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These are instances that a squad can enter. An "instance" is an area that only exists for players in your squad. This allows multiple squads to complete quests in a particular dungeon without interfering with each other. Typically you will have quests send you inside, but you can return as often as you wish as long as you meet the entry requirements.

Weapon Dungeons[]

Armor Dungeons[]

Artifact Dungeons[]

Call to Duty[]

The dungeons which you get given every ten levels, starting at 19 (with an exception that 49 is pushed back to 51). They are informally called "FBs" by the players (which comes from an abbreviation of "FuBen", the Pinyin transcription of "副本", which is Chinese basically meaning "instance" here) although the quests that send you there are called "Call to Duty" (the items for which, players call "tabs"). In higher level dungeons players often use wines to reduce the amount of enemies.

Midlands Dungeons[]

Lothranis Dungeons[]

Momaganon Dungeons[]

Instance Holding and Timers[]

When you enter an instance, the leader of the squad becomes the "holder" of the instance. If that player passes squad leadership to any other member of the squad, then that new leader becomes the instance holder.

When you are in an instance and you leave the squad, anyone but the instance holder will get a 60 second timer which will teleport you out of the instance. This means that the last person to leave a squad who has leadership will not get a timer because they are "holding" the instance.

If someone has a timer, the person holding the instance can reinvite them to the squad in order to cancel the timer. This is normally useful if someone disconnects ("DCs") while playing, and then reconnects. If you reinvite them to the squad within 60 seconds of reconnecting then they won't be teleported out of the instance.

If someone in an instance who isn't in a squad doesn't have a timer, anyone else can invite them to a squad and joining that squad that will start their 60 second timer (this works even if they're both still in the same instance). If the invitee then leaves the squad before the 60 seconds is up, that will cancel the timer unless the person who invited them passes them leadership first. So, if you get stuck in an instance with no timer, you can get a friend or faction member to invite you to a squad so you get a timer, and then they can pass you leadership and then quit the squad so they don't have to wait around for you to exit first. This saves you the one hour cooldown time on using a Town Teleport to exit the instance or the time it would take you to run back to the entrance.

This also allows you to "reset" dungeons. For example, if you finish a Twilight Temple solo run and then want to do another, normally you would have to wait a few hours until the instance resets. Instead, you can have someone else invite you to a squad, pass you lead, and then you can boot them, which will clear out the instance you were holding, resetting the dungeon so you can do another run right away.

Finally, when your squad is done with a dungeon, if you want to be nice, you can wait until you're the second to last person to leave the squad, then pass leadership to the other squad member (if they don't have it already), quit the squad, and then invite that other member to squad with you so that everyone will have a timer. ...Or you could just ask if anyone needs a timer at the end, and invite anyone who says "yes".

Unusual Instance Holding Quirks[]

A player with a timer (meaning they are not in a squad holding the instance) can relog to reset the timer back to 60 seconds. By doing this you can remain in an instance you do not "belong" in indefinitely. There is no limit to the number of players that can be logged out inside an instance this way which means it is possible to have an arbitrary number of players inside an instance at any time. This can be used to swap out players quickly within the instance and can even be used to swap in high level players into an instance like Rebirth Alpha.

Dead players will not have a timer even if they are not in the instance-holding squad. If the true instance holder logs out, it is possible for a dead player to be in an instance that they do not own and that no one else on the server possesses. This means even if the dead player invites a cleric to their squad to revive them, that cleric will not be able to enter the same instance as the dead player since the dead player cannot invite someone into an instance they do not own. The dead player generally has no choice but to go town to leave the instance.

However, if the dead player logs out in the instance they do not own and log back in some time later they will be in a new random instance that they still do not own. It is possible that this random instance is already occupied by another squad (this will be quite the surprise to that squad) and if so they may be nice enough to revive the dead player finally giving him a timer.

If the instance holder is the last member of a squad they will remain possession of instance for some time even if they log out and log back in or leave the instance. If the instance holder joins another squad but later leaves that squad (without inheriting a new instance from that squad) it is still possible that they retain possession the original instance even if they are no longer inside that instance. This makes it possible to accidentally access an old instance if a party reforms around a member who unknowingly still held that old instance "in reserve".