
  • 1 Celestone Fragment
71 - 75 Apothecary Leng (634, 476) 40
  • 2 Reputation
  • 1 Celestone Fragment
76 - 80 General Tuyan (661, 375) 40
  • 2 Reputation
  • 1 Celestone Fragment
81 - 85 Blacksmith Yueh (236, 777) 60
  • 3 Reputation
  • 1 Celestone Fragment
86 - 90 Guard Lien (258, 812) 60
  • 3 Reputation
  • 1 Celestone Fragment
91 - 95 Nibu Ru, Demon Overlord (332, 464) (demon) 60
  • 3 Reputation
  • 1 Celestone Fragment
91 - 95 Tan Yangtzu (473, 505) (sage) 60
  • 3 Reputation
  • 1 Celestone Fragment
96 - 100 Nibu Ru, Demon Overlord (332, 464) (demon) 60
  • 3 Reputation
  • 1 Celestone Fragment
96 - 100 Tan Yangtzu (473, 505) (sage) 60
  • 3 Reputation
  • 1 Celestone Fragment

Wraith Attacks[]

You may have seen system announcements at random periods during the day that call for help from players to defend a certain city or town from an army of wraiths. If you go to the town that is under attack you will find that on the outskirts of this town there are many wraith mobs and a big wraith boss. These mobs are elite mobs so they are tougher to kill than the normal mobs that can be found in the same surroundings. The level of the wraiths corresponds to the level of the mobs in the surrounding area, though generally they are slightly higher level than normal mobs. The point of these wraith attacks isn't so much for the spirit and experience you get from killing each mob, it's mainly for the drops. The wraith army mobs will drop various DQ mats, celestones, good equipment and most importantly Wraith Soldier's Dog Tags. These dog tags can be turned in to any commander-in-chief NPC to instantly gain 5 reputation points. In addition the large boss that appears during this attack has a chance to drop a Wraith Officer's Badge. This item can be turned in to a Commander-in-chief NPC to instantly gain 25 reputation points. The drop rate for these badges and tags depends on your level difference, so if you are a level 70 character and you go to a wraith attack where the mobs are around level 20 the drop will be much rarer than if you go to an attack where the mobs are around level 60. The wraith attacks only last for a short period but mobs will continue to respawn until the expiry period is reached. Once the attack is expired all the un-killed mobs will vanish and new mobs will stop spawning.

Secret Letters[]

Secret Letters can be found as very rare drops in Perfect World and they basically work as an activation item to summon a wraith attack (normally called a Legion War) on either Dreamweaver Port (land war) or Thousand Streams (air war). You take the letter to the designated NPC and it will set off an unannounced wraith attack to the corresponding city. (Technically they ARE announced by Duke, but he will say, "Let it be known that so-and-so has recently acquired Secret"). These mobs are usually much easier to kill than in a normal wraith attack that would happen in that area and the attacks last longer than a normal wraith war. If you're in the same area of the person who activates the attack, you will have a good couple of minutes to wipe out the wraiths for yourself until others discover the attack. Usually, these attacks draw in passers by and these people in turn invite their friends. So towards the end of the attack, there will usually be a bunch of people and the attack will turn into the usual KS fest that most wraith attacks are. The secret letter attacks are the exact same as normal wraith attacks in that you get DQ mats, equipment, celestones, and wraith officer's dog tags, but in addition these mobs also drop Merit Badges. These badges are non tradeable items. Once you pick it up you can't get rid of it. These badges sadly, do not give rep points like the dog tags, but they do give a bit of extra spirit and experience once they are turned in to Lieutenant Liyuan (right beside General Summer in South District Archosaur). These badges come in 5 classes and the lower the class level the higher the spirit and experience reward. Merit Badges are account stashable! So, if you're getting them with a higher level toon, and are also working on a lower level toon that is level 20+ and needs either a lot more spirit or experience, this is a GREAT way to give that to them!

Darkness Stamps[]

One of the benefits of running a Call to Duty quest (FB) without using wine (to clear out 90% of the mobs) is that you open up the opportunity to collect Darkness Stamps. Darkness Stamps come in varying levels from level 1 to level 8 and the higher level the stamp the more reputation it will give. In the way that Perfect World is currently set up only Darkness Stamps of level 1 to level 5 are attainable (level 6 tags were also available but only in a Territory War for a previously unoccupied territory). It is important to note though that only mobs in FB19 to FB59 drop Darkness Stamps, FBs past 59 no longer have these stamps as drops. When you collect a stamp you simply take it to Wraithhunter Hu in Archosaur to instantly receive your rep points.

Wedding Candy[]

One of the unique features in Perfect World is the marriage system. In the game two players of opposite gender may get married to each other and will be known as husband and wife. To perform a marriage a Bride and Groom pack needs to be purchased from the Boutique and a quest performed at the Eldest Matchmaker. One of the benefits of being married in game is the access one gets to wedding candies. Wedding Candy is one of four randomly chosen rewards from the Gift Pouches you get when you decide to get married. You can also buy the candy off other players as this item is tradeable. The candy is used simply by right clicking it in your inventory and then you will instantly gain 20 reputation points. If you have a lot of candies you can talk to the Commander-in-chief and he can exchange your candies in lots of 100 for 2,000 reputation points via a quest called Candy for Rep.

Donating Equipment[]

Another slightly more expensive way to gain reputation points is by donating equipment to the 3 sets of collector NPCs in each of the 3 major cities. There is an NPC for weapons, one for armors and another for ornaments and they will ask for equipment of a specific grade/level. They will ask you for 2 star gear so unless you can cheaply manufacture this gear or can find a good deal for it on the auctions it's probably not the best method to use.

