PK Mode, an abbreviation of Player Kill Mode, is a mode which allows players to engage in PvP anywhere in the world map. It is a feature available to players above level 30 and it can be manually enabled or disabled. Players that choose to be in this mode must stay in it for at least 10 hours before disabling it. The names of player characters that have PK mode enabled appear white indicating that they can attack other white name players or be attacked by other white name players.

There is no restriction to the amount of players that can fight one another in this mode. PK is not available in designated Safe Zones such as towns or cities. Some areas such as Celestial Vale do not allow players to PK due to them being areas designed for lower leveled players.

Accessing PK Mode[]

PK mode can be accessed from the Protections settings located on the top left corner in the character avatar interface. The Protections window offers a toggle button that allows players to enable or disable PK.

PK Hours[]

Once PK mode has been enabled, the player has to spend a minimum of 10 hours in this mode before they are allowed to disable it again. The timer only runs when the player is logged on that particular character. The timer will halt when the player logs off the character.

If the player kills another player in this mode, they will receive PK hours. The amount of PK hours a player receives depends on the amount of players they have killed. PK hours will change the player's name from white red and the hours have to be drained before the player can disable PK mode. The timer for PK hours only runs when the player is logged on that particular character. The timer will halt when the player logs off the character. PK hours will be drained at a faster rate if the player kills monsters.

PK Swords[]

When a player engages in PvP with PK mode, they will receive a pair of crossed swords next to their character's name while their name turns pink. The swords will eventually disappear if the player stops engaging in PvP activities.

The swords prevent players from doing the following actions:

  • Players cannot receive buffs and heals from players that are not in PK mode.
  • Venomancers cannot heal their pets when they are in Safe Zone.
  • Players cannot enter any Homestead.

Swords do not affect players who engage in PvP activities during PvP Events.

PK Restrictions[]

PvP that occurs in PK mode in the open world works like every other type of PvP, but there are a few restrictions and modifications which are listed below:

  • The reflect effect of the venomancer skills Bramble Guard and Bramble Hood do not work in PK mode. However, the reflect effect of the skill Blazing Barrier works.
  • The defend command of venomancer pets does not work properly in PK mode.

Item Loss[]

Players have a small chance to drop an item when another player kills them. This chance increases the as the player accumulates more PK hours through killing other players. Players might drop an item from their inventory, a whole stack of items from their inventory (up to 20 of a single item) or an equipped item. This can be prevented through Guardian Scrolls, through binding equipment, or by turning on the Safety Lock. If an item is bound, then the player cannot drop that item, but it may shatter instead. This also applies if the Safety Lock is turned on.

PvP State Chance of item dropping Chance of items shattering (without Safety Lock) Chance of items shattering (with Safety Lock)
Blue 0% 0% 1%
White 1% 0% 1%
Pink 5% 0% 1%
Light Red (1PK) 25% equipped item and 100% inventory item in the first row. 1% 2%
Red (2PK) 50% equipped item and 100% inventory item in any row. 2% 3%
Dark red (3+ hours) 100% equipped item drop and 3+ inventory item drop. 3% 4%


Guards are a type of NPC found in most cities. They are mostly found at the gates but can also be found within cities as well. They will attack and kill any player with a red name in PK mode. Standard aggro rules apply when a red named player is attacked; if another players heals them, the guard will attack the healer. Guards will do no damage to a blue or white named player if they aggro them in this way, and instead it will show "No Effect" with each hit. This will still slow a player down making it difficult to move.

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