The moon watcher tower is where everyone has balanced gears (battle of survival g17) and each boss only allows 3 resurrections before those who die are unable to revive until the boss is defeated or the squad is wiped. In addition, time limits also exist for each boss to add to the challenge, so it's vital your entire squad maintains focus.

Your ideal squad should look like this:

A tank, preferably barb to absorb damage and protect your team A cleric and/or mystic, for buffs and to keep your squad alive Debuffers (blademaster, venomancer, seeker, etc.) Damage dealers (Assassin, psychic, etc.)

Rewards: 6 Rough bloodstone shards 3 rough iron shards 1 ether jade Profaned wood (chance) Zenith skull shard (chance) Please note the rewards are NOT tradeable.

There are 3 bosses, each with their own mechanic:

1) Drunken Basam

For this boss, coordinate a nuke at the beginning, and avoid anything red on the floor. At times, the boss will drop wine glasses on the floor and what everyone needs to do is walk over them to smash them. If there are too many cups left untouched, the boss will drink them and do heavy damage. Best is to have fastest people (barbs, sins, etc) do the cups furthest from the boss, while the slower ones (arcane) do the closest. Rinse and repeat until boss dies.

2) Sword Master

For this boss, there are several things to keep track of.

First of all, the boss takes reduced ranged damage so it's advisable to stay as close as possible.

Start with a nuke, but after a few seconds, Martyr Spirits will appear by the edges of the arena, and the entire squad needs to walk to the edges and take them down within 1 minute. Please note the classes are randomly placed, and you do more damage to the martyr that's your OWN race (human = bm/wiz, tideborn = sin/psychic, etc.) If you fail to defeat the martyr spirits within 1 minute, the boss doesn't reset but it will heal for a large amount.

When boss yells "barrier of time", there is a red line on the floor that makes a wall. Stand on that side while fighting the boss because in a few seconds, the boss will yell "Blade Avalanche" where he does a spinning aoe that will knock everyone back. If you're not on the same side of the "barrier" or out of range, the impact will send you flying off the arena and you'll be unable to resurrect until boss has died or reset.

When boss is at ~32m he will stop doing blade avalanche and will start running away. You have 10 seconds to chase and hit the boss at melee range or else the boss will heal. Afterwards he'll do a rectangle attack that will knock you out if you're in its way so avoid it. Repeat until boss has died.

3) Twilight Master Zesian

For this boss, there is a golden bell on the floor and is treated as a "hot potato". Your team will need to discuss on who to pass the bell to after 4-5 stacks. If the person dies before passing the bell to someone else, squad wipe. If the person passes to someone who previously had possession of the bell, squad wipe.

It's recommended to have a barb/seeker/bm start with the bell, as they can hold it for longer with cornered beast/faith, which renders them immune from the bell's DoT stacks. It's also recommended to start on the edge of the circle, and stay grouped! Aggro skills are useless, as the boss will only hit the one with the bell.

The boss is a nuke, except it'll periodically drop circles like Lethal Vengeance from Twilight Temple Revisited Part I. Have the first person (preferably barb) hold the bell, until 5 stacks, and at 5 stacks, use sanguine glyph cornered beast (faith) and hold the bell until 5 seconds left, while nuking boss before passing it to the second person. the second person also holds bell for 4-5 stacks and then passes to the third. Repeat this process until the boss is dead.

Once this boss is dead, take a break in your homestead, or have fun exploring the new areas of Neverfall. You've earned it.