The Fashion window inside the player's inventory.

Fashion is a type of cosmetic item that can be worn by your character. They only serve an aesthetic purpose and do not add stats like equipment, but can be bound like equipment using a Binding Charm from the Boutique. Fashion items have their own equipment slots and wardrobe storage space which can be found in the inventory under the Fashion tab. The fashion equipment slots can be accessed by clicking the Fashion button at the top of the inventory window, and clicking the Normal button afterwards will bring you back to your equipment.

To toggle your character's in-game appearance to show fashion or equipment you can click on the small icon at the top-left corner of your inventory. It will show as an orange dress if your character is showing their fashion or as an armor plate if your character is showing their equipment. You cannot display a mixture of equipment and fashion unless you are not wearing a Fashion Weapon.

All fashion items are gender-exclusive and can be worn by all classes with the exception of a few fashion sets. Barbarians cannot wear head fashion due to them having differently shaped heads. Fashion Weapons are restricted to certain classes and weapon types. All fashion items have a level requirement to wear, though most fashion can be worn from level 10. At level 30 you can wear any fashion.

Types of Fashion[]

Female Bollywood Fashion set.

There are 6 different types of fashion items:

  • Body Fashion (tops, dresses)
  • Legwear Fashion (pants, skirts, bottoms)
  • Shoe Fashion or Special Footwear (shoes, boots, footwear)
  • Fashion Glove or Arm Fashion (gloves, bracelets, rings, hand accessories)
  • Head Fashion (headwear, headdress, hat, hair)
  • Fashion Weapon

Some body fashion items will cover both the body and legwear areas, such as dresses. Some older fashion may also make arm fashion invisible.


Most fashion can be purchased through the Boutique, Event Boutique, or through other players in the Auction House, Consignment Shops, or Commission Shops. Fashion sets can also be acquired through Token Packs or the Treasure System. Some events may also award the player with permanent or time-limited fashion.

Fashion acquired through the Event Boutique and events are usually unable to be traded. On rare occasions fashion purchased through the Boutique may not be tradable.

Previewing Fashion[]

Fashion can be previewed by clicking the Fitting button in your inventory. This will bring up a Fitting Room window that will allow you to try on fashion in your inventory without equipping it. You can also preview fashion found in the Auction House or in a player's shop. You can also view a player's equipment and then try on the fashion they are wearing through the Fitting Room. The Fitting Room allows you to change the color of an individual piece or an entire fashion set in the preview window to either a preset color or a custom color. You cannot preview other hair colors or colors of fashion that cannot be dyed.

The Boutique and Event Boutique will also allow you to preview fashion and even allows you to select a class and gender. This allows you to preview certain fashion sets on other characters you have made. It will typically show the last preset you have used on your computer for a certain class and gender.

Using a Consignment Shop[]

It is possible to preview newer or even unreleased fashion pieces using a Consignment Shop. To do this you will need another character to set up the shop - you do not need to own any of the fashion pieces. When opening a Consignment Shop, in the buying section of the window will be a button that says "Search Item". From here, players can search for certain fashion pieces using the textbox or the list on the left side of the Purchase Item Search window. Double-click the fashion you wish to preview and put in any price. Once you have chosen all the fashion you'd like to preview, open the Consignment Shop. Once the shop is open, other players can visit your shop and click the "Fitting" button inside your shop, which will open the Fitting Room window. Players can then drag the fashion from your Consignment Shop window into the Fitting Room slots to preview it on their character.

Dyeing Fashion[]

Main article: Pigments

Most fashion items can be dyed unless stated otherwise in their description. They can be dyed using Random Pigments or specific color pigments. When acquiring fashion from the Boutique or a fashion set pack each piece will usually come out a random color. Some newer fashion sets may say "Fixed color upon acquiring" which means that when you acquire it through the Boutique or opening a fashion set pack it will always come out the same color instead of random. At the bottom of the description it will typically say whether it can be dyed or not, and the amount of pigments required to dye it.

Head fashion cannot be dyed; most head fashion take on the hair color of your character, though some are unaffected by hair color. Fashion Weapons also cannot be dyed.


A wardrobe.

Main article: Wardrobe

Fashion can be stored in its own inventory called the wardrobe, accessed through the inventory under the Fashion tab. Although fashion is gender-restricted you can store fashion of both genders in the wardrobe. It cannot store unopened fashion packs. The wardrobe can have a maximum of 200 slots. Initially the wardrobe is locked but can be unlocked with the use of a Wardrobe Stone. These can be purchased from the Boutique for 3 gold or crafted using 40 Perfect·Token of Luck. Upon activating the wardrobe it will have 16 slots, and can be upgraded with additional Wardrobe Stones. Each upgrade will add 16 slots, with the exception of the final upgrade which adds 24 slots to bring the total amount of slots up to 200.

Unlocking the wardrobe enables the Fashion Change feature which allows players to create preset fashion sets and change into them instantly. They can also rotate through multiple fashion sets automatically over a certain amount of time that the player can set themselves. Adding more wardrobe slots increases the amount of preset fashion sets you can have, up to the maximum amount of 40 presets.

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