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Frostcovered City is a dungeon located in the northwest corner of the Midlands. The dungeon was previously a popular place for characters to level due to the high experience from bosses and monsters and the ability to rerun the dungeon with no limitations. Hyper EXP Stones are almost always disabled in the dungeon now, so players can no longer gain large amounts of experience. On occasion, Hyper EXP Stones will be enabled, but they typically get disabled again upon release of an expansion or content update.



In order to activate the dungeon, you must have a squad of at least 2 players including yourself. The squad leader must be level 85 or higher, while squad members must be level 75 or higher. Only the squad leader needs to be inside the dungeon to activate it. To activate the dungeon, the squad leader must talk to Lin Yan at the beginning of the dungeon and take the quest "Open the Gate".

Lin Yan also offers an optional quest "A Daring Rescue" which is only available to players that are level 85 or higher. This quest is required to spawn the optional boss Cyclotra Styren, and rewards players with the item "Faithfullness", half of the items required to receive an item reward at the end of the dungeon.

Squad Structure[]

Nowadays players will typically do this dungeon alone or in small groups. However, if you are looking to do a more traditional Frostcovered City run with lower-leveled and lower-geared players, these classes are the most ideal for the dungeon:


In Frostcovered City, there are several closed doors blocking your way through the dungeon. They can mostly be opened by killing Glacial Shades, while other doors must be opened by killing the bosses in the dungeon. Generally traditional squads will have their tanker pull large groups of mobs to the Glacial Shades for players to AoE. Note that mobs can reset if you run too far away, and there are some invisible barriers that mobs cannot run through.


  • For tanks: Know how many mobs you're capable of tanking at once. Many mobs in the dungeon do magic damage, so pulling too many can kill you (and the rest of the squad) quickly. Usually, you will pull mobs to every Glacial Shade. For barbarians, use the skills Bestial Rage, Invoke the Spirit, Roar, and Sunder as a basic combo when finishing your mob pull. For extra protection and aggro you can use the genie skills Solid Shield and Alpha Male.
  • For clerics/healers: Be careful of when you heal the tank. If you heal while they are pulling mobs, then those mobs will attack you instead. Usually it is enough to use Ironheart Blessing a few times before the tank begins to pull, and on harder pulls use Wings of Protection on the tank. Chromatic Healing Beam is usually enough for most groups of mobs but some tougher groups may require Regeneration Aura (BB). Bosses will interrupt BB, however, and many of them have tactics that require purifying or other such support.
  • For assassins: You may be tasked with stealthing through mobs and solo-killing Glacial Shades so that the tank can pull bigger groups of mobs.
  • For damage dealers: Depending on your tanker and your ability to survive, do be careful of how much damage you deal in case you accidentally steal aggro of mob groups from the tank. To be on the safe side, you should have immunity potions, or if you're using constant AoEs the genie skill Absolute Domain. The genie skill Expel can be used on certain groups of mobs that deal physical damage as well.


All bosses in Frostcovered City are level 150.



Thunderclaw is the first boss of the dungeon. Like many bosses, it mainly does ranged magic attacks that will reduce the player's movement speed. It will also use a short bleed damage-over-time debuff. It will occasionally spawn three circles on random players that deal 5000 damage each after 5 seconds, regardless of your defense. If you are killing this boss solo, typically two of these circles will spawn on top of you instead. It is recommended to run out of these circles especially if you do not have a large amount of health. Note that if you kill Thunderclaw just as it summons more circles, the traps will still explode even though the boss is dead.


Thunderclaw does not drop any items.

Diabolic Shocktrooper[]

Frozen Diabolic Shocktrooper being revived by Glacix Elementos.

Diabolic Shocktrooper is the second boss of the dungeon. There are three different forms of it which range in difficulty only - it will not affect the experience reward or the drop rates of items. The type of form of boss you get will depend on how many Glacix Elementos you kill during the ritual:

  • Weakened Diabolic Shocktrooper: Kill all elementos
  • Tough Diabolic Shocktrooper: Kill half or most elementos
  • Frenzied Diabolic Shocktrooper: Kill none or few elementos

To summon this boss, any player should take the quest at Frost Lord Holan. Doing so will begin the ritual to summon the Diabolic Shocktrooper. The boss will spawn encased in ice and will be immune to damage. Around him will be five colored circles where the Glacix Elementos will spawn.

During this phase, 2 Glacix Elementos will spawn every 30 seconds, meaning you will only have 30 seconds to kill each of them. As the ritual progresses, the more health the elementos will have. If you are running a more traditional squad, then it is highly recommended to kill as many Glacix Elementos as possible. They can also be somewhat decent for experience which is another advantage to killing them.

