The Endless Universe, also known as Low-level Endless Universe, is a dungeon located in Morai. It is available to players that are level 95+ and have completed certain parts of the Morai Quest Chain and the Stolen Essences quest chain. It is also a required dungeon for Bounty Hunter I quests for level 100+ players. To do this dungeon you will need at least 8 squad members.

This dungeon awards players with sage or demon skill books for their class and grade 13 Morai equipment.



To gain access to Endless Universe you will need to complete most of the quests in the Morai Quest Chain which is available from level 90. Not all quests need to be completed, however the player must complete the final quest named Morai: Return to Perfect World to unlock Endless Universe. Once you have completed the quests and have reached level 95, there will be a quest available at the Elder of the Streams in the City of a Thousand Streams named Stolen Essences. Once you have completed the next quest, Keek's Information, you will be able to access Endless Universe.

Each day you can pick up an item named "Tuc Su Toxin" at the Crimson Imperial Envoy outside the dungeon (480, 580), which allows you to enter the dungeon by talking to the Momentor at the entrance (479, 581). The Tuc Su Toxin can be stacked, and is consumed after you complete the dungeon. Previously you could only do the dungeon once per day, but this has since changed so you can complete the dungeon multiple times per day if you have multiple Tuc Su Toxins.

Phase 1: Delivering the Gems[]

The first phase of Endless Universe is similar to a relay race, where each member of the squad must run a part of the dungeon. You must have at least 8 squad members to do this part, but 10 is ideal. Make sure to have a cleric and some ranged DDs in your squad. If 10 different classes are in the dungeon, the squad leader can take the "Unity is Strength" quest from Wade Slanh to grant all players a double damage buff which will stack with the other double damage buff available in the dungeon.

Upon entering the dungeon you will see 10 different gems, which are also referred to as lanes. There are 8 gems in a circle named after the Greek alphabet which cover each portion of the relay race and each must be covered by a squad member. The remaining 2 gems in the middle can only be used if there are 9 or 10 squad members and are used to assist the remaining 8 squad members during their portion of the relay race. Each lane contains different sets of monsters, with some lanes more suitable for certain classes. It is possible for any class to complete any portion of the relay race. The gem each player chooses should be chosen before beginning the dungeon; players will typically choose by standing on their desired gem.

The 8 main gems are the following:

  • Alpha: Contains flying ranged physical mobs. This lane is most suitable for archers or other ranged classes that can handle physical damage.
  • Beta: Contains melee physical mobs that buff their physical attack. This lane is suitable for any class that can handle physical damage, and is a decent lane for newer players to try out.
  • Gamma: Contains melee physical mobs that slow the player's movement speed to 0.1m/s. This lane is suitable for classes that are immune to movement debuffs such as blademasters, barbarians, and assassins. It is also suitable for classes that can purify themselves with skills or the purify effect on magic weapons.
  • Delta: Contains a large amount of melee physical mobs that buff their physical attack. This lane is suitable for classes that have many AoE skills such as blademasters, wizards, psychics, seekers, etc.
  • Epsilon: Contains mobs that debuff the player with a DoT that will kill them if not purified after 25 seconds. Each mob will only use this debuff once. This lane is suitable for any class that can purify such as clerics, psychics, or venomancers with sage Summer Sprint. It is also suitable for assassins due to their ability to build fast chi and spark constantly.
  • Zeta: Contains ranged magic mobs with elemental immunity. This lane is suitable for physical attack classes.
  • Eta: Contains melee physical mobs with physical immunity. This lane is suitable for magic attack classes. Alternatively, classes that use ranged physical and magic damage like clerics and archers are useful here since they can help kill Zeta mobs from range before running their lane.
  • Theta: Contains stationary mobs that deal ranged physical damage. This lane is suitable for any class that can handle physical damage. Players can run through with the aid of the Holy Path Genie skill.

