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Psychics are masters of mental magic and are capable of casting both strong offensive and defensive spells. They no longer pursue mastery of the elements, but instead manipulate the essence of the instinct of creatures. They manifest their will through Soulforce to enhance themselves and their allies while harming their enemies. With a soulsphere weapon at their disposal, they deal water and earth damage. A psychic's strength in a squad is to stay in the background and deal heavy AoE damage that stops enemies in their tracks.


  • Fast channeling
  • Has many AoE and crowd-controlling skills
  • Offensive and defensive versatility with Black Voodoo and White Voodoo
  • Has the longest stun in the game
  • Has several self buffs and debuffs that affect enemies


  • Requires highly refined equipment for Soulforce to benefit skills
  • Can steal aggro easily, especially in lower levels
  • Has a learning curve due to their several self buffs and debuffs
  • Lacks buffs/debuffs that benefit squads in higher leveled dungeons


Starting Statistics
Health 50
HP Regeneration 1 per second
Mana 70
MP Regeneration 2 per second
Physical Attack 4-4
Magic Attack 4-6
Accuracy 25
Evasion 10
Movement Speed 4.8 m/s
Chi gained per normal attack 3
Main attack damage attribute Magic
Statistic Increases
HP gained per Vitality point 10
HP gained per level 20
MP gained per Magic point 14
MP gained per level 28
Accuracy gained per Dexterity point 5
Evasion gained per Dexterity point 2



Psychics can only use Soulspheres to cast skills.

Magic Damage Chart: Lower-Low-Medium-High-Higher-Highest

Weapon Type Minimum Damage Maximum Damage
Soulsphere Medium Medium


Psychics, like other magic classes, primarily use arcane armor. Due to their already-fast channeling they typically do not require equipment or ornaments with reduced channeling on them. Most psychics early-game will either shard their equipment using citrine (health) or garnet (physical defense) shards, depending on preference. They may also use Vitality shards early-game for extra health and defense for greater survival. Late-game, however, most psychics will opt for attack level shards (Diamond of Tiger, Deity Stone, Devil Stone). While it is rarer, some will go for defense level shards (Diamond of Dragon, Jade of Steady Defense, Serenity Stone), which allows a psychic to survive much longer. However, this only really allows them to be a successful catapult puller in Territory Wars, or survive longer in open PvP.

Psychics in PvP[]

In PvP, psychics are very effective, although somewhat squishy. They have many skills that can stunlock an enemy, such as Earth Vector, Sandball Clash, and when combined with Soul of Silence and Soul of Stunning, a psychic can effectively lock enemies down for a very long time. As a psychic, you can nuke many targets at once using your ultimate (Psionic Infusion), combined with triple spark or Tide Spirit. Be aware, however, that unless you have a Grade 18 weapon at second or third cast, using your ultimate will reduce your Soulforce to 0, rendering your Souls useless.

Psychics in PvE[]

Psychics are able to level up quickly because of their fast-casting skills and high damage. They begin with two single-target skills that they will mainly use throughout their journey, and make their way up to having a heal, a knockback, and the ability to play an offensive or defensive role. During lower levels a lot of buffs and debuffs for psychics may not be as effective due to their lack in Soulforce, which will slowly increase as they level.

Dungeons with a squad at lower levels can be particularly risky due to psychics starting out with high damage, causing them to easily steal aggro when fighting strong monsters or bosses. Unless the psychic is particularly good at staying alive it is recommended to either pursue bosses in White Voodoo or delay attacks to prevent this from happening.

In higher levels psychics can still enjoy high damage but at less risk of taking aggro as other classes typically catch up in attack power, though it can be easier to tank due to high-level equipment available and the usage of defensive skills such as White Voodoo and Psychic Will. The ability to use Psychic Will gives psychics the opportunity to replace barbarians in tanking bosses where usually their attacks are fatal to non-barbarians, as they can on most occasions bypass these attacks with good timing. In many modern dungeons psychics are not as popular as other magic classes such as venomancers or stormbringers due to their lack in debuffs or buffs that benefit the squad; however, they can still be sought after as effective damage dealers.

Psychics in Territory Wars[]

The main purpose of a psychic is repressing enemy skills and options with the variety of effects you can cast on players, rendering even key opponents in a battle unable to act freely or effectively. Psychics can also make good use of their AoEs to deal a large amount of damage to multiple targets if used in the right moments. In a pinch they can use Bubble of Life to heal themselves and nearby team members as well. However, they usually have a low physical defense, which keeps them running from physical attackers.


Main article: Soulforce

Soulforce increases the effects of several buffs and debuffs for psychics. By default at level 100, a psychic will have 15000 Soulforce which can be increased by refining their equipment. The maximum Soulforce a psychic can have is 59335 with a Rank 9 belt, 60870 with a Rank 9 Fourth Cast belt, or 59370 with a refineable belt (such as Jaden (Grade 17) belt). It can affect the amount of damage reflected with Soul of Vengeance, the chance of an enemy being silenced with Soul of Silence, the amount of damage absorbed and reflected with Soul of Retaliation, the duration of a stun from Soul of Stunning, the damage dealt by Soulburn, and the duration of Veil of Shadow and Shroud of Shadow.


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