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Barbarians are a tank class. The primary role of the barbarian is to take the damage of the enemy, so others can deal damage without being attacked. Without a barbarian at the front, the party often dies very quickly. But don't be fooled, barbarians are a lot more than punching bags. Due to their high HP and brute force, they are more than able to handle themselves and are also among the best PvPers late game. Barbarians also have the added bonus of being able to turn into tigers or pandas, which increases their HP and movement speed.


  • Very high HP
  • Very high physical defense
  • Powerful AoE skills
  • Fastest movement speed of the game when in tiger form
  • Always wanted in party


  • Very low magical defense
  • Can be boring to play in early levels
  • Expensive repairs
  • Poor accuracy
  • Decreased damage in tiger form
  • Male only


Starting Statistics
Health 85
HP Regeneration 2.5 per second
Mana 35
MP Regeneration 0.5 per second
Physical Attack 5-9
Magic Attack 1-1
Accuracy 40
Evasion 40
Movement Speed 4.9 m/s
Chi gained per normal attack 5
Main attack damage attribute Strength
Statistic Increases
HP gained per Vitality point 17
HP gained per level 34
MP gained per Magic point 7
MP gained per level 14
Accuracy gained per Dexterity point 8
Evasion gained per Dexterity point 8



Barbarians primarily use 4 different types of weapons in order to use skills: Dual Axes, Poleaxes, Dual Hammers, or Polehammers.

Weapons are typically imbued with garnet (physical) shards, though barbarians may also choose to use amber (accuracy) shards to make up for their lack of accuracy especially in earlier levels.

Damage Chart: Lower-Low-Medium-High-Higher
Attack Speed Chart: Slower-Slow-Medium-Fast-Faster

Weapon Type Minimum Damage Maximum Damage Attack Speed Range
Dual Axes Low Higher Slower Medium
Poleaxe Lower High Slow Medium
Dual Hammers Medium High Slower Medium
Polehammer Low Medium Slow Medium

Armor and Ornaments[]

Barbarians generally use heavy armor, elemental belts and necklaces, and might rings, which preferably give HP, Vit, and/or Accuracy bonuses, and have all 5 elemental resistances. Their armor and ornaments should be kept up to date for their level, especially their armor. Their armor is usually sharded with citrine gems or gems with +Vit attributes such as the Stone of the Savant or upgraded variations. Tank barbarians may also choose to use +DEF gems, while strength build barbarians can use +ATT gems. Elemental ornaments can be refined for additional magical protection, since magic attacks are usually a barbarian's greatest weakness.

Barbarians lacking accuracy often use the level 77+ ☆Misty Forest Rings to get a bonus of 50% additional accuracy. At higher levels ☆☆Sky Cover, ☆☆Ring of Trauma and their upgraded variants are common.

Barbarians in PvP[]

The more a barbarian levels, the stronger he gets. They can hold their own pretty much the whole game, but they only really step into PvP territory at mid levels. Increasing in both damage and defense, at late levels, they become almost impossible to kill one vs. one. The only enemy barbarians really need to fear then are wizards and psychics, but even they can have a hard time killing barbarians without backup. Barbarians rarely fight in tiger form (unless they have demon True Form), as it reduces their damage.

Barbarians in PvE[]

PvE as a barbarian has both its good and bad side. A barbarian can be slow to level at low levels, because he lacks accuracy. This can be improved at level 29 with the Blood Bath skill, which more than doubles your accuracy at level 1. It is also common for barbarians to add amber shards to their weapons and utilize rings with accuracy bonuses. The barbarian is also weakest against magical attack mobs due to their low magical defense. However in a squad, the barbarian is invaluable. A barbarian's job in a party is simply to take damage and make sure that only he takes damage. To help with this the barbarian have skills (Single Target: Flesh Ream, Raging Slap with Argent Glyph. Multiple Targets: Roar, Stomp of the King) that can draw the attention of the enemy to him, instead of the rest of the party. Many newer dungeons also require barbarians for tanking bosses, as some of them will kill non-barbarians who have primary aggro.

In some situations such as a nuke squad, the barbarian's focus shifts to maximizing damage dealt as quickly as possible. The barbarian's main damage dealing skill is Armageddon. For vitality build barbarians this should be combined with a Verdant Glyph and for strength build barbarians a Golden Glyph. Damage can be further increased via Blood Rush with Sanguine Glyph to increase physical attack, Violent Triumph with Verdant Glyph to directly increase damage done by skills, and Penetrate Armor with Sanguine Glyph to reduce the target's physical defense. Demon Barbarians can use Bestial Onslaught to greatly increase their critical strike chance. Tangling Mire can be used with a genie to further decrease physical defense. Tree of Protection can increase the damage of Armageddon for vitality build barbarians, but requires precise timing.

A skill combo for maximizing damage with Armageddon is shown below.

Blood Rush (Sanguine Glyph) -> Celestial/Demonic Eruption -> Bestial Rage (Argent Glyph) -> Violent Triumph (Verdant Glyph) -> Bestial Onslaught (only for demon barbs) -> Penetrate Armor (Sanguine Glyph) -> Armageddon (Glyph based on build)

Barbarians in Territory Wars[]

The barbarian's role in Territory Wars is different from others. Rather than running around killing, most of the barbarians act as catapult carriers. This is an important task, as most of the damage to the enemy comes from the catapults and are vital in order to win. As attacker the barbarians can be a great force, mostly thanks to their hard hitting AoE skills (Armageddon and Sunder). This also means they are usually ganged up on and killed quickly, before they can do too much harm.


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