A female character's Cat Shop. The "财" translates from Chinese as "riches".

Consignment Shop or Cat Shop is the shop mode a character can enter. Other players can buy or sell items to someone in shop mode using gold coins. You cannot use silver coins to buy or sell items with a Consignment shop. Your character cannot move or perform any actions in shop mode, but they can still talk in chat. Players can only set up their shop in safe zones. A shop cannot be opened if the Safety Lock is still active. This is a good way to make money when you are not actively playing.

Opening a Consignment Shop[]

Opening a Consignment Shop is done via the action menu by pressing the E key. You can also open the shop via the Consignment Shop Icon.png icon in your Inventory. Once open, you will access the shop's window.

Selling Items[]

Consignment Shop window.

To sell items from your inventory, drag the item into shop window. Once the item is placed, a new menu will appear. This is used to set your price, and number of items to sell, if you have more than one. To sell all of the items in the stack, hit max. Most items will have the price used for the merchant as the default price, but equipment will start at double that value. Once all this is set, hit done. The total amount of gold coins you will receive is shown under the items you are selling, after the Gold Coin Icon.png gold coin icon.

Buying Items[]

The right side of shop window is used when you want to buy an item from another player. You do not need to already own at least one of the item you want to buy, but you can still drag items from your inventory into the item slots. If you want to search for an item to add to your buying list instead, you can click the Search Item button at the top-right of the shop window. You will only be able to select tradable items in the search window. Once you have found the item you want to add to your buying list, double-click it in the search window. The process is the same as it is for selling items. In this instance though, hitting max on the drop item menu that appears will give you the most you can possibly have of that item.

The Bottom of the Window[]

The bottom part of the window shows how much money you have, the name of your shop, and any messages that other players have left you. The name is set in the window next to Name. There is a 13 character limit on store names (includes spaces). Once you have items to buy and/or sell and a name for your shop, click done, and wait as players buy your goods. The value following Coin(s) is how much you currently have in your inventory. It will update as you buy and sell items.

Messages can be left in another Cat Shop by hitting the message button, and typing in your message for the player. If you get a message, you can get rid of them by hitting clear, or respond to them, by clicking on the player's name, which allows you to whisper the player.

Other Information[]

You have to stay logged in for your shop to appear in the game. To sell items with your computer turned off, your only option is the Auction House or the Commission Shop.

The clear button will remove all the items you placed in your shop, so long as it isn't already opened. Cancel will close your shop after it has been opened. If you do close your shop, and choose to reopen it, as long as you don't move the items in your inventory, you can reopen the store with the same items and prices. This will even be remembered across disconnections and logging out.

Once a sale has been made, you will see a notice notice box appear on your screen. Clicking on it will bring up a message showing you what has been sold (or bought), and when the transaction took place. If you have sold more than one item by the time you see this notice, you must click on the drop down menu that comes up after hitting the ! box.

Selling to a Cat Shop[]

When visiting someone else's shop, buying items works just like an NPC shop.

However, to sell them an item:

  • They have to have set up that they wish to buy that item (it must appear in the "Buying" half of the window).
  • You must drag the item from your inventory and put it onto the item slot in their "Buying" window. Dropping it into an empty slot does not work, unlike an NPC shop.
  • If applicable, input the number of items to be sold in the window that opens once you've done this.
  • Hit sell, then hit accept.

Vendor License[]

Vendor Licenses are available from the Boutique for 5 Gold each or lower during special sales. When equipped, they change the Consignment Shop from a cat to another animal or object depending on which license you bought.

Other than a change in appearance, it also:

  • Expands the amount of items that can be bought or sold.
  • Expands the number for characters allowed in the title to 15 or more.
  • Allows purchases and sales to use Ten Million Big Notes instead of gold coins, meaning that you can buy and sell for much larger prices.