Pet Food is an essential item used for mounts and pets used by venomancers. Feeding a pet or mount will cause it to increase Loyalty and decrease Hunger. The effect Loyalty has will vary:

  • Mounts: Increases EXP gained, and decreases the chance of the player being knocked off the mount when attacked.
  • Pets: Increases Attack Power and EXP gained.

Mystic summons and all-class pets do not benefit from pet food.

Pets and mounts can only be fed with specific food types. While most mounts will eat most food, pets will only eat certain foods, depending on the pet group they are in.

Perfect Cookies[]

Perfect Cookies can be eaten by most pets, and are technically considered as a Meat and Hay food type. Some pets, such as those from the Cragrock pet group cannot eat them. Perfect Cookies are only available through exchanging Perfect Tokens with the PW Boutique Agent, located in every major city.

Name Loyalty
Perfect Cookies Icon.png [Perfect Cookies] 200


Name Loyalty
Fruit Icon.png [Fruit] 50


Name Loyalty
Fungus Icon.png [Fungus] 100


Name Loyalty
Hay Icon.png [Hay] 20
Wild Ginseng Icon.png [Wild Ginseng] 200


Name Loyalty
Meat Icon.png [Meat] 30
Fine Meat Icon.png [Fine Meat] 60
Martin Nest Icon.png [Martin Nest] 120
Venison Icon.png [Venison] 250

Pure Water[]

Name Loyalty
Pure Water Icon.png [Pure Water] 10
Peanut Oil Icon.png [Peanut Oil] 50
Sesame Oil Icon.png [Sesame Oil] 100
Pure Water Icon.png [Spring Water] 10