Location of NPCs City Equipment Grade Range
(523, 624) Archosaur (South District) 4 - 7
(667, 362) Dreamweaver Port 8 - 9
(129, 863) Thousand Streams 10 - 11

The items that each set of collectors want varies a bit so below you will find a listing of the items required by each set of collectors. The reputation you gain varies by what you donate so beside each item is the amount of rep that you will gain by donating it. Note: When you accept the quest to donate a specific piece of equipment you will be required to donate 2 of that item (for example 2 Nature's Blades if you choose to donate a Nature's Blade) in order to receive your reputation.

City Weapons Armors Ornaments
  • ☆☆ Nature's Blade (2 rep)
  • ☆☆ Giant Poleaxe (2 rep)
  • ☆☆ Padded Iron Bow (2 rep)
  • ☆☆ Ghost Wand (2 rep)
  • ☆☆ Devastator Falchion (4 rep)
  • ☆☆ Ice Breaker (4 rep)
  • ☆☆ Giant Crossbow (4 rep)
  • ☆☆ Reybender Sword (4 rep)
  • ☆☆ Juggernaut Falchion (6 rep)
  • ☆☆ Bloodfang Sledgehammer (6 rep)
  • ☆☆ Cloud Parting Crossbow (6 rep)
  • ☆☆ Dharma Sword (6 rep)
  • ☆☆ Dust to Dust Falchion (8 rep)
  • ☆☆ Hexagonal Sledgehammer (8 rep)
  • ☆☆ Sharpshooter's Crossbow (8 rep)
  • ☆☆ Military Sword (8 rep)
  • ☆☆ Golden Crest of the Rose (1 rep)
  • ☆☆ Armor of Dawn (1 rep)
  • ☆☆ Mystique Robe (1 rep)
  • ☆☆ Purgatorian Enforcer Mail (2 rep)
  • ☆☆ Lion Heart War Armor (2 rep)
  • ☆☆ Sunsprite's Warmth (2 rep)
  • ☆☆ Stoneblood Coat of Plates (3 rep)
  • ☆☆ Glowing War Vest (3 rep)
  • ☆☆ Wraith Robe (3 rep)
  • ☆☆ Vest of Aries (4 rep)
  • ☆☆ Mail of Fortune (4 rep)
  • ☆☆ Robe of Sacred Tortoise (4 rep)
  • ☆☆ Cloud Stone Belt (1 rep)
  • ☆☆ Bloodstone (1 rep)
  • ☆☆ Lone Mountain Amulet (1 rep)
  • ☆☆ Belt of the Calm Ocean (2 rep)
  • ☆☆ Alabaster Pendant (2 rep)
  • ☆☆ Peaceful Field Amulet (2 rep)
  • ☆☆ Purple Cloud Belt (3 rep)
  • ☆☆ Wavewatcher Pendant (3 rep)
  • ☆☆ Green and Gold Amulet (3 rep)
  • ☆☆ Belt of the Planets (4 rep)
  • ☆☆ Snowdrift Pendant (4 rep)
  • ☆☆ Gentleman's Amulet (4 rep)
Dreamweaver Port
  • ☆☆ Wings of Protection (10 rep)
  • ☆☆ Flash of Glory Handaxes (10 rep)
  • ☆☆ Pearly Shot (10 rep)
  • ☆☆ Evoker's Pataka (10 rep)
  • ☆☆ Elephant Trunk Scythe (12 rep)
  • ☆☆ Sky Breaker (12 rep)
  • ☆☆ Crescent Moon Bow (12 rep)
  • ☆☆ Demon Dominator (12 rep)
  • ☆☆ Winged Dragon Scaleplate (5 rep)
  • ☆☆ Serrated Wing War Vest (5 rep)
  • ☆☆ Robe of the Cosmos (5 rep)
  • ☆☆ Mail of Antiquity (6 rep)
  • ☆☆ Serendipitous Plate (6 rep)
  • ☆☆ Genesis Vestment (6 rep)
  • ☆☆ Thunderclap Ring (5 rep)
  • ☆☆ Ring of Flaming Sky (5 rep)
  • ☆☆ Sinking Sky Ring (6 rep)
  • ☆☆ Ring of Open Sky (6 rep)
Thousand Steams
  • ☆☆ Sword of Affection (14 rep)
  • ☆☆ Piercing Poleaxe (14 rep)
  • ☆☆ Solar Strike Bow (14 rep)
  • ☆☆ Spirit Driver Wand (14 rep)
  • ☆☆ Lonesky Blade (16 rep)
  • ☆☆ Thunderclap Poleaxe (16 rep)
  • ☆☆ Soaring Phoenix Bow (16 rep)
  • ☆☆ Jade Sphere Wand (16 rep)
  • ☆☆ Jin Stronghold Plate (7 rep)
  • ☆☆ Corselet of Havoc (7 rep)
  • ☆☆ Robe of Amethyst (7 rep)
  • ☆☆ Kirin Plate (8 rep)
  • ☆☆ Veteran Armor of Greatness (8 rep)
  • ☆☆ Dialectician's Smokey Jacket (8 rep)
  • ☆☆ Ring of the Defeated (7 rep)
  • ☆☆ Ring of Scorching Heavens (7 rep)
  • ☆☆ Matchless Ring (8 rep)
  • ☆☆ Ring of Heavenly Piety (8 rep)

Rank Gear[]

There are different sets of gear that can be purchased with each rank. Please use the links below to view these items.