Once the ritual is over, the colored circles will disappear and the Diabolic Shocktrooper will appear and be able to be damaged. The Diabolic Shocktrooper mainly deals ranged magic damage. On occasion it will put players to sleep or use the Occult Ice skill on players. The Occult Ice skill deals damage over time which can be deadly to weaker squads, but can be purified. Because it functions as a stun, it can be purified by using the genie skill Badge of Courage.

Once the boss is killed, Frost Lord Holan will reappear in its place and two groups of Frost Bishops and Ice Sirens will spawn in the same room.


Diabolic Shocktrooper has a 1.6% chance to drop a green-named piece of equipment, regardless of which version of the boss you kill.

Name Type Stats Chance
★Unicorn Spirit Ring Physical Ring Physical attack +89, Dexterity +3~4, Vitality +3~4 50%
★Auspicious Ring Magic Ring Magic attack +89, HP +50, Magic +3~4 50%

Cyclotra Styren[]

Cyclotra Styren.

Cyclotra Styren is an optional boss and does not need to be killed to complete Frostcovered City. To summon this boss one player must have the quest "A Daring Rescue", meaning you will need at least one level 85+ player in your squad. To summon the boss, talk to Shiner Nin in the room. All players that wish to receive the reward chest at the end of the dungeon should talk to Shiner Nin. After a short period of time, the Cyclotra Styren will appear at the entrance of the room and walk to Shiner Nin.

Cyclotra Styren itself does not have many tactics outside of ranged magic attacks and an AoE bleed damage-over-time skill, but it will spawn a Glacix Dragoon once at the beginning of the fight and once when it has roughly 1/3 HP remaining. Glacix Dragoons can AoE stun players after being damaged a bit, but will only do it once.

After Cyclotra Styren dies, Lin Yan will appear next to Shiner Nin. Players can hand in their "A Daring Rescue" quest at this NPC to receive the item "Faithfullness".


Cyclotra Styren has a 1.6% chance to drop a green-named piece of equipment.

Name Type Stats Chance
★Galemark Cape Cape Evasion +224, HP +70, Speed +0.1 meters/second 25%
★Decaying Snow Cape Cape Evasion +224, HP Recovery +5, Dexterity +3~4 25%
★Moonshade Cape Cape Evasion +224, Magic +3~4, Vitality +4~5 25%
★Transitional Necklace Necklace Evasion +272, Vitality +4~5 25%



Dreadindra is the fourth boss of the dungeon. He is capable of dealing melee ranged physical damage. On occasion he will put players to sleep. He will sometimes call a Frost Bishop to attack players, which are capable of freezing players in place. Dreadindra will also randomly aggro on players and can purge the squad. He can also deal AoE damage equal to a certain percentage of your health, so AoE heals are recommended.

In a more traditional squad, the primary tank would hold the boss while the rest of the squad primarily focuses on the Frost Bishops when they spawn, and deal damage to the boss in between spawns.


Dreadindra has a 1.6% chance to drop a green-named piece of equipment.

Name Type Stats Chance
★Moonshade Headwear Helmet MP +335, Magic +3~4, reduce physical damage taken +1% 25%
★Decaying Snow Helmet Helmet HP +120, Dexterity +3~4, MP Recovery +4 25%
★Galemark Helmet Helmet HP +280, Earth Resistance +124, Strength +4~5 25%
★Suprature Amulet Belt Evasion +272, Dexterity +3~4 25%

Asoteric Runewolf[]

Asoteric Runewolf.

Asoteric Runewolf is the fifth boss of the dungeon. Players should avoid using attacks that interrupt the boss's channelling as it can trigger his mechanics early, risking a squad wipe for weaker squads.

On occasion the boss will stop moving and will start shouting "SUPER..." "POWERFUL..." "MIGHTY..." "WHIRLING..." "SLASH!". During this time, players should run away from the boss as once he says "SLASH!" he will use multiple AoE attacks that deal quite a bit of damage to players and is fatal for more traditional squads. Once he begins to move again, it is safe to move back to him and continue killing him.

His other attacks include a ranged magic attack that reduces movement speed, an AoE that deals damage equal to a certain percentage of your health, and a random silence on players. Occasionally he will also increase his magic attack for a short time or use a frenzy buff which increases his attack but lowers his defense.


Asoteric Runewolf has a 1.6% chance to drop a green-named piece of equipment.

