The Dragons' Conquest, commonly called xTW by the players, is a weekly cross-server PvP event in which Factions fight against each other to conquer territories. Dragons' Conquest takes place every Saturday at 11:00 AM PST. A Dragons' Conquest battle lasts two hours.


Signing Up for Dragons' Conquest[]

War Declaration window.

Faction Leaders interested in testing their mettle can sign up for Dragons' Conquest by talking to the NPC Rong Utsin at 585 665 in Archosaur and paying 10 million Silver Coins to select the territory they wish to invade. Sign up starts on Thursdays at 3:00 AM PST and ends on Thursdays at 3:00 PM PST. Factions will not know who their opponents are until 30 minutes before the battles begin.

Sign Up Territories[]

  • Any Faction Leader can sign up for Vile Dragon Camp. (Level 1)
  • Faction Leaders that control at least one Dragons' Conquest territory can sign up for Swirling Dragon Valley. (Level 2)
  • Faction Leaders that control at least two Dragons' Conquest territories can sign up for Dragons' Meet. (Level 3)

Sign Up Conditions[]

  • Factions with two or more territories will have a 100% success rate for signing up.
  • Factions with one territory will have a better chance of a successful sign up than Factions that hold no territories.
  • The priority for choosing Factions is: Factions with two or more territories, Factions with one territory and then Factions that do not hold any territories.
  • If there are more Factions than available territories, Factions that do not get into a battle will have their entry fee refunded.
  • Declarations of the Factions winning on their bids to compete in Dragons' Conquest will begin on Fridays at 3:00 AM PST.

Entering Dragons' Conquest[]

Battlefield selection window.

On Saturdays at 10:30 AM PST Ye Tze will spawn next to Rong Utsin at 585 665 in Archosaur and allow players to enter Wargod Gulch. Inside Wargod Gulch, players can talk to Zur Seezan at 11:00 AM PST to enter a Dragons' Conquest battlefield. A battlefield selection window will appear upon speaking with Zur Seezan. On the left players can pick the tier of the battlefields and on the right they can select a specific battlefield they wish to enter. The battlefields are only accessible if the Faction owns them or currently has a battle against another Faction in the respective battlefield.

Players can enter and exit a battlefield at any time they wish until the battle is over, however players cannot enter a different battlefield once they have chosen one. It is advised to follow the Faction Leader's instructions to avoid entering the wrong battlefield.

Exiting Dragons' Conquest[]

Players can exit a battlefield by talking to Len Chue inside their base. They will be teleported back to the Wargod Gulch, which they can exit by talking to Wanli.

Win Conditions[]

Battle Score interface.

A Faction can win a Dragons' Conquest territory battle by depleting the enemy Faction's Battle Score points to zero or by killing the enemy dragon in their base. If the battle timer runs out and neither of these two conditions have been met, the Faction with the most Battle Score points will be declared the winner.

Both Factions start the battle with a Battle Score of 2000 points. These points can be depleted by killing enemy players (one point per death), destroying Resource Towers and killing the middle dragon.

Dragons' Conquest Battle Map[]

Battle Lanes[]

The Dragons' Conquest Battle Map is separated in three main lanes. The middle lane holds Resource Towers and Teleport Points. The two side lanes hold Control Towers and Crystals. The side lanes are on elevated ground, so while players can jump from the side lanes into the middle lane, they cannot access the side lanes through the middle lane. Players will have to go back near their Faction's base in order to follow the path to the side lanes.

Resource Towers[]

Resource Tower.

Red Resource Tower Icon.pngBlue Resource Tower Icon.pngResource Towers hold points, so one of the primary goals in a battle is to destroy the enemy Resource Towers. A player has to dig the small pillar next to each Resource Tower to activate the destruction process, which will appear as a five minute count down. A dragon monster is located at the top of each Resource Tower and must be killed or turned away from the player digging otherwise the monster will keep interrupting. Resource Towers can be saved if a player from the owning Faction digs the little pillar before the five minute timer runs out.

Battles near Resource Towers usually revolve around the two enemy Factions trying to interrupt each other from digging. Each Faction has four Resource Towers they must defend. Each Resource Tower holds 150 Battle Score points. When a Resource Tower has been destroyed, it cannot be recovered and will remain damaged for the rest of the battle.

Resource Sites[]

Resource Crystals.

Red Resource Site Icon.pngBlue Resource Site Icon.pngResource Sites regenerate the Battle Score points of the Faction that owns them. There is one Resource Sites on the east side of the map and one on the west side. Both of them are located between Control Towers. Players can capture the Resource Sites by sitting inside the designated areas. If players from both Factions are present in the area, the Resource Site will be captured by the Faction who has the most players present. A meter will appear on the screen indicating the Resource Site's captor.

Control Towers[]

Control Tower.

Red Control Tower Icon.pngBlue Control Tower Icon.pngControl Towers exist on the east and west sides of the map, before and after the Crystals. When a Faction has captured a Control Tower, the Tower will then stun and disrupt any enemy players that run through the Control Tower's area. Control Towers can be captured by digging the blue crystal inside its area. The player will have to use immunity while digging to avoid getting disrupted by the Tower. There are four Control Towers in total.

Teleport Points[]

Teleport Point.

Red Teleport Point Icon.pngBlue Teleport Point Icon.pngTeleport Points are located throughout the battle map and can be captured by players to allow their Faction to quickly teleport at different points on the map. A Teleport Point is captured when a player digs the pillar located near or on top of the Teleport Point. After being dug, there is a two minute timer before the Teleport Point becomes available for the Faction that captured it. Players can use the Teleport Master NPC inside their Faction's base to quickly teleport to any available Teleport Points. There are five Teleport Points in total.

Middle Dragons[]

Two dragons, one for each Faction, will appear on top of the Tai Chi Teleport Point at the center of the battle map. Killing the enemy Faction's middle dragon will reduce their Battle Score by 200 points. Middle dragons spawn 20 minutes before the battle timer ends.

Dragon Marshals[]

Red Dragon Marshal Icon.pngBlue Dragon Marshal Icon.pngEach Faction has a dragon sitting inside their base. If the enemy Faction kills the dragon the battle ends and the enemy Faction is declared the winner, therefore defending the dragon is very important. The dragon will instantly kill any class except for barbarians. A barbarian will be required to aggro the dragon and tank it while everyone else deals damage to the dragon, kills enemy players and protects the tanking barbarian.


Players are rewarded with Dragonlord Treasure for winning battles inside Dragons' Conquest. The amount of Dragonlord Treasures rewarded depends on the level and number of lands the Faction owns or has conquered. Once a player right-clicks the Dragonlord Treasure, they will receive one of the following rewards:

Dragonlord's Coins can be exchange for time-limited Health and Mana charms inside a Dragons' Conquest battlefield by speaking with Vanguard Quartermaster inside the base. They can also be exchanged for special mounts at Rong Utsin at (585 665) in Archosaur.

Season Rewards[]

Dragons' Conquest Rankings window.

Dragons' Conquest has seasons during which Factions fight each other to get in the rankings and win special rewards. The Faction Leaders of the winning Factions will be contacted by Customer Support at the end of each season.

Note that rewards for each season are subject to change at any time, including after the season ends. After a new season begins, the reward list may also change.

The rewards for the current Dragons' Conquest season are not known. Last known season rewards are listed below, but are not guaranteed to be given as rewards for the current season.

Champion Faction:

Second Place Faction:

Third Place Faction:

4th - 10th Place Faction:

11th - 20th Place Faction: