Player vs Player, commonly abbreviated to PvP, is combat that occurs between players rather than monsters. There are many forms of PvP, including dueling, PKing other players, and PvP Events. Previously there were rankings for killing players in various PvP environments however the ranking list has since been removed. It included a kill count, a death count, and a kill/death ratio with rankings for each class (except stormbringers and duskblades).

Many newer PvP-related events require that players be in PK Mode. This is due to the original version of Perfect World based in China having only PvP servers, whereas all Perfect World servers are PvE. Most events of this nature do not come with the usual PK penalty.

Types of PvP[]

There are several types of PvP, ranging from 1 vs 1 combat, to group combat, to entire factions or even servers. There are also several different types of PvP-related events.

  • Dueling - This allows players to fight 1 vs 1 against each other, with no PK Mode required. Dueling can occur inside and outside of towns and cities, and in many dungeons, though some dungeons may not allow players to actually attack each other, or they may not allow players to duel at all. Dueling has a restriction of Guardian and Spirit charms not being able to replenish Health or Mana during the fight.
  • PK Mode - Short for Player Kill Mode, this is an optional mode to change your player status to be able to attack and kill other players that are also in PK Mode. PK Mode is only available to players above level 30 and players that choose to be in this mode must stay in it for at least 10 hours. There is no restriction to the amount of players that can fight one another in this mode. PK is not available in Safe Zones such as towns or cities. Some areas such as Celestial Vale also do not allow players to PK due to them being areas designed for lower leveled players.
  • Deathmatch Arena - A form of arena designed for up to 6 vs 6 combat through matches that function similarly to the Tournament event. The arena costs silver coins to participate, where winners would previously get a share of the money pooled in, but the item rewards are now worth only 1 silver coin. The arena itself however is quite often buggy, with players being unable to enter or being prematurely kicked out of battles.
  • PvP Events - There are several types of events that are based around PvP. Many of these events are group-based PK events, while others may be a war between factions, nations, or even servers. Many of these events require players to be in PK Mode in order to attack other players, though they do not come with a PK penalty.


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When participating in PvP there are certain stats that affect your performance against other players. In addition there are also stats that have little to no effect in PvP combat.

PvP Stats[]

These stats are generally very useful in PvP while also not being effective against monsters. Not all useful stats are listed here; only ones that are less effective on monsters.

  • Spirit: A very influential stat that affects damage dealt and damage received. An exclusive stat mostly for characters that have reawakened. This stat has very little effect against monsters.
  • Stealth Level: A stat that can be commonly used against monsters, but is also important in PvP. Determines whether other players will be able to see you while you are stealthed.
  • Detection Level: A stat that determines whether you can see stealthed players such as assassins. In order to see a stealthed player, your Detection Level must be higher than their Stealth Level. This stat is rarely used against monsters.
  • Critical Damage Reduction: Reduces the amount of Critical Hit damage taken from other players. Monsters do not perform traditional critical damage.
  • Charm Cooldown: A skill that increases the cooldown of your enemy's Guardian and Spirit charms. Only effective against players, as monsters cannot equip charms.

Non-PvP Stats[]

These stats are generally not useful in PvP as they are designed to only be effective against monsters.

  • Slaying Level: Similar to Attack Levels, but only really effective against monsters.
  • Warding Level: Similar to Defense Levels, but only really effective against monsters.

PvP Titles[]

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While there are no titles dedicated to killing players in the environment, there are titles available for participating in certain PvP events, mostly Arigora Colosseum.

Arigora Colosseum Titles[]

  • Colosseum Initiate - Receive a personal score of 1000 or higher.
  • Colosseum Veteran - Receive a personal score of 1400 or higher.
  • Colosseum Star - Receive a personal score of 1600 or higher.
  • Colosseum Master - Receive a personal score of 1800 or higher.
  • Colosseum Paragon - Receive a personal score of 2000 or higher.
  • Colosseum Legend - Receive a personal score of 2200 or higher.

Season Titles[]

  • Victorious Warrior - Win a battle in the first Arigora Colosseum season.
  • The Irresistible Force - Win 20 battles in the first Arigora Colosseum season.
  • Relentless - Win 50 battles in the first Arigora Colosseum season.
  • Battletested Veteran - Win 100 battles in the first Arigora Colosseum season.
  • Totally Invincible - Win 200 battles in the first Arigora Colosseum season.
  • Valiant Warrior - Rank in the top 200 in the first Arigora Colosseum season.
  • Exalted Elite - Rank in the top 100 in the first Arigora Colosseum season.
  • Heavenly Champion - Rank in the top 50 in the first Arigora Colosseum season.

Territory Wars Titles[]

  • Veni Vidi Vici - Win first place in season 9 of Territory Wars. Awarded to all faction members.

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