Name Type Stats Chance
★Moonshade Wrists Arcane Wristguards Physical Defense +75, Magic Defense +670, Magic +4~5, Vitality +3~4 25%
★Decaying Snow Wristguards Light Wristguards Physical Defense +287, Magic Defense +445, Dexterity +4~5, Vitality +3~4 25%
★Galemark Gauntlets Heavy Wristguards Physical Defense +669, Magic Defense +285, Fire Resistance +124, Dexterity +4~5 25%
★Sirenith Necklace Necklace Physical Defense +267, Phys. Res. +100, Vitality +4~5 25%

Messenger of Fear[]

Messenger of Fear.

Does AoE sleep and AoE damage. The tank holds the boss. Heal tank and AoE heals for squad.

Level 85+: After you killed this boss the NPC Yi Lam appears. Talk to him and he will teleport you near next boss. If you are below level 85 you need to walk.


Messenger of Fear has a 1.6% chance to drop a green-named piece of equipment.

Name Type Stats Chance
★Decaying Snow Boots Light Boots Physical Defense +382, Magic Defense +595, Dexterity +4~5, Speed +0.1 m/s 25%
★Moonshade Footwear Arcane Boots Physical Defense +99, Magic Defense +890, Wood Resistance +124, Magic +4~5 25%
★Galemark Graves Heavy Boots Physical Defense +891, Magic Defense +380, Wood Resistance +124, Strength +4~5 25%
★Vibrant Jade Belt Physical Defense +267, Phys. Res. +100, Strength +3~4 25%

Oceania Master[]

Oceania Master.

Warnings: Do NOT use AoE skills.

Stands in a big room filled with mobs. Kill the Harpy flying back and forth in front of the boss before you start. The tank holds the boss. Don't hit the minion that spawns next to the boss, telling you to try hit him. Ignore this minion. If you kill the minion he does a severe AoE killing most people in your squad. Kill any hands that spawn within 5 seconds before they clap or they kill almost everyone. Most players will kill the hands that spawn near them on their own, but putting a player in charge of killing them is also an option.

Note: Do NOT talk to the NPC yet!


Oceania Master is guaranteed to drop one item. The item has a 98.8% chance of being The Past of Frostcovered City, or it will be a green-named piece of equipment.

Name Type Stats Chance
★Moonshade Robe Arcane Chest Physical Defense +174, Magic Defense +1560, Water Resistance +167, Magic +5~6 0.3%
★Decaying Snow Vest Light Chest Physical Defense +669, Magic Defense +1040, MP Recovery +4, Dexterity +5~6 0.3%
★Galemark Mail Heavy Chest Physical Defense +1560, Magic Defense +670, Water Resistance +167, HP +70 0.3%
★Beholder Sachet Belt Magic Defense +267, Magic +3~4, Physical damage reduction +1% 0.3%

Frozen Heads[]

Frozen Heads.

After the boss: For the mobs in the room, a tank follows a pattern to avoid the harpies and instead drags all the mobs to the squad. The squad follows the same skill combos used when pulling mobs to a shade.

Level 85+: After you kill this boss the NPC Celestial Sister appears, talk to her after the squad has killed all the mobs in the room. Hit as many of the Frozen Heads you can, they give EXP, and afterwards the NPC gives you a second quest item 'Sincerity'.

Decaying Fragrance[]

Decaying Fragrance.

This one does the axe debuff like one of the last bosses in FB69. Purify the debuff. The tank holds the boss. AoE stuns.


Decaying Fragrance is guaranteed to drop one item. The item has a 98.8% chance of being The Past of Frostcovered City, or it will be a green-named piece of equipment.

Name Type Stats Chance
★Moonshade Pants Arcane Pants Physical Defense +149, Magic Defense +1335, Metal Resistance +167, Magic +5~6 0.3%
★Decaying Snow Shinguards Light Pants Physical Defense +573, Magic Defense +890, HP Recovery +5, Dexterity +5~6 0.3%
★Galemark Shinguards Heavy Pants Physical Defense +1337, Magic Defense +575, Metal Resistance +167, HP +70 0.3%
★Percussion Necklace Necklace Magic Defense +267, Vitality +4~5, Physical damage reduction +1% 0.3%

Asoteric Runephoenix[]

Asoteric Runephoenix.

Shoot him, run to lower him so everyone in the squad can hit him. He AoE seals, does damage, and drains life. Just DD, cleric team heals. A venomancer may use Soul Degeneration when Amplify Damage is on cooldown because this boss has a great HP regeneration rate. After the phoenix dies, you need to destroy the remains Blazing Phoenix Soul before it disappears.

