The Lunar Cloister in Lothranis.

Lothranis is a mystical realm that sits near the Sacred World, where Celestial Sages can be close to their gods. There is a darker side to this realm, though; within the Seat of Torment, fallen Sages and captive Demons are imprisoned for all eternity. Those who thrive in this place do so by feeding off the strength of their vanquished foes.

Lothranis can be accessed by players that have completed their level 89 Spiritual Cultivation quest. The portal to this realm is located in the City of a Thousand Streams. The highest level harvesting materials are found here. Sage characters characters can find a variety of quests and continue their Spiritual Cultivation in this realm.


The scenery of Lothranis.

Even after the gods retreated to the Sacred World, they found that they had an inherent connection to their mortal children in the Primal World. The mortals' faith empowered the gods, and those with more worshippers became even stronger. The gods began encouraging mortals' faith, and also selected powerful and wise individuals to enlighten with the secrets of the universe. These mortals were known as the Chosen. The Chosen were the most dedicated followers of the gods, and led others into their worship. A few were even capable of entering a realm called Lothranis, which existed near the Sacred World. To distinguish themselves from the gods, they called themselves Sages. Throughout history, Sages and Demons would find themselves intertwined as eternally opposing forces.