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Auctioneer NPC.

The Auction House (abbreviated as AH) allows players to sell items to each other, without having to stay online. Visit the Auction House by going to any NPC named Auctioneer. You will find one in every major city, except Archosaur which has three (north, south, west). The Auction House will first display a list of items most recently put up for auction, but you can browse through various categories or search items by name or ID.

Buying Items[]

List of items in the Auction House.

Your first use of the Auction House will be to buy items. You can search the auctions by item type using the 'filter' button. Items are arranged by type, and then by level within that type. There are items that cannot be put into the Auction House. You can use the search box to find specific items you know the name of, however the names are case sensitive. For example, searching on "celestone" won't work, but "Celestone" will. Double-click the item you are interested in to be taken to the buying screen.

If you mouse-over an entry, you will get a pop up of that particular item - letting you see if it has any magic bonuses, shards or what color it is if it's a fashion piece. Once you find an item you are interested in, you can either bid on it, or buy it outright. When multiple items are sold in a stack, the price is for the whole stack.

An amount to bid will be automatically selected for you (shown next to the bid button), though you can increase it if you like. If the bid has a 'buy it now' option, you can do that, and then you don't have to wait and see if you are outbid by someone else.

Using either option, buyers pay exactly what they bid. Gold Coins are taken immediately, but will be refunded if you are outbid. This auction system attempts to prevent sniping. If you bid near the end of an auction, then the auction will be extended by 20 minutes to give other people a chance to respond. This only happens a few times, however, and the auction will eventually end.

You can check the progress of your bids, and if you get outbid, bid again (or 'buy it now' if that is available) on the 'my bids' screen. You can also cancel your bid, though you lose a fee by doing so. The auctioneer will send you a mail if you are outbid.

Getting Your Items[]

Items arrive in the mail, as does refunded gold coin (if you are outbid or cancel). Similarly, if you sell an item in the Auction House, your gold coin (minus a fee) arrives in the mail. You can check your mails at the Mailbox. A Mailbox is usually near the Auctioneer NPCs and the Banker NPCs. Be sure to read the mail, and hit the 'item' button to take the items out of the mail, or they will be lost!

Selling Items[]

The 'My Sales' screen, lets you sell items. Drag an item (or stack of items) into the box. The game will automatically fill in the NPC sale price as the starting bid, but you can change the price if you wish. You can also set a 'buy it now' price. When multiple items are sold in a stack, both the bid and the buy-it-now price is for the whole stack. The little checkbox for remembering the prices is handy if you are selling several of the same item.

Next, choose the auction duration; shorter auctions will of course end more quickly, whilst longer auctions give other players more of a chance to find it. You also have to pay a higher up-front fee for a longer auction. This fee is based upon a percentage of the NPC price, with a minimum of 500 gold coins. You receive half of this fee back if no-one buys your item.

There is a second fee to be aware of, which is a fraction of the fee the item actually gets sold for. If this is larger than the up-front fee you already paid, then it gets taken out of the gold coins sent to you by the Auctioneer. You need to be aware of these commission fees when you set your prices.

Gold Trading[]

Main article: Gold Trading

Players can convert gold coins to Gold or vice versa through the Auction House.


For Fashion items, you can get a preview of what you will look like wearing it, by hitting the 'preview' button. The 'favorites' and 'add to favorites' buttons work mostly the way you would expect, letting you build up a list of items that you want to watch without bidding on.

The coins box shows how many gold coins you are currently carrying. You can't bid or pay listing fees greater than that amount. You cannot use silver coins. You also cannot use gold coins you have stashed in your Bank. You can only use gold coins you have in your Inventory.


Before you list an item, take a look at what that items sells for from other auctions and cat shops. If you go too much above that, you're unlikely to sell. Keep a note of when auctions you want to win are supposed to end. Try not to be stuck in the middle of a dungeon when you only have seconds to go back and enter a higher bid.

When you put an item in the Auction House, set a 'sell it now' price. Even if you set it ridiculously high, you never know when someone might be in a huge hurry and be willing to pay more to not wait a few hours. Double your starting bid is usually about right.

If an item doesn't sell at first, it might be because you overpriced it, or it might be that no-one happened to want that sort of item that day. It might be worth just re-listing it, if no one else is selling the same sort of item.