After the boss: The last few mobs are the dragons that the FC boss Cyclotra Styren spawns, meaning they will stun. Do the mobs one group at time or use a Vacuity Powder if you want pull them all to the last boss room.


Asoteric Runephoenix does not drop any items, but the Infernobird Soul that appears afterwards does. It is guaranteed to drop one item. The item has a 98.72% chance of being The Past of Frostcovered City, or it will be a gold-named piece of equipment.

Name Type Stats Chance
★Unicorn Spirit Ring: Order Physical Ring Physical Attack +89, Dexterity +4~5, Vitality +4~5, Critical Hit Rate +2% 0.16%
★Auspicious Ring: Order Magic Ring Magic Attack +89, Channelling -6%, HP +70, Magic +4~5 0.16%
★Sirenith Necklace: Order Necklace Physical Defense +267, Physical Attack +24, Phys. Res. +100, Vitality +6~7 0.16%
★Percussion Necklace: Order Necklace Magic Defense +267, Magic Attack +24, Vitality +6~7, Reduce Phys. damage +1% 0.16%
★Transitional Necklace: Order Necklace Evasion +168, Physical Attack +24, Vitality +6~7, Evasion +104 0.16%
★Beholder Sachet: Order Belt Magic Defense +267, Magic +4~5, Critical Hit Rate +1%, Reduce Phys. damage +1% 0.16%
★Suprature Amulet: Order Belt Evasion +168, Dexterity +4~5, Vitality +4~5, Evasion +104 0.16%
★Vibrant Jade: Order Belt Physical Defense +267, Phys. Res +100, Strength +4~5, Vitality +4~5 0.16%


Holeen, after killing one of the smaller Holeen copies.

Lure the Holeen Body and kill it. After he's dead Holeen Champion of Fientazzar spawns. He random aggros, seals, AoEs, and buffs himself at around 30% of his HP. AoE heals are used and the venomancer should Purge the boss as soon as he buffs himself.

Level 85+: Talk to the NPC Frost Elder. For the 'Sincerity' and 'Faithfulness' he'll give you a Chest of Faith containing a random gift: Perfect Stones, Flawless Shards, Scarlet Fruit, Mirage Celestone, Auspicious Ring: Order, Unicorn Spirit Ring: Order, Socket Stones.


Holeen will drop 2 items, which can either be a Flawless Shard, a green-named weapon, or a gold-named weapon.

Name Type Stats Chance
Flawless Sapphire Shard Shard 23.55%
Flawless Amber Shard Shard 23.55%
Flawless Citrine Shard Shard 23.45%
Flawless Garnet Shard Shard 23.45%
★Fragrance Crossbow Physical Attack 683-1593, Dexterity +10~11, Critical Hit Rate +1% 0.4%
★Gorenox Fists Physical Attack 511-565, Physical Attack +42, Strength +10~11 0.4%
★Blood Ashura Claw Physical Attack 457-618, Dexterity +10~11, Critical Hit Rate +1% 0.4%
★Emerald Pataka Physical Attack 491-600, Magic Attack 593-1102, Magic Attack +42, Reduce Phys. damage +1% 0.4%
★Aquaride Glaive Physical Attack 421-569, Magic Attack 678-569, Magic Attack +42, Magic +10~11 0.4%
★Sensoid Wand Physical Attack 367-448, Magic Attack 839-856, HP +105, Vitality +10~11 0.4%
★Vast Land Bow Physical attack 755-1403, Maximum Physical Attack +78, Dexterity +10~11 0.4%
★Pride of Heaven Pike Physical Attack 606-1010, Physical Attack +42, Strength +8~9 0.4%
★Advancing Truth Poleblade Physical Attack 526-1091, Dexterity +10~11, Critical Hit Rate +1% 0.4%
★Undisputed Dominator Dual Hammers Physical Attack 792-1187, Physical Attack +42, Strength +8~9 0.4%
★Pan Gu's Axe Poleaxe Physical Attack 449-1347, HP +125, Vitality +10~11 0.4%
★Chrono Breaker Blade Physical Attack 504-936, Strength +8~9, Critical Hit Rate +1% 0.4%
★Sacred Comprehension Dual Swords Physical Attack 763-1033, Dexterity +8~9, Critical Hit Rate +1% 0.4%
★Gatherstorm Poleaxe Physical Attack 449-1347, Strength +14~15, Critical Hit Rate +2%, (Addon) 0.24%
★Silverrain Pataka Physical Attack 491-600, Magic Attack 593-1102, Magic Attack +70, Channelling -3%, Magic +14~15 0.24%
★Everfragrance Crossbow Physical Attack 683-1593, Dexterity +14~15, Critical Hit Rate +2%, (Addon) 0.12%
★Ghost Cry Thorn Daggers Physical Attack 480-719, Dexterity +18~19, Dexterity +18~19, (Addon) 0.10%
★Ghost Cry Soulsphere Soulsphere Physical Attack 539-659, Magic Attack 720-974, Channelling -6%, MP +310, Magic +18~19 0.10%