The 2 central gems should not be taken unless there are more than 8 players in the squad. They are the following:

  • Eternity Gem
  • Creation Gem

Players that choose these gems are free to move throughout the dungeon and are referred to as lane assistants or escorts. Their job is to help the other players while they run through their lanes. A cleric is recommended for this task as they can heal, buff, purify, and revive players as they run through. Mystics are also ideal but will have to ensure players have the Resurrect buff on them. Another option is to choose a tank class for the role such as a barbarian, blademaster, seeker, or any class with decent defenses to help escort through. Alternatively, players may opt to have weaker squad members choose the central gem so that they do not have to deal with any mobs. These players would just stay at the entrance and wait for the rest of the squad to finish their part.

Beginning the Race[]

A lane in Endless Universe, showing the purple pillar boundary and red orbs.

Once everyone has entered the dungeon and is ready to go, the squad leader should speak to Wade Slanh and choose the "Requirements (Leader)" quest and then the "New Trial (Leader)" quest afterwards. If for some reason they get a "Squad member not in range" message despite all players being inside, they can fix this by passing squad lead back and forth and trying again. All squad members should also check they don't have "New Trial (Members)" in their quest log and trash it if they do.

All players should get an Obsidian Pick. Wade Slanh will have quests for each gem which can be chosen by 1 player each. Check the quest list carefully to ensure you choose the right quest for the gem you've been assigned. The squad should establish who chooses which gem before beginning the dungeon; most players will do this by standing on their desired gem when entering the dungeon. Once you have picked up the quest, go back and dig the gem based on the quest you chose. Once you dig the gem, you will be teleported to an area with purple pillars of light, and arrows on the ground which show the direction for you to go.

You can only move in your own area that is between your gem's Mirror of Eternity and the next Mirror of Eternity ahead. Do not move backwards outside of the purple area or jump off the edge or the relay race will fail and the squad will have to start over. If you die do not return to town; wait until you can be resurrected or everyone finishes delivering their gems. If you did not deliver your gem and cannot be resurrected then the squad will have no choice but to start over. If the relay race does fail, everyone will need to return to the beginning of the dungeon by jumping off the edge. The squad leader can then take the quest again at Wade Slanh and the squad will be able to start over.

When entering your area you will receive an optional quest to kill mobs within your lane. If you kill enough of these you will receive a damage buff for the rest of the run but it is not required. Players who choose the Eternity and Creation gems will receive these buffs without needing to kill mobs. The amount of mobs required for each gem is as follows:

  • Alpha: 15
  • Beta: 15
  • Gamma: 15
  • Delta: 35
  • Epsilon: 8
  • Zeta: 15
  • Eta: 15
  • Theta: 3

Because this phase is like a relay race, it must be done in the order of the gems listed above: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, and Theta. Once one player completes their lane, a message will appear in the chat box so you can keep track of when it is your turn. When it is your turn, a Mirror of Eternity will spawn with a quest available. Avoid standing too close to the mirror before your turn or you may get stuck in the spawning mirror and potentially be unable to deliver your gem. Take the quest from the Mirror of Eternity and run through your lane, following the arrows, and then hand in the quest to the Mirror of Eternity at the end of your lane. Make sure to not run further than the mirror at the end of the lane or the squad will fail the relay race.

2 Dark Envoys will spawn in your lane when it is your turn. Throughout your lane will also be rows of red orbs. Running through these orbs will have a random negative effect that will purge, drain mana, freeze, stun, slow, or reduce attack or channeling speed. They have a large range and will affect other players that are nearby. You can avoid these orbs by using immune skills or potentially with jumping skills if you have them.

Once the final gem, Theta, has been delivered the quest "Can't Leave" will complete, and a message will appear in the chat box telling players to return to the entrance. The squad can safely jump off the edge to teleport to the entrance automatically.

Phase 2: Bosses[]

To begin the second phase of Endless Universe, all members must gather at the beginning of the dungeon. Take this time to rebuff as most players will be purged from running through the red orbs earlier. If this is your first time doing Endless Universe, you will also receive the quest "Essence Retrieval" to kill the 3 bosses in this phase.

The squad leader can talk to Zirihk Slanh and take the "Gem Delivery Success" quest to begin the 2nd phase and spawn the bosses. Taking the quests at Wade Slanh will do nothing. Once the squad leader has chosen the correct quest a message will appear in the chat box from Gorath, the first boss, indicating that the 2nd phase has been activated.

