Hotkeys, otherwise known as keybindings or controls, map keys on a keyboard to functions. They can be used to interact with the character or with user interfaces. Most hotkeys can be changed by opening the hotkey settings with the K key, or through opening the system settings with the U key and clicking on the hotkeys tab. Not all keys can be assigned to a function; some functions and keys are preserved by the game's system.

List of Hotkeys[]


Function Shortcut
Shortcut Bar A `
Shortcut Slot A1 1
Shortcut Slot A2 2
Shortcut Slot A3 3
Shortcut Slot A4 4
Shortcut Slot A5 5
Shortcut Slot A6 6
Shortcut Slot A7 7
Shortcut Slot A8 8
Shortcut Slot A9 9
Shortcut Bar B V
Shortcut Slot B1 F1
Shortcut Slot B2 F2
Shortcut Slot B3 F3
Shortcut Slot B4 F4
Shortcut Slot B5 F5
Shortcut Slot B6 F6
Shortcut Slot B7 F7
Shortcut Slot B8 F8
Pet Attack Alt+1
Pet Skill 1 Alt+2
Pet Skill 2 Alt+3
Pet Skill 3 Alt+4
Pet Skill 4 Alt+5
Pet Skill 5 Alt+6
Pet Skill 6 Alt+7
Pet Skill 7 Alt+8
Genie Skill 1 Shift+F1
Genie Skill 2 Shift+F2
Genie Skill 3 Shift+F3
Genie Skill 4 Shift+F4
Genie Skill 5 Shift+F5
Genie Skill 6 Shift+F6
Genie Skill 7 Shift+F7
Genie Skill 8 Shift+F8
Start/Stop Auto-cultivating F12
Pet Follow Alt+F
Pet Stay Alt+S
Cancel Channelling Esc


Function Shortcut
Show/Hide Camera Mode F9
Zoom in Scroll Down*
Zoom out Scroll Up*
Rotate Camera Right Mouse Button

*These can be inverted by opening the System Settings with the U key, clicking on the Game tab, checking or un-checking the Zoom checkbox at the top of the window, and then clicking on the Confirm button.


Function Shortcut
Clear Chat Ctrl+D
Reply Ctrl+Alt+Z
Send Chat Message Enter


Function Shortcut
Show/Hide all UIs Alt+H
Best Performance On/Off Ctrl+F9


Function Shortcut
Roll/Flip (While moving) X
Move Left A
Move Right D
Move Forward W
Move Backward S
Descend Z
Jump/Double Jump Space


Function Shortcut
Select Teammate 1 Shift+1
Select Teammate 2 Shift+2
Select Teammate 3 Shift+3
Select Teammate 4 Shift+4
Select Teammate 5 Shift+5
Select Teammate 6 Shift+6
Select Teammate 7 Shift+7
Select Teammate 8 Shift+8
Select Teammate 9 Shift+9
Auto-select Monster Tab
De-select Target Esc


Function Shortcut
Show/Hide Map M
Show/Hide Character Menu C
Show/Hide Inventory B
Show/Hide Skill Menu R
Show/Hide Pet Bag P
Show/Hide Quest Menu Q
Show/Hide Boutique O
Show/Hide Expressions E
Show/Hide Squad Status T
Show/Hide Friend List F
Show/Hide Faction Status G
Show/Hide Help L
Show/Hide System Settings U
Show/Hide Hotkey Settings K
Show/Hide the Assist Interface (Auto-Recovery Stone) H
Show/Hide Help Interface I
Show/Hide Reflection (Auto-cultivation) Ctrl+F12
First slot of system function (Not functional) Ctrl+1
Second slot of system function (Commission Shop) Ctrl+2
Third slot of system function (Encyclopedia) Ctrl+3
Fourth slot of system function (PWI Links) Ctrl+4
Open Arena Alt+J
Yes/Confirm (On popup window) Y
No/Cancel (On popup window) N
Close window Esc