Wind and Snow (Main Quest)
Starting NPC: Elder of the Streams
Requisite: Level 75
Reward: Coin: 100000 EXP: 200000 Spirit: 40000 Reputation: 20

Quest Objective
Wind and Snow: Snowy Ruins Speak with the Frost Adventurer in Snowy Village.
Wind and Snow: Ashes to Ashes Locate young Lin’s remains in Forgotten Frostland and bring back anything you find to the Frost Adventurer.
Wind and Snow: Last Survivor Speak to Frost Resident in North Barrier Village.
Wind and Snow: Son of Fate Speak to the Orphanage Owner in North Barrier Village.
Wind and Snow: Hellraiser Speak to Frostcover Necromancer in North Barrier Village.
Genesis: Paper Crane Use the Paper Crane to find the Frost Recluse.
Genesis: The Millennium War Speak to the Elder of Etherblade.
The Genesis: Elves' Spell Speak to the Elder of the City of the Plume.
The Genesis: Spell of the Untamed Speak to the Untamed Veteran in City of the Lost.
The Genesis: Glacial Wraith Return to Frost Recluse and tell him what you have learned.
Fall of the City: The High Priestess Get quest from the Frost Recluse, Enter Frost Covered City and search for High Priestess Glacia.
Fall of the City: City Lord Find the soul of the Frostcovered City Lord, Holan, in Glacia's Temple area inside Frostcovered City.
Fall of the City: Last Wish Initiate the "Enemy Incoming" quest from Frost Lord Holan. Defeat the Glacix Elementos to prevent the Shocktrooper from gaining strength. Defeat any version of the Diabolic Shocktrooper.
Fall of the City: An End Kill Holeen, Champion of Fientazzar (0/1) then speak to the Frost Elder
Fall of the City: Journal of Frost Return the Journal of Frost to the Elder of the Streams.

Ruthless Ones (Side Quest)
Starting NPC: Frost Recluse
Requisite: Completion of Wind and Snow: Hellraiser (Main) quest

Kill Frostshadow Assassin (0/5)
Kill Iceshadow Assassin (0/5)
Kill Snowshadow Assassin (0/5)

Reward: Coin: 70000 EXP 90000 Spirit 18000

Lost Souls (Side Quest)
Starting NPC: Frost Adventurer
Requisite: Completion of Wind and Snow: Hellraiser (Main) quest
Objective: Obtain Adventurer's Soul (0/9) by killing Frost Bishops
Reward: Coin: 70000 EXP 90000 Spirit 18000

Vengence for Lin (Side Quest)
Starting NPC: Frost Adventurer
Requisite: Completion of Wind and Snow: Hellraiser (Main) quest

Kill Dreadindra (0/1)
Kill Asoteric Runewolf (0/1)

Reward: Coin: 80000 EXP: 100000 Spirit: 20000

A Daring Rescue (Repeatable)
Starting NPC: Lin Yan inside Frostcovered City
Requisite: Level 85

Kill Dreadindra (0/1)
Kill Asoteric Runewolf (0/1)

Quest Objective
Infiltrate the Prison Locate the Frost Jail inside Frostcovered City and rescue Shiner Nin.
Cyclotra Styren Kill the Cyclotra Styren to free Shiner Nin.
A Couple's Reunion Speak to Lin Yan.
Reward: Item: Faithfulness

Evil Spreading (Repeatable)
Starting NPC: Celestial Sister
Requisite: Kill Oceania Master in Frozen Hall
Objective: Kill at least 1 Frozen Head that appears around the Celestial Sister. Report to her after the Frozen Heads stop spawning.
Reward: EXP: 9000 Spirit: 1800 Item: Sincerity

Sincerity (Repeatable)
Starting NPC: Frost Elder
Requisite: Items Faithfulness and Sincerity
Objective: Turn both Faithfulness and Sincerity to the Frost Elder for a special chest.
Reward: Item: Chest of Sincerity

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