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The Northern Realm is a new region introduced in the PWI Northern Realms expansion and it is available for players that have reached Reawakening II, level 105, Celestial Saint and Royal Sky I and have picked an Allegiance. In the Northern Realm, players can participate in a variety of PvP events or complete PvE quests for their Allegiance in order to obtain valuable items.


A rift has opened into the Northern Realms, and now this once secret frozen land is now engulfed in the flames of war as multiple factions seek to plunder its treasures. The Imperial Allegiance and the Theocratic Allegiance clash against each other. The Northern Realm shivers at the opposition of the two forces.

After months of effort by all adventurers of Perfect World, the Alpha Snow Wolf imprisoned at the Wolf's Shackle in Ulfgard finally managed to break free from its bounds. After releasing its energy and resonating with the relic, a Chrono Rift leading to the Northern Realm opened up.

To the shock of all, the Northern Realm became engulfed in a flame of war. Eldros, the Frost Emperor who was forsaken by the gods and banished by his subjects, returned to the Northern Realm with the aid of an unknown power. He marched his troops in opposition to the theocratic dominion and waged war against the gods! The entire continent was sundered by the two allegiances, the Divine Defenders led by the apostles, and the Imperial Vanquishers under the command of Eldros.

Players will live through the war and bloodshed that takes place in the Northern Realm and one day see Glacier City. This grand city enjoys equal glory to Neverfall of the Western Continent and Archosaur of the Midlands. During the millennia of its isolation, it was destroyed by war and forsaken by time. Now it stands once again in the north of Perfect World, its eminent walls revealing its sad past amongst the howling winds that enshroud it. A war continues to rage on between Eldros, the Frost Emperor who was sent into exile by the gods, and the people of faith led by the divine apostles. What changes will be brought to this conflict when the adventurers step in from the Midlands?


Accessing the Northern Realm[]

Imperial Vanquishers

Imperial Vanquisher Guide in north Archosaur.

Divine defenders

Divine Defender Guide in north Archosaur.

Players that have joined an Allegiance can access the Northern Realm via the Divine Defender Guide (549 676) in north Archosaur, the Imperial Vanquisher Guide (548 676) in north Archosaur or the Messenger of Time in every major city of the Midlands.

Northern Realm Events[]

For more info about events inside the Northern Realms check out the Allegiance page.