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A venomancer in idle stance and combat stance.

The Combat Mode is a state in which the player character can attack or be attacked. Players will enter combat mode automatically when they attack or are attacked by a monster. Combat mode will also be activated when the player attacks or is attacked by another player if they have enabled PK mode or if they are participating in a PvP event.

Combat mode will end shortly after the player stops attacking or stops receiving damage. Players affected by damage over time skills will continue being in combat mode even if they stopped dealing or receiving direct damage. Players will enter combat mode when a monster detects them, even if the monster hasn't attacked yet.

Venomancers will enter combat mode when their pet attacks or is attacked, even if the venomancer herself hasn't attacked or hasn't been attacked. The same applies to mystics, seekers and stormbringers that have summons. This does not apply to players using all-class pets. When a player is attacked while riding a mount, they will enter combat mode and have a chance to be knocked off their mount.

Visual Indicators[ | ]


A red border will indicate the player is in combat mode.

When a player character enters combat mode, there will be a number of visual indicators. The character's idle stance will change into a combat stance. Each class has its own unique combat stance. In addition to this, characters that have reawakened will have a short swirling pink animation upon entering combat mode.

The player avatar will have a flashing red border animation during combat mode. Likewise, the player's name will have a red border in the squad list if they are in combat mode.

Combat Mode Restrictions[ | ]


A swirling animation will appear for reawakened characters that enter combat mode.

During combat mode, health and mana regeneration is reduced by 25%. Players cannot use Teleport Stones but they can still use Teleport Incense, the Town Portal skill or the teleport service from the Teleport Master NPCs . Players can change their equipment but cannot change their Genies or their Glyphs. Players cannot enter the vehicles used in the Swords to Plowshares daily quest if they are in combat mode. There are no restrictions to summoning pets, mounts or aerogear during combat mode.

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