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The Boutique window.

The Boutique or Cash Shop is a shop from which players can buy a variety of items using Gold. Gold can be bought with real money or through the Auction House with gold coins via Gold Trading. Some items are permanent while others are only available during special sales. The Boutique is updated every week with various items going on or off sale.

The Boutique can be accessing by pressing the O key or by clicking the Gold Icon.png icon under the mini-map.

Buying Boutique Items[]

The interface is pretty simple to use. The tabs along the top take you to various different types of items that you might want to buy; click the items to get a better explanation in the panel on the left.

The 'buy' button is grayed out if you don't have enough Gold (listed on the bottom left). When you do buy, it asks you to confirm, and if you confirm, the item appears in your Inventory immediately.

What Can I Buy?[]

If there's a special sale on, the sale items will be on the first page. However, some sales do not appear on the first page, and can only be found on their usual page. A prominent example of this is Fashion sales that open their own window within the Boutique.

It is worth noting that there is always something on special offer, exactly what it is usually changes each week, and sometimes things are available for a single weekend or a single day. If you want a particular item, then you may do best to wait for it to come around.


This is the first page you start on when you open the Boutique. Any special sales or new items will show up here. There's almost always something on special offer.


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If you want to get married in game, you need to buy these packs.


Main article: Token Packs

In this part of the shop you will get various packs and chance packs which open up to give multiple rewards, usually cheaper than if you had bought them singly.


See also: Legendary Pets

Battle pets are only usable by venomancers. You cannot buy the pets directly, but you can buy items you exchange for a pet ticket at the appropriate NPC.


See also: Fashion, Pigments

They are used for dyeing your clothes different colors.


This tab contains various miscellaneous items including Celestial Schism, Siamese Fruit, Identity Stone, Reputation and more.


Fashion has its own window within the shop. There you can find Female Fashion, Male Fashion and Fashion Weapons. You can also preview Fashion pieces or sets and experiment with colors. You cannot buy Fashion of specific colors in most cases. Some fashion will come out a specific color when purchased but can be dyed afterwards.


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Right click the fireworks to send them up into the sky and explode in a pretty pattern. Doesn't do anything other than look pretty, but they do look pretty.


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This includes Teleacoustics which allow you to speak in World Chat or across all servers, and time limited smiley sets.


This includes charms and items to boost your EXP.


See also: Shop License, Consignment Shop

The PW Boutique Agent (found standing near most bankers), or Pet Manager (for cages) will give you a quest to use these items. You can buy the item before or after you accept the quest. Talk to the agent again with the item in your inventory to complete the quest and get the expansion. This allows you to expand your Inventory, Bank, Wardrobe, Pet Bag or to buy a vendor shop with bigger space.


This includes items related to teleportation.


This includes items for resetting your character's or your Genie's attributed points.


See also: Refining

A wide and varied selection of Dragon Orbs and other refining aids.

Materials 1[]

These are the materials which can be mined in the world. When this section of the shop was introduced, the message encouraged people to buy them in order to make wines. However, the price is not worth it.

Materials 2[]

These are materials which drop from monsters. However, the price is not worth it.


See also: Crafting

These allow you to quickly upgrade your crafting skills.

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