Mystics are a magic class that gives you an arsenal of wood attack skills along with healing skills to aid yourself and your allies. They also have plants to debuff your enemies or aid you and your allies. Each plant is used for a unique purpose, such as delivering damage, AoE debuffs, healing teammates, or even more choices upon reaching Neverfall status. Instead of taming their pets, like the Venomancer, Mystics have a fixed list of pets which they can summon that can allow them to tap into other elements such as fire and metal. Mystics are a good class to run solo, but they also make a great team player, due to these attributes. Their main unique lure feature is the Neverfall upgrades to ΨVital Herb, which has a variety of very helpful Glyphs for both PvE and PvP. The other lure to the class would be ΨThicket and/or ΨNatures Barrier Argent Glyph, granting them the ability to temporarily disable other player's Genies.


  • Healing, plants, and summons make them excellent for both solo and squad situations
  • Summons can lure
  • High physical defense plus water and wood elemental resistance
  • Very fast heals


  • Massive mana use which can be cost more in charms and MP pots
  • Low HP
  • Slow movement speed
  • "Jack of all trades" is complicated


Starting Statistics
Health 50
HP Regeneration 1 per second
Mana 70
MP Regeneration 2 per second
Physical Attack 4-4
Magic Attack 6-7
Accuracy 25
Evasion 10
Movement Speed 4.8 m/s
Chi gained per normal attack 3
Main attack damage attribute Magic
Statistic Increases
HP gained per Vitality point 10
HP gained per level 20
MP gained per Magic point 14
MP gained per level 28
Accuracy gained per Dexterity point 5
Evasion gained per Dexterity point 2



Magic Damage Chart: Lower-Low-Medium-High-Higher-Highest

Weapon Type Minimum Damage Maximum Damage
Wand Medium Medium
Magic Sword Medium High
Glaive Medium Higher
Pataka Low Highest

Choosing a weapon is a personal choice for most arcane classes unless Rank 9 is the final goal. For those who have an eye on Warsoul Weapons or have the time and motivation to farm for G17, this adds a variety to the weapon choices.

Wands are the most recommended choice for its reliable consistency, allowing full predictability of how much damage/healing is to be expected. Magic Swords are also a decent weapon for those wanting to have a little bit extra in their heals and attacks but also have a chance to be slightly lower, yet slightly higher. Glaives and Patakas experience the most fluctuation in damage output and provide an unreliable source of heals and damage. Though they have the chance to produce the highest hits and burst heals, they are also prone to producing the lowest hit and heals based on Random Number Generator.

Note: The stats of the Mystic summons are based on the weapon and armor you have equipped when they are summoned. Keep this in mind when picking your equipment.


Mystics are typically geared wearing Arcane Armor and are built with high magic or, sometimes, with a small mix of vitality. Mystics who can go full magic in their attribute points do exceptionally well at keeping themselves alive through the use of being on point with heals, positioning, or being able to afford more expensive shards in their gear. Mystics who choose to have some vitality in their attribute points are aiming for the extra tankiness that they can't afford through shards, or simply choose to play a more supportive roll. Overall, it is important for Mystics to have as much magic as possible to increase the effectiveness of heals while also being able to put out a decent amount of damage.

Mystics in PvE[]

Mystics in PvE are more than able to solo heals within squads, and are also capable of dealing a decent amount of damage to mobs and bosses, especially when they utilize their plants and summons for extra damage, debuffs, and support.

Mystics at Lower Levels[]

Mystics at lower levels can be a little bit expensive to play due to their skills using twice as much mana than other arcane classes, which can quickly burn through MP potions and charms. Despite this, Mystics still have an easier time than most killing off mobs with the assistance of their plants, summons, and ability to constantly heal themselves.

Upon the lower levels Mystics are introduced to new summons, which can aid them in swiftly killing off mobs, with different elements and physical attacks. Sometimes you will run in to instances where mobs or bosses will take more damage from your pets than yourself or they will be immune to wood damage, so learning how to utilize your pets is important upon obtaining them.

Lastly, Mystics are also introduced to different types of plants which can either assist in debuffing mobs, or assist you and your allies with extra heals. It is up to the Mystic to learn which plant will come in handy based upon the situation.

Solo PvE as a Mystic[]

Solo PvE can be a dull and consistent experience for Mystics for the majority of the game, especially during the lower levels. Fortunately, for Mystics, they hardly have any issues completing quests or dying thanks to the use of their plants and summons to kill mobs, and heals to keep themselves alive.

Because of these unique traits, Mystics are viable to solo farm instances, similar to Venomancers, and can constantly heal themselves when they run in to trouble, or resurrect themselves when it becomes too hectic.

Group PvE as a Mystic[]

Mystics are appreciated in any squads due to them having strong, instant heals and providing extra magic DD and debuffs. Upon obtaining Morai Skills, Mystics have an extra squad healing skill along with 3 squad buffs. With these buffs, Mystics can give everyone increased healing effects from skills and potions, increased skill damage, and a full squad resurrection buff. Squads become even more appreciative of Mystics upon them learning the Neverfall upgrades of their skills, which can come in handy in many different ways.

Mystics in PvP[]

Mystics are a decent solo class in PvP due to their ability to constantly heal themselves and capability to deal massive damage to their target with Absorb Soul, which can bypass defense charms. Mystics in group PvP can be more tricky to maintain due to the multiple rolls they could play to fully utilize their class. It is important to help assist in dealing damage and debuffing enemies, as it is to keeping you and your allies alive.


