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Old Heaven's Tear is the first past map obtained from the Chrono Quest. Inside this map there are quests, a daily quest, forges to craft gear, and a few world bosses.


The addition of the past maps lets players craft gears. All the materials needed to craft the items are obtained from running Twilight Temple in Aria of Dawn mode, doing dailies in this map, world bosses, and summoning card bosses. In addition, one of the forges is where players manufacture the level 79 skill books.

Material Obtained From Used For # Needed
Golden Sculptures Twilight Temple, World Bosses, past maps monster drops Everything 5 to 8
Luminostones Twilight Temple, World Bosses, past maps monster drops, past mines Everything 5 to 8
Tear of Heaven Twilight Temple, World Bosses, Old Heaven's Tear daily Wrists and Boots 3 wrists, 5 boots
Leaf of Unicorn Forest Twilight Temple, World Bosses, Old Unicorn Forest daily Pants, Belts, and Rings 4 pants/belts, 9 rings
Stone of the Scarred Twilight Temple, World Bosses, Old Valley of the Scarred daily Tops, Helmets, Capes and Necklaces 3 necklace, 6 helmet/cape, 7 top
Desert Tower Miniature Twilight Temple, World Bosses, Old Moonshade Desert daily Weapons 5
Power Material Card Bosses Pants, Rings, Belt 1
Stamina Material Card Bosses Tops, Helmets, Capes, Necklaces 1 necklace/top, 2 helmet/cape
Spirit Material Card Bosses Weapons 2
Dexterity Material Card Bosses Weapons 1
Apocalypse Pages Twilight Temple 1-3 or 2-2, Eden, Brimstone Pit Skill Books 20
Medium Ink Vendor Skill Books 10

Land Elder, Card Bosses[]

The Land Elder NPC is located at (366 516) inside Old Heaven's Tear. This NPC gives the option to trade Mystical Tome Fragments, obtained from Valley of Reciprocity, for specific cards. These cards are used to spawn bosses which drop specific materials depending on the boss. To obtain the quest, the player must make 1-8 cards of the card boss they wish to kill. This costs 16 Tome Fragments (2 per card). Once the player receives the quest, it will tell them where to go and what to do for the boss. These cards can also drop from monters in the other maps.


Daily Quest[]

Level 90: Monster of Xenoworld - Sage of Prophecy (368 520)

  • When receiving this quest, you will be given one of the four options to complete to get the reward.
  • Kill:
    • 15 Soulthirst Houdrexes (84), 15 Claw Slashers( 87)
    • 25 Skull Hunters (89)
    • 25 Dream Inspectors( 88)
    • 1 Blackhole Devourer (150) boss, can be tanked with a Hercules
  • Reward: Coin 18000 EXP 30000 Spirit 6840 Item 4 Tears of Heaven

Other Quests[]

Level 70: Polluted Lake - Apothecary Te (366 519)

  • Kill:
    • 8 Farland Clam(71)
    • 7 Farland Kraufis(72)
    • 6 Farland Mermaid(73)
    • 5 Farland Tortoise(74)
  • Reward: Coin 8892 EXP 14820 Spirit 3379

Level 75: Polluted Lake - Vendor Tang (369 517)

  • Kill:
    • Fierce Hyenclaw (75), item: 1 Stone of Vacuity
    • Cerberuskin (76), item: 1 Golden Xenoscale
    • Farland Slither (77), item: 1 Tentacle of Stream
    • Farland Crustan (78), item: 1 Ironcrab Shell
  • Reward: Coin 7560 EXP 12600 Spirit 2873 Item 4 Mirage Celestones

Level 90: Investigator - Guard Tienhsao (367 519)

  • Kill:
    • 2 Dream Inspector (88), 2 Skull Hunter (89)
    • 2 Blasphemous Mage (92), 2 Ancient Ravenritter (93), 2 Ancient Evilwing (95)
    • 2 Array Sentry, 2 Array Protector, 2 Array Guard
  • Reward: Coin 18000 EXP 30000 Spirit 6840