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Location: Land of Burning Heat, near the Cave of Sadistic Glee
Wine: Tukang's Wine x2

This is the FB89 for Sage characters.



There are three bosses in Brimstone Pit.

Demonic Vexation[]

Demonic Vexation.png


Demonic Vexation is located in the center eastern room of the dungeon. There are lots of mobs that look like him around him, so pay attention to what you are aggroing.

The Battle

Immune to metal damage.

Demonic Vexation uses physical melee attacks.

Drops to Note:

  • Demon Stone Rain (~42%)
  • Demon Garrote (~42%)
  • Demon Plume Shot (~42%)
  • Sage Tiger Maw (~42%)
  • Sage Ironwood Scarab (~42%)
  • Sage Frost Arrow (~42%)
  • Mold: Drakeshadow Amulet (~33%)
  • Mold: Cuisses of Hamadryad (< .1%)
  • Mold: Pants of Demonic Evil (< .1%)

Ethereal Abomination[]

Ethereal Abomination.png


The Abomination is located in the northeastern room of the dungeon.

The Battle

He uses a physical melee attack, slightly weaker than the other bosses in the dungeon. He also has a physical AoE attack, a physical attack self buff, and random aggro.

Drops to Note:

  • Mold: Devil's Cape of Ares (~49%)
  • Mold: Sky Demon's Pearl (~49%)
  • Mold: Requiem Blade (~49%)
  • Sage Great Cyclone (~42%)
  • Sage Fox Form (~42%)
  • Sage Gush (~42%)
  • Demon Tiger Maw (~42%)
  • Demon Blazing Arrow (~42%)
  • Demon True Form (~42%)
  • Mold: Cuisses of Hamadryad (< .1%)
  • Mold: Pants of Demonic Evil (< .1%)




Fats is located in the northwest corner of the dungeon. He is at the top of the spire.

The Battle

Immune to water damage.

He uses an averagely hard hitting physical melee attack. The main challenge is fighting the boss and the horse-mobs that guard him separately.

Drops to Note:

  • Demon Stomp of Beast King (~49%)
  • Demon Blessing of the Purehearted (~49%)
  • Demon Frost Arrow (~49%)
  • Sage Venomous Scarab (~49%)
  • Sage Stream Strike (~49%)
  • Sage Stone Rain (~49%)
  • Mold: Demon Slaughter Belt (~22%)
  • Mold: Amulet of Passion (~22%)
  • Mold: Cuisses of Hamadryad (< .1%)
  • Mold: Pants of Demonic Evil (< .1%)

Blackshadow Wraith[]

Blackshadow Wraith.png

Blackshadow Wraith is a mini boss that can be found in the eastern hall, before Fats' room. He is required for a quest in the First Reawakening quest line.


The following quests can be completed in Brimstone Pit: