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Public Quests are a quest or series of quests that multiple players can simultaneously participate in to complete. The quests were initially released with the Rising Tide expansion to primarily occur on Shattered Cloud Island, but have since expanded to function with other various events. Public Quests are mostly competitive; players with higher contribution will win better prizes, and are ranked by character class.

Public Quest (PQ) includes the level 60-80 (Chapter 1), 95+ (Chapter 2), and 100+ (Chapter 3) quests that are available on Shattered Cloud Island from 9 AM to 11 PM server time. The quest is repeated during those times, with a two minute "cooldown" before the event is restarted.

There is no PQ for levels 1-59 or 81-94.

Types of Public Quests[]

Chapter 1: Rotflesh Trench[]

Main article: Public Quest 1

The level 60-80 Public Quest is found in Rotflesh Trench on Shattered Cloud Island.

Chapter 2: Blunted Lance[]

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The level 95+ Public Quest is found in Woodland Elegy on Shattered Cloud Island.

Chapter 3: Shadowtide[]

Main article: Public Quest 3

The level 100+ Public Quest is found in Shadowtide Camp on Shattered Cloud Island.

Other Events[]

There are several events that use a Public Quest system.