Gold and Silver are the currency used to buy items from the Boutique. Gold can be bought with real money and then used in the Boutique or converted into Gold Coins through the Auction House or through trading with other players. The opposite is also possible; players can exchange Gold Coins for Gold in the Auction House.

Buying Gold with Real Money[]

Players can charge real money and buy 'Zen' on the official Arc Games website. Once purchased, Zen will be transferred on the player's account in the form of Gold. Afterwards, the player can log in the game and spend the Gold in the Boutique. Fee and taxes may apply when purchasing Zen.

Buying Gold Step by Step[]

Players can buy Zen from the official Arcgames website.

  • Game & Server - here the player has to choose the game and server into which they want to charge Zen. It is very important to carefully choose the right game (Perfect World International) and the correct server. Zen cannot be transferred between games or servers.
  • Choose Amount - this is where the player chooses the amount of Zen they wish to charge. Bonus Zen will be given for charging high amounts of Zen.
  • Payment Method - this is where players choose their payment method. Available payment methods include: Credit Cards, PayPal, Skrill, PaySafeCard.
  • Review & Order - this is where the player can review their order to make sure everything is correct and then proceed to purchase the Zen.

Zen Rates[]

  • $1 (US Dollar) = 100 Zen = 1 Gold = 100 Silver
  • €1 (Euro) = 100 Zen = 1 Gold = 100 Silver


Sometimes there will be special, time limited events or promotions for those who charge Zen or spend Gold.

  • Charge Bonus or Charge Rewards - this is a special promotion for players that charge Zen. Players gain points for every Gold (100 Zen) they buy. These points can be used to redeem a variety of useful game items from the Charge Rewards page on the Arcgames website.
  • Spend Promo - this is a special promotion for players that spend Gold. It doesn't matter if the Gold was bought with Zen or through the Auction House. Players will receive special game items by spending a certain amount of Gold.
  • Zen Bonus - this is a special promotion during which players gain a 15% bonus Zen for every purchase.

Buying Gold with Coins[]

Main article: Gold Trading

Gold can be purchased with (and sold for) in-game Gold Coins through the Auction House. The prices fluctuate, generally going up when there are good sales on popular items in the Boutique.