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Delta is a level of the different Valley of Reciprocity (Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta) Dungeons and is for level 86+, this also allows access to Phoenix Valley for level 100's. (be cautious which instance you go to).
Delta is also the area to get to Happy Valley where beans are obtains and some quests are done.

To Begin[]

The squad, 6 different players, meets at the Spiritual Disciple:

  • Spiritual Disciple World 131 857 (38), Near Elder of Thousand Streams
  • Spiritual Disciple World 572 646 (22), Near Elder of Archosaur
  • Spiritual Disciple World 662 375 (26), Near Elder of Dreamweaver Port
  • The squad leader requires six Rebirth Order Deltas, usually one is contributed by each player. These are obtained from the Disciple by trading in a Duty badge, or when receiving a Bounty Hunter quest targeting a boss in Delta.
  • Check your quest slots before you warp in!!!
    • WARNING - If a squad member does not have enough open quest slots they may glitch entering into the Dungeon area.
    • You should have at least 2 open slots (one for the Rebirth quest and one to be able to use the portal stones from "Happy Valley". Also runners will need one slot more).
    • The squad leader needs more quest slots than everyone as they are the only member able to set up the auras (only the leader will get "Deity Stone - A" which is an item used to upgrade the auras : BEWARE this item will disappear upon leaving instance, which means that if the leader leaves instance, he won't be able to upgrade the auras anymore, nor will anyone else. This item isn't trade-able.)
    • As there are 5 different auras, the squad leader needs a minimum of 7 free quests slots.

When everyone is ready the squad leader starts the quest at the Disciple and the squad gets teleported inside.

Note: If anyone is in an embrace at the time of starting or does not have enough quest slots available, they will not be teleported into the instance.

Class Roles[]

Barbarian - Grabs the monsters/mobs and brings them back to the rest of the squad. Attempts to group mobs and hold aggro if possible. Use slam to knock ranged mobs into range of the DDs.

Blademaster - Stuns and Heaven Flames the monsters/mobs and contributes to AoE DD. Can use Atmos Strike and Meteor Rush to knock mobs into range of the DDs.

Cleric - Has Regeneration Aura (BB) up in order to heal the squad.

    • Note: Cleric can also hold the boss at the end of each wave to buy the party time to dig the Celestial Beans in the Happy Valley. Each boss must be killed within 15 minutes, however, or the Destroyer will appear and kill the Harpy Wraith, causing the Delta to fail.

Archer - uses Barrage of Arrows to kill the mobs/monsters while the Cleric has Regeneration Aura up.

Wizard - uses Dragon's Breath to kill the mobs/monsters while the Cleric has Regeneration Aura up.

Seeker - uses Vortex to kill the mobs/monsters while the Cleric has Regeneration Aura up.

Venomancer - Digs the celestial beans in the Happy Valley while the rest of the squad kills the mobs in the Valley of Reciprocity. Once all the chests are dug and mobs killed in the Happy Valley, can contribute to DD, and debuff mobs using Myriad Rainbow (Fox) and Befuddling Mist. On waves with a boss, can run out behind the barb and catch the boss with pet, and wait until the mobs are dead before bringing to squad.

Psychic - Contribute to DD.

Assassin - Contribute to DD.

    • Note that any class can perform the 'Veno Job', that is, take on the role of the veno in digging beans and holding bosses.

Bonus Beans[]

If all six members of the squad are different classes (i.e. six unique classes, no duplicates) the squad is known as a "Rainbow" or "Perfect" Squad. In Rainbow Squads, you can get "Bean Sprout" and with those you can get a special quest. You'll need to speak to Crisium: Jofeng - "Valley of Reciprocity" 391 594(23) to obtain 880 celebeans. You'll need the whole squad in range for this. Be sure everyone is here to speak to him. There will be 4 particular moments you will be able to get this quest, if you fail at one of this quests, you won't be able to get the further quests from that guy.

  • 1st moment : just after starting the "Fight for Love" quest at Messenger: Earth - "Valley of Reciprocity" 363 520(23)
  • 2nd moment : just when the first boss appears.
  • 3rd moment : just after the first boss dies .
  • 4th moment : just when the second boss appears.

Hitting the God's Eye (invisible mob that hits for 1 damage when you aggro it) at any point will mean the bonus beans can no longer be received.

With this quest you can get 3520 (880×4) celebeans which can be of great help.

The Stages[]

There are 10 stages in total. Each stage has waves of monsters coming at you. One wave consists of about 20 mobs, though this varies wildly. The aim is to prevent the mobs from killing the Harpy Wraith.

Stage 1

  1. Boss: Crypt Legion Marshal (

Stage 2

  1. Boss: Skeleton Legion Guardian (
  2. Boss: Skeleton Legion Marshal (

Stage 3

  1. Boss: Tigera Legion Marshal (

Stage 4

  1. Boss: Sori Legion Marshal (

Stage 5

  1. Boss: Adawolf legion Commander (
  2. Boss: Adalwolf Legion Marshal (

Stage 6

  1. Boss: Feligar Legion Marshal (

Stage 7

  1. Boss: Taurox Legion Marshal (

Stage 8

  1. Boss: Zombie Legion Marshal (

Stage 9

  1. Boss: Dark Legion Marshal(

Stage 10

  1. Boss: Legion Marshal (


Spirit Points
Boss can drop Old Heaven's Tear (OHT) mats
Boss can drop OHT mats
Boss can drop OHT mats and Old Book Pages (OBP)
Boss can drop OHT mats and OBP
3 Mystical Tome Fragments (83%) or 3 Mirages Celestones (17%)
+ Boss can drop OHT mats and OBP
3 Mystical Tome Fragments (83%) or 3 Mirages Celestones (17%)
+ Boss can drop OHT mats and OBP
3 Mystical Tome Fragments (83%) or 3 Mirages Celestones (17%)
+ Boss can drop OHT mats and OBP
4 Mystical Tome Fragments (83%) or 4 Mirages Celestones (17%)

+ 1 Chest of Coins

+ Boss can drop OHT mats and OBP
4 Mystical Tome Fragments (83%) or 4 Mirages Celestones (17%)
+ Boss can drop OHT mats and OBP
5 Mystical Tome Fragments
+ Boss can drop OHT mats and OBP

A complete run gives 2,191,959 EXP and 438,392 SP.

Once a "Protector" is defeated, you'll get the EXP and Spirit rewards and 1 "God's Bestowal" will appear near the aura's guy location (2 will appear when defeating the last "Protector").

This mini-mob can drop :

  • Potions (purple ones)
  • Shards (Immaculates at first and Perfect on the last 2 bosses).

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