A Faction, also known as a Guild, is a group that players can join for common goals, companionship, PvP activities and more. Members of a faction can communicate with each other via their own private Faction Chat, have access to a Faction Base provided it has been unlocked, and participate in several activities such as Territory Wars, Resource Wars, and Dragons' Conquest. Players that are a part of a faction will have the name of their faction displayed above their character. The Faction window can be accessed by pressing the G key.

Creating a Faction[]

In order to establish a faction and become its leader, the player must be level 20 or above, and not currently be a member of an existing faction. There is also a 100,000 fee to create a faction. To establish a faction, the player must talk to the Faction Supervisor, located in East Archosaur (572, 656). There they will be prompted to select a name for the faction. The name must not already be taken, and may not contain offensive language and certain numbers, spaces, foreign characters, or symbols.

Once the faction will be established, you will be assigned leadership of the faction.

Upgrading a Faction[]

There are a total of 3 levels for a faction. Each level indicates the amount of members that the faction can have. Factions that are level 1 also have access to certain other features such as being able to have their own Faction Base. To upgrade your faction's level, you must speak to the Faction Supervisor, located in East Archosaur (572, 656) and have the correct amount of coins to upgrade the faction. Note that once you have upgraded your faction to at least level 2, you will not be able to disband the faction.

  • Level 1: 50 member limit - already unlocked by default
  • Level 2: 100 member limit - costs 2,000,000 to upgrade
  • Level 3: 200 member limit - costs 10,000,000 to upgrade

Disbanding a Faction[]

If your faction is level 1, you are able to disband the faction if you are its leader. To do this, talk to the Faction Supervisor located in East Archosaur (572, 656). Note that if your faction is higher than level 1 then you will not be able to technically disband the faction through this method. At this point the only way to unofficially disband the faction is to simply desert it and leave only 1 member in it as its leader. Technically you can also create a character, assign it leadership of the faction, and then delete the character.

Joining a Faction[]

To join a faction, you must not already be a member of an existing faction. There are two methods to joining a faction:

  1. Asking an officer of a faction: Faction members with the Executor position or above can invite members. Note that officers are not obligated to invite a player to their faction if they do not feel the player is appropriate for their faction.
    • Factions may also come with certain requirements, such as levels or gear. It is recommended to ask the officer of the faction you wish to join if they have any such requirements.
    • Most factions also have their own set of rules. These are not necessarily rules that are a part of the game's ToS, but rather rules to ensure that their members are respected in the faction and on the server.
    • Some factions, especially those that are popular or participate in PvP events such as Territory Wars, may require members to apply to their faction through an external website, and may not allow you to join if you are not willing to fill out said application. They may also have a certain recruiting process to follow, which may include participating in an interview.
  2. Using the application feature in-game: If you are not in a faction, you can open the Faction window (default: G) to instead see a Join Faction window. In the window will be a list of factions that have posted recruiting messages, with the faction's leader, level, member count, faction type, and Loyalty Point also listed. Clicking on a faction's name will bring up their recruiting slogan. This slogan may also include the faction's requirements to join. To apply to the faction, click the "Apply to join Faction" button. There, you can include a message in your application.
    • You can only apply to 10 factions per day.
    • You can only apply to the same faction once per day. Your application will stay up for a maximum of 24 hours, after which you may attempt to apply to the faction again.
    • The factions you have applied to can choose to accept you or reject you, based on what they are looking for in a member.
    • If a faction you have chosen to apply to has accepted you, you will become a member of that faction.

Faction Structure[]

privilage settings

Privilege settings, only editable by the leader.

Within a faction, you have the ability to promote members to higher positions, which is collectively known as officers. By default, members are known as Commissioners and do not have any special abilities within the faction. There are a total of 4 different officer tiers, each with a limited number of positions.

  • Executor: 12 positions
  • Marshal: 4 positions
  • Director: 1 position
  • Leader: 1 position

Each officer tier has special abilities or permissions such as being able to invite players to the faction. Officers also tend to be influential and trustworthy members and have a level of authority within a faction as a result of their permissions. Many of these permissions can be changed by the faction's leader by opening the Faction window and clicking on the Faction Privilege Settings, shown as a cog icon to the top-right of the Faction window. Some permissions cannot be changed, such as who can promote and demote members.

Executor Marshal Director Leader
Invite players to faction Editable Editable Editable x
Remove players from faction Editable Editable Editable x
Send faction mail Editable Editable Editable x
Change slogan Editable Editable Editable x
Grant Player Titles x x
Promote members to Executor x x x
Promote members to Marshal x x
Promote members to Director x
Demote Executors x x x
Demote Marshals x x
Demote Directors x
Bid for Territory Wars x x
Bid for Dragons' Conquest x x
Receive Territory Wars Rewards x
Receive Resource Wars rewards x x x x
Establish Faction Base x
Change/Upgrade Faction Base x
Manage Diplomacy x x
Activate Faction Talents x
Upgrade Faction Level x
Distribute Items x
Change Privileges x


Factions that are level 3 have the ability to have their own unique faction icon or faction logo. To submit a faction icon you must do so through the Faction Icon Submission page and follow the instructions provided there. There are restrictions for the faction logo:

  • The submitting account/character must be the level 3 faction leader.
  • The image must be sent in as a 24 bit BMP format and must be 16*16 pixels with a RGB color mode.
  • If you would like it as a transparent back ground please make sure your Alpha Channel (Transparency Control Channel) is correct.
    • Add an Alpha-channel to your image (using Layer > Transparency > Add Alpha Channel)
    • Select the Eraser-tool Eraser Tool and erase what you'd like to get rid of or use the magic wand.
  • If you have recently submitted a logo, please wait for a few hours before trying again as the system may need some time to process the previous request.

Once the faction logo has been submitted, faction leaders will have to wait a few weeks or more before their logo is added into the game. This is usually done through a server maintenance and are usually done in bundles, so your faction logo may not be added until other factions have submitted logos as well.

Once the logo has been added to the game, it will show to the left of your faction's name above your character's head, as well as on territories you may own through Territory Wars and Dragons' Conquest, and in other places throughout the game.

Faction Policy[]

Any two level 3 factions can use policy to create allies or enemies. There are three policy statuses for other factions in relation to your own: neutral (the default status), allied (meaning the two factions are friends), and hostile (meaning they are at war). The current policy status of your faction in regards to other factions can be found in your faction menu.

An allied status will force the members of two factions to have a PK Protection on. The effect is almost the same as the PK Protection within a faction. Allied factions and members will be displayed in blue letters. Hostile factions and members will be displayed in red letters.

To create a policy relation, the faction leader or the director can open the Faction Menu, and choose Policy. Then, they have to choose a neutral level 3 faction to request for allied or hostile status. This will cost 3,000,000 coins. The request receiver should reply to it within 24 hours. Either accepting the allied status request or declining hostile status request will cost 3,000,000 coins.

If the request is not responded within 24 hours, then if it is an allied status request, it will be dismissed automatically and the coins will not be returned. If it is a hostile status request, it will take effect automatically. All policy statuses last for 30 days.

Either side of a policy relation can request to cancel their relations. If the other faction accepts, then the two factions will return to neutral status; if declined, then their relation will remain. Of course you can choose to forcefully end the relation at a cost of 6,000,000 coins. If you ended a policy relation, you can not get another one within 30 minutes.

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