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Are you ready to create a character? Or to change the way your character looks? Well you're in luck! PWI has a very robust character creation system with a wide variety of ways to customize your character's appearance. So whether you are new player not happy with the presets or simply no longer like your existing character's look, you can do it all at the character creation screen.

Accessing the Character Creation Screen[]

Characters 2 days old or younger: After selecting the class and gender (when applicable) that you want of your toon, click on the customize button to enter the character customization screen. After 2 days, you may not alter the appearance of your character except through the use of a makeover scroll.

Characters 3 days old and up: Take a makeover scroll to the Cosmetic Master NPC in any of the starter towns and Archosaur and use a makeover scroll to enter the character creation screen.

Obtaining a Makeover Scroll[]

A makeover scroll is obtainable by three methods. The earliest option for obtaining a makeover scroll is to complete the level 27 quest "Man Hung" obtained from the parent quest "Beautiful Chang's Wish." Alternatively you can pay 2 gold for a makeover scroll by going to the shop tab and clicking on the subcategory, "misc." They are also available in the Event Boutique in the misc section for 6 event gold.

Picking your Preset[]

Picking your preset is the first step in customizing your character to your tastes. Which preset you choose acts as as base over which any changes made by you are applied too. Using different presets result in different looks even when applying the same edit, so choose one that is appealing to your or choose a standard one.

Presets: Allows you to pick one of the default presets from the PWI development team. With the untamed class it also has the added benefit of allowing you to choose which animal your avatar's looks will be based on.

Saved Presets: Saved presets include any presets created by the PWI team that were added later, such as the one depicted in this image which is a big headed barb. It also includes any presets added to the UI from a preset contest that PWI held once. Most importantly however, it also allows you to save your characters looks. Hit the save button at any time your are in the character creation menu to save your progress. It can also be used if you are unsure about any changes you want to make to your character with the makeover scroll. Make your changes and save the preset. Then hit the cancel button and your changes will be saved as preset to use later, but will not be applied to your character. Cancelling does not consume a makeover scroll. Please note that any saved changes will also appear on any server you play. Should you decided to switch servers, you can use this method to use your old characters look on your new server.

Reference Images: Reference images allow you to use any bitmap image as referece when creating a character. In order to view the image you want you must first put a picture into the reference picture folder. Typically located at C:\Perfect World Entertainment\Perfect World International\element\userdata\userpic on windows machines. Drag the Bitmap image (you may want to conver t the image first using the paint tool in windows and saving it as a bitmap) into the folder and then click the reference picture button to toggle your reference picture on and off. You can manipulate the reference image within the box as well.

An example of how this box can moved around and placed over the avatar's face.

Editing the Avatar's features[]

Once you are in you can edit your character's face, eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, ears, hairstyle and texture, colors, makeup and body part sizes by clicking the appropriate tab. When editing your characters face you can even edit minute facial details such as the height of the cheekbones, length of the jaw, rotation of the brow, etc. You can zoom in on your char and rotate the camera any time.

Please note that not all of the features are able to be modifed for all classes. For example you cannot change the makeup of the Tideborn or Earthguard classes, the skin color of the Barbarian class, etc. In addition some options are grayed out. Some of the the grayed out options can become available through the use of facial ini editing. A guide to which can be found on the PWI forums.


If you are unsure of whether or not you like the character you just created and it's within the 2 day time period or you have a makeover scroll you can get help from the community. Pressing the ⎙ PrtScr or ⎙ Print Screen button allows you to take a picture of the preset that you have made. From there you can post the picture in the screenshot section of the forum to get other players thoughts and ideas on your char. If you are using the makeover scroll option, simply save the preset and hit cancel. You can select the saved preset later and work on it again once you have your feedback.