A mailbox.

A Mailbox is a place where players can access their mail and also send mail to other players. They can also be used to redeem Gift Card codes, rewards from Celestial Tiger Event, and some level up rewards. Items redeemed from Arc Codes, Charge Rewards, and Spend Rewards are also sent through the mailbox. They are commonly found beside Bankers in every town, city, and village. They can also be found beside Auctioneers and Battle Coordinators in major cities.

Each player has a mail inbox limit of 32 mails, though system mails such as Auction House and GM mails will continue to be sent until you have reached a much higher amount of mails in your inbox. When your mail inbox has reached 32 mails or more, a flashing red mail icon will appear under the minimap at the top-right corner of the window.

Using a mailbox is limited by the Safety Lock feature, so accessing mail or sending mail cannot be done until the Safety Lock is disabled.

Sending Mail[]

To send mail to another player, click on the "Write" button within the mailbox interface. A draft mail window will pop up, where you can input the recipient's character name in the upper text box, and a mail subject below their name. The subject is limited to 20 characters. In the larger text box is where you would input your message. The message is limited to 200 characters. You can also reply to a mail and it will automatically input the recipient's name and subject for you, by either right-clicking on the mail in your inbox and selecting the "Reply" option from the menu, or opening the mail and clicking on the "Reply" button from there.

Below the large text box, you may attach an item into the mail by clicking and dragging it from your inventory, or simply right-clicking it from your inventory. You can also choose a quantity to send. Note that you can only send one type of item at a time, and untradable items cannot be sent through the mail. You can also attach a gold coin amount in the text box to the bottom-right of the window. You cannot attach silver coins. Attaching gold coins or items is optional.

If you send an item along with your mail, it will take 1 hour before the recipient receives it. If you send gold coins along with your mail or no item, then it will be sent instantly.


When attempting to send mail, you may encounter an error message that prevents you from sending the mail.

  • Recipient's mailbox is locked: The character you are trying to send a mail to has not been online in the past 2 weeks.
  • Recipient's mailbox is full: The character you are trying to send a mail to has a full mailbox, and they must delete some mails before being able to receive some.
  • Recipient does not exist: The character you are trying to send a mail to does not exist. Check you have the correct spelling of a character's name and try again.
  • Error sending that amount of money: You are trying to send more gold coins in your mail than you have in your inventory.
  • Not enough money to send mail: You do not have 500 silver coins in your inventory to cover the mailing fee.

Group Mail[]

Officers of factions that are Marshals or higher can send a group mail to their faction members. To do this, open the faction window using the G key or under Public Relations in the Control Panel at the bottom-right of the screen and click the "Group Mail" option. This will open a draft mail window where you can input a subject below the "Guild members" text box, and a message. The recipient does not need to be entered as this is done automatically. The silver coin fee for sending a group mail is listed within the window, to the right of the text box that says "Guild members". Note that players with full or locked mailboxes will not receive a group mail.

Receiving Mail[]

When you receive mail, you will see a mail icon below your minimap. A flashing red mail icon will show instead when your mail's inbox is full. You can also see new mail within your mailbox, denoted by an asterisk (*) to the left of the mail. If the mail has an item or gold coins in it, there will be a ○ symbol under the "Item" column.

Some mails come with tags to let you know where they come from. Some tags are as follows:

  • Normal: A regular mail.
  • Auction: A mail from the Auction House, likely notifying you of the result of buying/selling an item from the Auction House.
  • Invite Old Friend: A mail from the Invite a Friend event, likely notifying you that a friend you have invited back has returned.
  • Faction Resource War Reward: A mail from the Resource Wars event that usually includes your prize of Soldiers' Pay.

To read mail sent from other players, you can either click on the mail and then click on the "Read" button, or double-click on the mail itself to open it. To retrieve an item and/or gold coins from the mail you are reading, you can click on the "Item" button within the mail itself. You can also claim all items and gold coins from all mails by clicking the "Claim All Attachments" button from the mail window.

Some mails come with expiry times.

  • Mails without items/gold coins and unread: 30 days
  • Mails without items/gold coins and read: 3 days
  • Mails with items/gold coins: infinite
  • Mails with items/gold coins that are claimed: 3 days

If you have mail in your inbox with an expiry date that you would like to keep, you can right-click on the mail and click "Hold" from the menu. This will change the expiry to "Save" and keep the mail within your mailbox indefinitely. You cannot delete mails that are saved. To reverse this, simply right-click on the mail and click "Cancel Hold" from the menu and it will begin to expire and can be deleted.

You can also mark multiple mails as read without needing to open them. This can be done by holding shift and clicking on mail to select a range, or holding the control key and clicking on multiple mails to select multiple individual mails. Then click the "Read" button and it will cycle through marking all mails selected as read.

Deleting Mail[]

To delete a mail, you can either select a mail and then click the "Delete" button from the mail window, or right-click the mail and select the "Delete" option from the menu. If the mail has an attachment in it, a confirmation window will pop up notifying you of such, and you can choose to either keep the mail or delete it with the attachment anyway. You cannot delete mails if they have gold coins attached to them until you claim the coins. You can also mass-delete mails by either holding shift and clicking on mail to select a range, or holding the control key and clicking on multiple mails to select multiple individual mails, and then clicking the "Delete" button where it will cycle through each mail, deleting it.