A Goldmane Lion mount.

Mounts are pets that serve as a fast method of transportation on the ground. They are faster than traveling on foot in most cases. Mounts are stored in the Pet Bag and must be summoned to be used. They can only be summoned on the ground, and will be unsummoned if they are in water. While on a mount, you will only be able to single-jump and cannot attack.

Like other pets, mounts can be fed pet food to raise their loyalty. Having higher loyalty will increase the amount of experience the mount can gain, and decreases the chance that you are knocked off your mount when attacked by an enemy. Equipping a tome will prevent mounts from getting hungry.

Acquiring a Mount[]

Players will be given their first mount in the Celestial Vale, though it begins at a fairly slow speed. Additional mounts can be obtained through several methods:

Most mounts can be ridden from level 1 or level 10, though some mounts may have higher level requirements which range from level 20 to level 60.

Increasing Mount Speed[]

Mounts start with an initial speed also known as their base speed. All mounts start at level 1 (or 0 in rare cases) and the majority of mounts have a maximum level of 11. Some mounts have a maximum level of 21, such as the Snowfield Lionlord from Adventure Kingdom. Each level raises its speed by 0.1m/s. They can be leveled by keeping them summoned, and will gain experience every 5 minutes. By default a mount will gain 10 experience every 5 minutes, but can gain 15 experience every 5 minutes at maximum loyalty. It takes about 5 hours and 20 minutes of using your mount to level it from 1 to 11 at maximum loyalty.

The maximum speeds mounts can have are 8.0 m/s, 9.0 m/s, 10.0 m/s, 11.0 m/s, or 12.0m/s. Only mounts with a maximum level of 21 can be 12.0m/s. Mounts can be upgraded either temporarily or permanently with the use of spurs. Temporary spurs can be acquired with Lucky Coins and apply to all mounts you own, while permanent spurs can only be acquired from the Boutique and can only be used to upgrade older, slower mounts.

Faction Buffs[]

Members of factions can benefit from increased mount speed if they have level 1 faction talents unlocked in the Faction Base. The buff will increase all members' mount speed by 5% and stacks with all other mount speed boosts. The buff lasts until the faction base reset which occurs each Monday at 12:00AM server time. After the faction base reset, the faction talent must be activated again before members can benefit from the mount speed buff again.

Temporarily Boosting Speed[]

Spurs acquired with Lucky Coins can be used to temporarily boost the speed of any mounts in your Pet Bag, allowing them to move beyond the maximum speed of 11.0m/s or 12.0m/s. These types of spurs can be attached to your equipment, and can be done by dragging them to your shoes slot. They will only be attached to one pair of shoes, so changing or removing shoes with spurs will remove the mount speed increase effect until they are re-equipped. These types of spurs have a duration which starts to count down from the moment they are attached to shoes.

Name Lucky Coins Fee Speed Increase Duration
Steel Spurs 1 10,000 Silver Coins +1.0m/s 7 days
Copper Spurs 2 20,000 Silver Coins +1.5m/s 7 days
Silver Spurs 4 40,000 Silver Coins +2.0m/s 7 days
Refined Steel Spurs 3 30,000 Silver Coins +1.0m/s 28 days
Red Copper Spurs 6 60,000 Silver Coins +1.5m/s 28 days
Quicksilver Spurs 12 120,000 Silver Coins +2.0m/s 28 days

Upgrading Mounts[]

Spurs purchased from the Boutique can be used to permanently upgrade the maximum speed of certain mounts and lower their level requirement. There are two different types of spurs that can permanently upgrade mounts: Spurs of Alacrity and Galewind Spurs. To upgrade a mount, talk to any Pet Manager found in major cities and choose the "Upgrades of Ride Pets" option.

Spurs of Alacrity[]

Spurs of Alacrity can be used to upgrade a mount's base speed from 8.0m/s to 9.0m/s, and reduce its level requirement from level 40 to level 20. Its name will also change to have a Swift prefix. Spurs of Alacrity can be purchased from the Boutique for 10 Gold at their regular price, or 7 Gold at their sale price. Only one Spur of Alacrity is needed to upgrade a mount.

The mounts that can be upgraded using Spurs of Alacrity are as follows:

  • Pigsly Pigsworth
  • Windsprint Panther
  • Polaris Snow Cub
  • Chromatic Reindeer
  • Violet Lightning
  • Silver Mane
  • Crimson Leaper
  • Dark Charger
  • Whitewind

Galewind Spurs[]

Galewind Spurs can be used to upgrade a mount's base speed from 9.0m/s to 10.0m/s, and reduce its level requirement from level 60 to level 20 in some cases. Its name will also change to have a Hurricane prefix. Galewind Spurs can be purchased from the Boutique for 15 Gold at their regular price, or 10 Gold at their sale price. Only one Galewind Spur is needed to upgrade a mount. Some mounts may need to be first upgraded with Spurs of Alacrity before they can be upgraded with Galewind Spurs.

The mounts that can be upgraded using Galewind Spurs are as follows:

  • Vicious Raptor
  • Swift Pigsly Pigsworth
  • Ancestral Kirin
  • Goldmane Lion Lord
  • Swift Windsprint Panther
  • Swift Polaris Snow Cub
  • Swift Chromatic Reindeer
  • Swift Violet Lightning
  • Swift Silver Mane
  • Swift Crimson Leaper
  • Swift Dark Charger
  • Swift Whitewind
  • Chubbs
  • Quick Sika Deer
  • Kirin of Fortune
  • Rudy the Reindeer

Dyeing a Mount[]

Some mounts can be dyed using pigments in a similar process to dyeing fashion. Mounts that are eligible for dyeing include the Chronobike, Graceful Antelope, Fierce Warhound, Elegant Goldfish, and Winterlord's Steed. By default these mounts start out white. Mounts can be dyed at any Seamstress found in major cities through the Mount Dye option.

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