Mystics have excellent survivability due to their ability to instantly heal themselves with Break In The Clouds and constantly apply Falling Petals to themselves. Their Verdant Shell buff also gives an extra boost to physical defense and wood and water elemental resistance. Upon reaching level 79, Mystics get an additional defense skill called Nature's Barrier which temporarily reduces all incoming damage which comes in handy upon avoiding deadly combos and heavy focus fire. Lastly Mystics also have an Ulti, "Voidbringer", which aids them a lot in survivability by either absorbing all direct damage the Mystic would receive upon being summoned or using Energy Leech to increase your magic attack along with your physical and magical defense.


For Mystics, positioning is much like the Cleric's method when playing a supportive roll. Both "do well to position themselves anywhere it is difficult for the enemy team to reach them. Most often this is far behind your squad, but it is recommended to keep an eye out for enemy flankers like Duskblades and Assassins. Another popular place is in the air above your squad as often times the enemy players will tab target to other players closer to them and neglect to look up."

For the more offensive role, Mystics will take advantage of an already struggling enemy to help their team mates kill them off/secure the kill(s) with extra damage needed to be dealt to them or through the use of their crowd-control skills and debuffs.

Due to everyone constantly moving around, trying to kite, it is important not to get too caught up in the frontlines because this is a great advantage for the enemy to reel you in and kill you off if you are not prepared with an escape.

Mystic as a Support[]

Mystics who focus on support do exceptionally well thanks to their large variety of heals to keep them and their allies alive. Mystic's variety of healing consist of single target burst heal, single target healing over time, to AOE burst heal, AOE heal over time, and even healing plants. Pre-Neverfall, Mystic healing plants are a nice contribution to healing, but are unfortunately pretty mediocre in terms of survivability when placed in the middle of the front lines. Once raised to the Neverfall version, ΨVital Herb becomes invincible, making it extremely helpful and valuable in the front lines of PvP. Mystics then have a choice of five possible ways they can utilize their ΨVital Herb to effect the front lines with Glyphs.

Mystic as a Damage Dealer[]

Though a Mystic, typically, has consistent damage, their damage isn't one to be ignored. Mystics can utilize themselves, in aiding to kill off targets, by using Rapid Growth to enhance their attack and channeling power and Lucky Break to guarentee critical hits to help deliever damage to enemies stronger than usual. Having Nature's Vengeance and Absorb Soul is the strongest combo that a Mystic has due to Absorb Soul being a DoT hit. That being said, Mystics also have a skill, Storm Dance, which has a chance to make Absorb Soul channel a lot faster and can decrease an enemie's HP by a small percentage. Lastly, they also have their summons to help break defense charms and plants to debuff a small group of enemies to enhance their damage even more.


While Mystics have an incredible survivability rate, like all other classes, they have their own weaknesses as well. Mystics heavily depend on their ability to cast their healing and survival skills, much like Clerics, to keep themselves alive. Because of this, Mystics are extremely weak to being locked down through the use stun and paralyze skills from Blademasters and Duskblades long enough to bypass their heals and defenses.

Targets to Avoid[]

Mystics would do well to play extremely cautiously against classes with large amounts of crowd-control abilities and high physical damage. Mystics should avoid Blademasters and Duskblades as much as they can due to their overwhelming crowd control abilities. Both of these classes can be problematic for a Mystic to deal with, especially if they are caught in a 1v1 situation with either one of these classes. While Blademasters are problematic to deal with, Duskblades are known for their constant paralyzing abilies and strong multi-hit burst damage. Paralyze can not be purified and makes it nearly impossible to escape from this "negative status effect" unless receiving the aid of allies. A Duskblade's main objective is to, hopefully, put a Mystics support skills in cooldown, which can be problematic to yourself and allies. Mystics should also avoid Assassins due to their multi-hit burst damage, which can inevitably by-pass HP and defense charms. Though it is not impossible to escape an Assassin, Mystics who do not have a Rank 9 weapon to Purify themselves often have a harder time dealing with them due to their limited ability to use an anti-stun.

Mystics in Territory Wars and Dragon's Conquest[]

A Mystic's role in Territory Wars often varies to the squad/situation on whether they are needed for extra healing support or DD and debuffs. Many Mystics choose to do one or the other, since it is complicated to do all of the rolls at once, leading to some holes in the maximum potential for the class. It is important for Mystics to coordinate with their squadmates to fulfill one, if not both rolls through-out the battle.

Origins in Legend[]

After the gods created Perfect world, they departed to the Sacred World to rest. In the years following the first conflict between the Winged Elves and the Untamed, chaos and death reigned across Perfect World. The spirits of those who died did not pass on, but lingered, creating an imbalance of yin and yang that threatened the whole world. To avert disaster, the gods created a realm for the spirits to dwell in. They sent their servant, Radiance, to guide the spirits to this realm.

The good souls were allowed to sleep peacefully, while the evil souls were sealed away with the Wraiths. In 889, a dark meteor flashed across the sky. Its energy warped Radiance, creating a twisted, evil personality called Dark Radiance who began turning the wicked souls into Wraiths and sending them back into Perfect World. To combat his other self, Radiance trained the virtuous souls to battle the Wraiths and granted them a third eye to focus their powers. These spirits were the first Earthguard, and it was their solemn duty to defend Perfect World against the Wraiths whenever they might appear.


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