Note that players doing the Essence Retrieval or Bounty Hunter quests must be alive for their required boss kills to complete their quests. To get the final reward for the dungeon however, you do not need to be alive when the bosses die.

Gorath, the Worldrender[]

Gorath is the first boss in Endless Universe. You can cross the bridge at the entrance to the first floating island to find him there. He will deal physical AoE damage and AoE knockback players, which can push them off the edge of the island sending them back to the beginning. He will also interrupt Regeneration Aura (BB) so clerics are recommended to use Chromatic Healing Beam instead.

There are 2 large pillars near Gorath. Everyone can stand with their backs against the same pillar to avoid being pushed back. Melee characters should also face the same way with their backs to the same pillar so they will be only be pushed into the pillar instead of being pushed off the island.

Once Gorath is dead, the Mistress of Endless Night will spawn.

Mistress of Endless Night[]

The Mistress of Endless Night is the second boss in Endless Universe. You can find her by crossing the bridge to the second island, turning right, and going along the bridge to the right. She is standing in the middle of a platform which players need to jump on to get to her. Be careful when doing this as she can aggro nearby players. Players with lag may have trouble jumping onto this platform, while ranged classes do not need to do this.

This boss does deal AoE damage but will not interrupt Regeneration Aura (BB) so clerics can use this in the middle of the platform. When the boss's health is lowered enough, she will disappear and split herself into three. It is possible to kill her quickly enough before she splits by sparking and damaging as hard as possible, however she does become untargetable just before she splits. Auto attacks and constant AoEs will still go through while she's untargetable.

When the Mistress of Endless Night splits into three, they will spawn around the same platform. One of them will have a defense buff on her; she is the real Mistress of Endless Night. The other two will not have buffs and are fakes. If there is a cleric using BB, aggro all three copies to keep them from attacking the cleric. Kill the two fake versions of the boss and the real one will lose her defense buff, allowing the squad to damage her properly. She will split again 2 more times and will die permanently after the 3rd time.

Ghost Wing[]

Ghost Wing is the third and final boss of Endless Universe. To find him, go across the bridge you came from and move up towards the right. Ghost Wing has 2 phases.

Phase 1[]

Ghost Wing will be flying throughout the air and will not attack players; he will continue to fly around the two large pillars to the right of the large floating island. Only players with ranged skills will be able to reach him, so make sure to have ranged players in squad. They can position themselves around the 2 pillars to reach him easily. You only need to damage him to low health; do not kill him or you will not receive any rewards for the dungeon or any quests.

If Ghost Wing is not killed fast enough, he will spawn fire throughout the island along with some mobs that will attack players. The fire will deal constant damage to players which can be fatal. There is an area between the two pillars and a pool of water on the island which are both safe from the fire. The cleric can use Regeneration Aura (BB) between the two pillars to outheal the damage dealt by the fire if the squad cannot kill him fast enough.

Once Ghost Wing has been damaged enough, he will begin to fly away and you will see a message in your chat box. Everyone should stop attacking at this point.

Phase 2[]

Ghost Wing will appear again with full health. This time when he is attacked he will land and attack players so melee characters can attack him. He deals AoE damage so it is recommended for clerics to use Regeneration Aura (BB) for this part of the boss.

If the boss is not killed quickly enough, a random squad member will be teleported off to a small floating island away from the squad. They can kill the mobs there to be returned back to the boss, or jump off to be teleported to the beginning and run back to the boss. It is generally easier to kill the mobs. Keep an eye on your squad to make sure nobody is teleported away before the boss dies as they will not get credit for any quests they have if they aren't nearby.

Once Ghost Wing is dead, players will receive the Master Plucker title if the dungeon was completed within 60 minutes.


Once the squad has killed Ghost Wing, everyone should return to the entrance by jumping off the floating island. All squad members should gather at Zirihk Slanh at the entrance. If you leave the dungeon, the rest of the squad will not be able to get rewards until you leave squad. The squad leader should take the "An Unexpected Gift" quest at Zirihk Slanh. All squad members will get this quest, and will receive an Order of Blades and a Reflective Shard as a reward.

The Order of Blades can be exchanged via quest at Zirihk Slanh for their choice of the following 3 rewards:


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