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Quests in Perfect World award players with experience, spirit, coins and sometimes useful items to help them progress and make their character stronger.

Race-specific Quests[]

These quests can only be done by characters of a specific race. The level range for these quests is 20-28, and are typically done after the player leaves the Celestial Vale.

Level 20 - 105 Quests[]

Character Cultivation Quests[]

Daily Quests[]

Main article: Daily Quests

Quests that can be completed once a day. When a daily quest has been completed, it will become unavailable until the next day. Daily quests reset when the server time resets at 00:00.

Weekly Quests[]

Main article: Weekly Quests

Quests that can be completed once a week. Weekly quests reset on Monday.

Special Quests[]

Quest Chains[]

Quest chains are a series of quests that are usually based in certain regions. Unlike regular quests they tell extended stories and can grant the player a lot of experience, spirit, and other rewards. Many of these quest chains are essential to improving your character at a quicker pace.